PharmaSecure is an anti-counterfeiting company that seeks to solve pharmaceutical counterfeiting in the developing world through cell phone-based product authentication while offering a real-time point of sale data and manufacturer-to-consumer communication through partnerships with telecommunications companies. Consumers use their cell phones to text message single-use scratch-and-reveal codes to a national verification number that is branded through extensive publicity. They receive an instant response verifying the drug’s authenticity.  Cellular tower monitoring provides the location of each cell-phone at the time of verification. This approach provides value to five distinct groups: Drug end-users, Drug manufacturers, Regulatory authorities, National and global health institutions, Telecommunications companies. Pharmasecure receives payment from the end users (via texting fees), and drug companies (for market information) and the telecommunications companies. N. Taylor Thompson co-founded Pharmasecure in 2007. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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