Yes, Even Millennial Households Can Afford Solar Energy

Solstice announced last week a partnership with Delaware River Solar to provide capacity from three 2.8 MW (megawatt) community solar farms in Baldwin, NY to households across central New York. Customers of this project will receive 10 percent savings on electricity produced from their portion of the solar farm over a contract length of six-years – one third of the industry standard 20 years – with no cancellation fee for early termination.

The solar-powered cart that can charge 80 cell phones at once

Born to refugee parents from Rwanda, he grew up in Burundi until civil war again forced the family to move on. Relocating to the US, Nyakarundi studied computer science at Georgia State University and by 19 had founded his first start up.

Chef lands in Puerto Rico, ready to help

Luminaid makes blow-up solar-powered lanterns that could help residents until Puerto Rico’s power grid is rebuilt.

BEMOSS®-Plus Demo at the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC)

The Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) program is a collaborative platform for the development of smart cities and communities, led by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). BEM Controls is partnered with Arlington County Government and the City of Alexandria to demonstrate its groundbreaking Open-Architecture Platform for Internet of Things (IoT) Devices Monitoring and Control within the city and community environment.

Fall Fest Celebration at Genesee Community College

Last weekend our team visited Genesee Community College, celebrated Homecoming and enjoyed participating in their 50th Anniversary Fall Fest celebrations. We talked about carbon fiber technology, renewable energy, and of course the newly installed Firefly wind turbine on the roof of the Conable Technology Building!

Hospitality Ventures Management Group Enrolls 25 Hotels in Skywalk

Hospitality Ventures Management Group (HVMG) enrolled 25 managed hotels in SOL VISTA’s Skywalk® energy management platform in August. Skywalk will provide HVMG with actionable intelligence through ongoing building monitoring and reporting; benchmarking compliance in any jurisdictions where it is required; assistance with energy efficiency projects; and the identification of more advantageous energy procurement methods.

LuminAID – What Happened After $200k Mark Cuban Shark Tank Deal

Two architecture students from Chicago, Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork, are the inventors of LuminAID, a solar-powered inflatable light originally designed for natural disasters. The fully-charged light which can provide up to 16 hours of LED light can also be used for recreational purposes like camping. Sreshta and Stork pitched their business on Shark Tank in 2015. When billionaire Mark Cuban offered them $200,000 in exchange for 15 percent equity, they accepted.

Mobisol acquires Lumeter to expand its off-grid solar Pay-As-You-Go offering

“I am glad to see Lumeter’s technology developed further with Mobisol. Bringing together the customers, hardware, and back end solutions of the two leading companies in PAYG will bring advantages to all of our partners.” – Mitra Ardron, founder of Lumeter

CoLabs invests in African Renewable Energy

African Renewable Energy helps women and disabled people set up solar-powered mobile charging and wifi kiosks.

Mera Gao Power Raises US$2.5 Million through IIX

The funding will be used by Mera Gao Power (MGP) to expand into over 5,000 additional rural off-grid villages across Uttar Pradesh, provide over 50,000 households and 300,000 people with access to reliable energy for the first time, and achieve profitability.


FireflyPower™ turbines have two blades and can be attached to a roof or pole, or used on the ground. There are numerous options on how to channel and utilize the generated electricity, whether that is tying into an existing grid, using battery storage or pairing with solar– all with the goal of making renewable wind energy more accessible.

Shaper of the Month: Nisha Witt

While working on a research paper, I found an article about how cell phones were starting to become the top contributors for excessive carbon emission. I was shocked and amazed that there were not a lot of gadgets to help mobile device users alleviate the need to recharge their phone from a tethered indoor outlet. So I was inspired to invent a solar powered cell phone charger using Luminescent solar concentrators, or LSCs. It didn’t take off as quickly and as well as I had anticipated, so I pivoted the idea into a solar powered bench. The concept is still the same, but the design is vastly different.

Rwanda’s ‘solar smart kiosk’ provides digital solutions to rural mobile phone users

Entrepreneur Henri Nyakarundi created a “solar smart kiosk” out of frustration from his experiences struggling to find a place to charge his Blackberry in Rwanda. His solution was a stand-alone cart that runs on renewable energy and serves as a one-stop digital center for mobile phone users in semi-urban and rural areas.

GTX Corp. Signs Collaboration Agreement with Energy Harvesters LLC

CA-GTX Corp, an IoT platform and global provider of personal location GPS, BLE, cellular and RFID, tracking and monitoring wearable and wandering assistive technology and Energy Harvesters LLC, a Boston-based company announced today signing a Memorandum of Understanding to explore incorporating Energy Harvesters’ patented Walking Charger™ with the GPS SmartSole® and other wearable tech and IoT products within the GTX family of wearable footwear technology.

Shark Tank Solar Entrepreneurs’ Next ‘Bright Idea’ Launches on Kickstarter

“When we were students first creating our technology in 2010, we designed it with the needs of disaster victims in mind. We wanted to provide comfort and safety after dark to those who had lost everything,” says LuminAID co-founder Anna Stork. “It’s 2017 now, and we live in an increasingly connected world — there are actually more more mobile phones than people on the planet!

Jiko Power: Enhancing Rural Communication

Globally, there are currently 1.5 billion people who have no access to the main grid, and who are predominantly located in poor rural areas in developing countries.

Five Oregon-Made Products That Will Help You Survive The End of Days

In parts of Africa, women and girls sometimes spend four hours a day gathering wood for inefficient open cooking fires. Two Oregon MBA students came up with a solution: the EcoZoom stove, an insulated cast-iron stove that burns much more efficiently. The company started in Portland but its offices are now in Nairobi, Kenya—a testament to the good it’s done in the developing world. Post-Trumpocalypse, this could be the new La Cornue.


Sanivation Turns Waste Into Fuel in Kenya

Emily Woods wants to make sure that everyone has access to a clean and safe toilet. She says that more than a billion people in the world do not have a toilet, and globally 1,000 children die every day from fecal related infections. Along with her team from Sanivation, Woods is turning fecal matter into fuel, and working to make the world healthier and more efficient.

Africa’s new breed of solar energy entrepreneurs

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates 585 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity, with the electrification rate as low as 14.2% in rural areas.
The problem is most acute in East Africa, where only 23% of Kenyans; 10.8% of Rwandans; and 14.8% of Tanzanians have access to an electricity supply, according to the World Bank.

In spite of efforts to get people onto the grid, population growth has meant these figures stay fairly steady, with the majority of people still using costly and unhealthy forms of energy for cooking and lighting.

TEDCO invests $1.9 million in Maryland startups

Manta Biofuel LLC, of Baltimore, is engaged in the production of algae-based, renewable crude oil that is cost competitive with traditional fossil-based crude.

PowerMundo Pushes to Scale Up Off-Grid Solar in Peru

The startup has been serving the nascent off-grid market for eight years. For most of that time, it has distributed solar LED lanterns. With a recent $300,000 USAID grant through that agency’s Development Innovation Ventures program, PowerMundo will scale up its pay-as-you-go offering.

5 Startups Who Are Trail-Blazers In Clean-Tech

The great outdoors are fun and relaxing but for our connected generation a constant source of power is almost as necessary as water. However, power banks can only last so long when you are on a week long bicycling or trekking adventure. This where a solar powered backpack would be so handy! Gandharv Bakshi and Lavina Mahbubani founded Lumos Design Technology Pvt. Ltd to design such amazing backpacks.

The sustainable, scalable solution to dirty kerosene

Nuru Energy began seven years ago with a simple notion: to build a sustainable, scalable solution to displace the dirty kerosene that, it is said, 1.6 billion people worldwide burn to generate light.

Oil from algae: Manta Biofuel wants to change the source of crude

With a licensing deal for the technology in place from University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, the startup is working on commercial development of technology for harvesting oil from algae. The system includes growing algae that is then skimmed using solar-powered harvesters. The conversion is completed through a process that exposes the algae to high pressure and temperatures, known as hydrothermal liquefaction.

Update Sesolo Mello

Sesolo Mello is a social enterprise aiming to substitute paraffin in South African households with a safer, healthier and cheaper alternative: a biofuel blend that can be used in the same cookstoves as paraffin. Made from waste vegetable oils and produced in small scale production facilities, it also provides a sustainable solution that can stimulate local entrepreneurship and employment.

Lighting the Way to Women’s Economic Empowerment

The women of East and Northeast India no longer need to fear the dark. ONergy, an award-winning social enterprise, has developed a number of innovative energy solutions that not only address the dearth of electricity in the region – improving safety in their communities – but also light a path toward economic empowerment for women.

Maxwell Chinnah CEO & Cofounder of Terraoak, Receives Grant From The Iowa Renewable Energy Association

Maxwell Chinnah, CEO & Cofounder of Terraoak, receiving a grant from the Iowa Renewable Energy Association, in November 2015, for his work in Clean Energy with Terraoak, Inc. He is the pioneer recipient of the Eric Foresman and Christine Nelson-Foresman Scholarship Award for Iowans spearheading renewable energy endeavors.

Aesop Technologies Presents to 1 Million Cups

Our first product, Aesop Solis, is our solar powered mobile device case, which is still under development. Aesop Tholos is our latest product that we will soon be introducing to the City of Norfolk. It is our solar powered bench.

LuminAID Sales Up 300% Since ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owners

LuminAID clinched a deal with Mark on Season 6 of Shark Tank for their solar-powered inflatable lights. Heavy spoke with founders Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta, who gave us a glimpse into the company’s tremendous growth since the show.

Evaptainers uses old-school electricity-free technology for 21st century cooling

Evaptainers creates “zero energy” refrigeration systems using modular and mobile units to systemically reduce food spoilage in the developing world. “We are very proud to be on the ground in Morocco working with our country partners to bring this technology to market,” says CEO and co-founder Spencer Taylor. “Unlike other alternative refrigeration companies our product requires no electricity and is so lightweight and inexpensive that it allows us to bring a refrigeration solution to populations living on the other side of the electricity divide that have never before had access.”

Donnel Baird: Clean Energy in Old Buildings

It’s not unusual for small businesses and houses of worship located in old New York buildings to spend 30 percent of their budgets on energy. But banks aren’t willing to lend them the money to make their sites energy efficient.