Nuru Energy

“Once I went to the shops and it was dark. I had the light on my forehead but it was off. Then I met some guys who I think meant harm. When I switched the light on, they turned and fled. I think it’s because they thought I would recognize them.” – From Nuru’s Website

Nuru Energy is an international social enterprise which is working to address the global problem of energy poverty and climate change in Africa and India. This is through the distribution of affordable LED lamps that are recharged using a simple to use human powered generator that is more efficient than current solar.

Nuru Energy’s business model uses a unique distribution strategy to sell its products indirectly to rural customers through micro-franchise entrepreneurs who are equipped and trained by the company and financed through Kiva.

“We’ve won now about 20 awards. The WJF was one of the first awards we won that helped us initially prove our concept. But of all those 20 awards, the WJF was the only one where we had access to a lot of the feedback from the judges and it was fantastic in helping us to adapt the model. We just put together our business plan for this next fundraising round and I went back to all the WJF judges’ comments to see whether or not we had addressed some of the issues that were raised there. That’s been really helpful for us, even two, three years after we won the award.” – Sameer Hajee, founder and CEO of Nuru Energy