The following companies are participating in the Fall Cohort of the Mentor Capital Network Sustainable Business Plan Collaboration.

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2016 Fall Cohort

Adhmora-ENERGO has developed ENERGO, an online energy data analytics platform that helps building owners or managers to manage their energy usage efficiently by providing easy data integration from any kind of energy meters in the market. Facebook / Twitter

African Chicken fights hunger, Poverty and Unemployment to women in rural Tanzania.

Alfrea is an online marketplace that empowers people who want to grow their own food but lack land, time or experience. Facebook / Twitter

ATP-MD, LLC is a US-based company that cost-effectively combines the remediation of contaminated soils and water with the production of environmentally beneficial bio-products and bio-energy.

EcoMadera Forest Conservation partners with forest communities in Ecuador to conserve threatened forests, implements sustainable forest management, designs and manufactures hardwood flooring and furniture in the community factory, and markets them to green construction projects in the US, starting in the New York metro region, providing clients with trend setting designs and lowering their carbon footprint. Facebook / Twitter

Elevated Honey Co. seeks to stop the counterfeit honey industry in China by creating an efficient, transparent, and connected supply chain between traditional rural beekeepers and urban Chinese consumers. Facebook / Twitter

FireflyPower is a continuous innovation company, that seeks to improve wind energy performance. Our patented blade technology is scalable and offers a lower cost, profitable upgrade option for utility scale onshore and offshore applications, as well as for distributed generation. Twitter

Golden Coast Mead sells mead to conscious millennial foodies in order to solve honeybee die-off and transition alcohol production from monoculture with demand for regenerative honey.

Musana provides solar powered vending carts to micro-entrepreneurs equipped with multi functional features adaptable to different vending businesses in Uganda.

Oretronics Technology, located in Nigeria, increases energy security by developing, deploying and distributing renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and solutions.

PayGo Ventures modernizes rural households in West Africa – starting with solar energy – by focusing on distribution, mobile-enabled consumer finance, and the best products adapted for their customers’ needs. Facebook / Twitter

People and Energy in Uganda uses its platform to help customers determine their energy needs and solve the problem of mismatches in solar system units.

Purasol Vida Natural makes solar energy affordable in Costa Rica, a country that is experiencing unprecedented demand for renewable energy and energy independence. Purasol offers unique financed solar systems with which residential and commercial customers can immediately lower their energy costs and gain flexibility in their energy supply. Facebook / Twitter

SolaStove provides durable, low cost solutions for unmet needs. It provides shelter with cooking, water, electricity, and cleanliness. It provides off-grid autonomy and thoughtful inclusion of the dispossessed.

Solstice radically expands access to clean energy by providing roofless solar to the 80 percent of American households that cannot install an array on their roof.

Sonsight Wind has been developing a small (5kW) horizontal axis wind turbine that is versatile and more cost effective, particularly within moderate winds for sale to residential and business customers.

Suntech provide affordable solar power to customers in off grid communities in Gambia.