moWoza does the running for traders

Informal trading in the region is not easy — travelling over long distances and across borders to source goods is time-consuming, costly and often dangerous. Yet hundreds of thousands of people in Africa rely on the risks of an informal supply chain to eke out a living and feed their families.

MoWoza, a user-friendly mobile commerce service, has changed that. Enabling small traders to order and pay for their inventories using a simple app via mobile phone, moWoza has changed the lives of hard-working entrepreneurial street traders, many of whom are women.

Once ordered, the goods are delivered via a network of taxi drivers, making the long trips across the border into South Africa to source goods unnecessary.

The brainchild of Suzana Moreira, moWoza is based in Maputo, and operates in Mozambique and Malawi. The name moWoza derives from mo, the hip name for mobile, and the Zulu word woza, which means “come fast”. The thinking behind the concept is that the service does the running for its customers.