2018 Spring Cohort

2018 Spring Cohort Cohort

Company Name Category Countries of Operation Summary
510nano Energy Ghana, Puerto Rico 510nano manufacturers a low cost, high performing solar module that we sell to utilities, developers and solar integrators.
BEM Controls Energy USA BEM Controls makes energy efficiency and occupant comfort affordable for small and medium commercial building owners/operators through an open architecture, AI-powered, cloud-delivered building energy management system.
Busca Tu Clase Education Argentina, Chile, Uruguay Busca Tu Clase connects instructors who want to teach with students who want to learn, serving over 6,000 users across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.
Chakr Innovation Environment India Chakr Innovation has developed a proprietary technology to capture over 80% of the particulate matter emissions from internal combustion engines. The captured pollution is converted into inks and paints to be used for various applications.
Dechets a l’Or Environment Guinea Dechets a l’Or is a tech-enabled solid waste management solution for fast growing secondary cities of West Africa. We collect and process solid waste, then sell the products of waste processing: fertilizer, recyclable materials, and energy. Our focus is on cities with population between 50,000 – 500,000 inhabitants across West Africa. We aim to create cleaner cities with brighter futures by improving public health, creating jobs, building local city level household data across cities.
DGrid Energy USA, Morocco DGrid makes the “Solar Cool Cube”, a modular, all-weather, industrial-quality solar-powered energy station & walk-in refrigerator which has a 20 and/or 40 cubic meter capacity and is expandable by 20 cubic meter modules with LED lighting. We sell to countries with limited or no grid in critical sectors.
DOTS Coffee Empowerment Thailand Dots Coffee, launching in Thailand, aims to be the world’s first chain of take-away coffee shops entirely operated by the visually impaired.
eatNaked Food USA eatNaked leverages a network of vending machines to sell healthy nutritional meals through an affordable walk-up eating experience without the wait.
EcoAct Tanzania Environment Tanzania EcoAct Tanzania uses an innovative plastic extrusion technology to recycle and transform post consumer plastic garbage into plastic lumbers, to replace the use of timber in building, construction and furniture making.
Folia Water Water USA Folia Water manufactures the world’s first water filter that costs pennies, for sale to base of the pyramid consumers. Folia is an OEM materials technology company and sells B2B2C through food/bev CPG importer-distributor wholesaler partners.
FranciePants Apparel USA FranciePants sells 100% cotton women’s underwear, manufactured through a home manufacturing model which empowers a diverse community of US residents by offering flexible, well-paid side work.
HawKar Empowerment Tunisia HawKar will produce an electric car for people with reduced mobility.
Himalayan Wild Fibers Apparel Nepal Himalayan Wild Fibers produces textile fiber extracted from a plant growing wild in the Himalayas and sells it into established textile supply chains as a “better than linen” raw material input to high end apparel and furnishings manufacturing in order to create income for subsistence farmers who wild-harvest our raw material.
Jaan Pakistan Energy Pakistan Jaan Pak researches, develops and retails affordable, clean energy solutions to off-grid areas across Pakistan. Our top selling products include a line of locally produced, fuel efficient biomass cookstoves. We are also importing and retailing solar thermal cookstoves to outdoor cooking enthusiasts across Pakistan.
Kreã Empowerment Guatemala Kreã Collectives is an ethical fashion enterprise partnering exclusively with women artisan collectives across Guatemala and India to uniquely blend handwoven ethnic textiles from both countries into global lifestyle fashion. Each artisan collective is nurtured into a self-sustainable enterprise through fair wages, entrepreneurial training through Kreã’s Business and Leadership Certificate Program, and an annual share of Krea’s profits once the company breaks even.
NODE Environment USA NODE is a B to C housing solutions and technology integration company that makes radical sustainability in residential buildings affordable by combining the efficiencies of modular building with technology and systems integration.
Outline India Education India Outline India is a research startup enabling data-driven policy making. They use technology, research and most importantly- fieldwork, to serve rural and remote communities, in their effort to catalyse the work of academics, donors, not for profits and the government.
Pinkcollar Empowerment Malaysia Pinkcollar is a registry-based matchmaking website for the recruitment of live-in domestic workers in Southeast Asia, with increased transparency through the use of technology to support the just treatment of workers.
Suntap Energy Mexico, India Suntap is a simple solar water heater for emerging markets for under $100 that doesn’t require electricity or plumbing.
Tassbira Food Food Tunisia Tassbira Food collects cooked unused foods leftover in hotel buffets packaged and sells them at affordable prices to poor and low income people.