Convenings that Focus on Launching, Managing, or Investing in Sustainable / Socially Responsible Businesses

Convenings listed with dates that have passed are posted with their most recent occurrences. To add to or update any of the information on this page, please email us at If an event is listed on a zero date (e.g. 09/00/17) that means the organizers have nopt yet noted the specific day of the event and we guessing based on past occurrences of the event.

Event Name City Country Date

Natural Products Expo West
Anaheim, CA USA 03/09/17-03/12/17

Ecotousim and Sustainable Tourism Conference
Ansan City South Korea 09/12/17-09/15/17

TED Global
Arusha Tanzania 08/27/17-08/30/17

Aspen Ideas Festival
Aspen, CO USA 06/22/17-07/01/17

Aspen Action Forum
Aspen, CO USA 07/27/17-07/31/17

Net Impact
Atlanta, GA USA 10/26/17-10/28/17

Austin, TX USA 03/06/17-03/09/17

Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit
Austin, TX USA 10/10/17-10/12/17

Natural Products Expo East
Baltimore, MD USA 09/14/17-09/16/17

Sustainable Brands
Bangkok Thailand 10/00/17-10/00/17

Global Social Venture Competition Global Finals
Berkeley, CA USA 04/05/17-04/07/17

Good Deals
Birmingham UK

Investing for Impact
Boston, MA USA

Green Build
Boston, MA USA 11/08/17-11/10/17

Boston, MA USA 11/08/17-11/10/17

Slow Money
Boulder, CO USA 10/16/17-10/18/17

Feast Social Innovation Conference
Brooklyn, NY USA

Sustainable Solutions in Water Management
Bucharest Romania 05/15/17-05/17/17

Camden, ME USA 10/19/17-10/21/17

Sustainable Brands
Cape Town South Africa 10/00/17-10/00/17

NCIF Development Banking Conference
Chicago, IL USA

Impact Capitalism Summit
Chicago, IL USA 04/25/17-04/26/17

US SIF Conference
Chicago, IL USA 05/10/17-05/12/17

Social Innovation Summit
Chicago, IL USA 06/06/17-06/08/17

Sustainable Brands
Copenhagen Denmark 10/30/17-11/01/17

Social Venture Institute: Hollyhock
Cortes Island, BC Canada 09/13/17-09/17/17

Impact Summit Europe
Den Haag Netherlands 03/21/17-03/22/17

Sustainable Brands
Detroit, MI USA 05/22/17-05/26/17

Fuqua School Of Business Sustainable Business & Social Impact Conference
Durham, NC USA 02/08/17

Green Festival
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA 12/02/17-12/03/17

Cleantech Forum – Europe
Helsinki Finland 04/16/17-04/18/17

Social Value Matters
Instanbul Turkey 04/10/17-04/11/17

Sustainable Brands
Istanbul Turkey 04/20/17-04/21/17

Opportunity Collaboration
Ixtapa Mexico 10/15/17-10/20/17

Solar Power in a Fast-Changing African Energy Market
Johannesburg South Africa 03/01/17

ANDE Annual Conference
Leesburg, VA USA 09/25/17-09/27/17

Impact Investing World Forum
London UK 03/23/17-03/24/17

Responsible Business Summit
London UK 06/07/17-06/08/17

Los Angeles, CA USA 02/16/17-02/20/17

Green Festival
Los Angeles, CA USA 09/23/17-09/24/17

Sustainable Brands
Madrid Spain 05/07/17-05/09/17

Asia Clean Energy Forum
Manila Philippines 06/05/17-06/09/17

FLII/Latin American Impact Investment Forum
Mérida Mexico 02/14/17-02/16/17

Minneapolis, MN USA 05/16/17-05/18/17

Global Sankalp Summit
Mumbai India

Sankalp Summit
Nairobi Kenya 02/23/17-02/24/17

FT Africa Payments Innovation Summit
Nairobi Kenya 03/29/17

Global Health and Innovation Conference
New Haven, CT USA 04/22/17-04/23/17

Confluence Gathering
New Orleans, LA USA 03/14/17-03/16/17

New Orleans, LA USA 05/18/17-05/22/17

Business for Social Responsibility
New York, NY USA

Clinton Global Initiative
New York, NY USA

Columbia Social Enterprise Conference
New York, NY USA

The Economist’s Impact Investing Conference
New York, NY USA 02/15/17

Wall Street Green Summit
New York, NY USA 03/27/17

Responsible Business Summit
New York, NY USA 03/27/17-03/28/17

Green Festival
New York, NY USA 06/10/17-06/11/17

Reff Renewable Energy Finance Forum
New York, NY USA 06/20/17-06/21/17

New York, NY USA 08/17/17-08/21/17

Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship
Oxford UK 04/04/17-04/17/17

Wharton: Investing In Impact
Philadelphia, Pa USA 04/07/17

Phoenix, AZ USA 02/14/17-02/16/17

Social Venture Institute: Hudson Valley
Rhinebeck, NY USA 05/19/17-05/21/17

Winter Innovation Summit
Salt Lake City, Ut USA 01/25/17-01/27/17

Windpower Finance and Investment Summit
San Diego, CA USA 02/07/17-02/09/17

SRI Conference
San Diego,CA USA 11/01/17-11/03/17

Sustainable Foods Summit
San Francisco, CA USA

Cleantech Forum
San Francisco, CA USA 01/23/17-01/25/15

CERES Conference
San Francisco, CA USA 04/26/17-04/27/17

San Francisco, CA USA 05/07/17-05/10/17

San Francisco, CA USA 10/10/17-10/13/17

Social Venture Network
San Francisco, CA USA 11/00/17-11/00/17

Green Festival
San Francisco, CA USA 11/11/17-11/12/17

San Rafael, CA USA 10/20/17-10/22/17

Santa Clara, CA USA 09/18/17-09/21/17

Play Big
Sausalito, CA USA 02/26/17-03/01/17

GoGreen Conference
Seattle, WA USA 03/26/17

Environmental Grantmakers Association Annual Retreat
Seattle, WA USA 09/25/17-09/27/17

TBLI conference Nordic
Stockholm Sweden 09/28/17-09/29/17

Sustainable Brands
Tokyo Japan 03/08/17-03/09/17

Social Finance Forum
Toronto, Ontario Canada 11/09/17-11/10/17

GLOBE Capital
Toronto Canada 04/04/17-04/05/17

Vancouver, BC Canada 04/24/17-04/28/17

Vancouver Canada 03/14/18-03/16/18

Connected Health Conference
Washington, DC USA

Nexus USA Summit
Washington, DC USA 03/01/17-03/03/17

VentureWell: Open
Washington, DC USA 03/04/17-03/25/17

Green Festival
Washington, DC USA 05/13/17-05/14/17

Washington, DC USA 10/26/17-10/30/17

African Leadership Network

BoP World Convention


Social Enterprise Alliance

Social Good Summit