World Learning School

Wprld Learning logo-wlsWorld Leadership School is in New Mexico. World leadership school provide student travel (10-21 days), educator development (teachers are allowed to make their change), school consulting (helps school leaders pursue simple strategies that can cause sweeping change while meeting the needs of diverse stake holders. All programs follow learning paradigms of disconnect, decenter, and re-envision. Students work alongside and study peer students and local leaders from host communities in the USA and countries such as Peru, Rwanda, Tanzania, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Cuba, Belize, China and Costa Rica. Participant disconnects from technology and their normal life. They pushed through new experiences and cross cultural immersion. These services are patronized by women, minorities and low income house holds. The project is sponsored by schools, NGOs, and Tablab partnership. The founder Ross Wehner also started Tablab a technology company that supports rural students.

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