Peachtree Preschool

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Peartree Preschool is a progressive year-round preschool providing New York City families with child-centered approach to early learning. The program engages children 2-5 years old with a “whole child approach. There are two locations in New York City, and a third one at the Harlem School of Arts that will open in late 2017. Their customers come from companies as Eco-healthy childcare, Edge, Red Rabbit and Ecomondo. The founder and CEO is Denise Adusei, who is a professional teacher and mother who sent both her kids to the school. Her goal is to provide a place where both families and their kids can feel comfortable. She provides a place where children learn the wonders of the World and teachers prepare the next generation of future success. She focuses on individual child and how he or she lives within a group and believes in strong connection with each child’s family.