The Mentor Capital Network exists to support impact entrepreneurs. But we don’t want to do so by taking you away from running your business. So our programs are light-touch, and we use as little of your time as we can to add as much value as possible.

However, some of you may be looking for a more in-depth program right now. We have 100 or so incubator / accelerator / competition / other support programs listed on our website. Or you could search 700+ options via the Accelerator Selection Tool, developed by our friends at Accelerating the Accelerators.

Below is a list of programs that we particularly admire. You’ll spend more time with them, but it will be time well spent. All but the newest of these have had our alumni go through their programs (often at the same time as they were part of the MCN program!) so we have a good sense of where they added value.

As a bonus each of these programs asks similar questions to the MCN in their application process. So if you applied to any of them recently, you can just upload that application to us by November 6th, and it will be considered an application to the MCN. See, you’ve saved time already!

  • Agora Partnerships. Their applications are currently open. They focus on central- and south- american companies, and have a strong 1-on-1 consulting component.
  • Echoing Green. Applications are open until Oct. 24. Their application process is designed to be inclusive, constructive, and engaging for applicants, regardless of if you are accepted into their fellowship. They work with individuals all over the world.
  • Fledge. Their next deadline is January 6th. They have both online and and in-person programs. Their next in-person program is in Seattle. WA.
  • Global Social Benefit Institute. Their next deadline is October 20th.  They have both online and and in-person programs. Their in-person programs are in Santa Clara, CA.
  • Halcyon. Their next deadline is October 17th. Their in-person programs are in Washington, DC.
  • SeedSpot. They are based in Washington, DC and Phoenix, AZ.
  • Uncharted. Formerly known as the Unreasonable Institute, they have accelerator partners all over the world.
  • Village Capital. They run programs all over the world.