Below is a list of some of the companies we have worked with over the years that are still in business as for-profit social enterprises. This diverse lists reflects companies with a wide range of social and environmental missions, all at different stages, and around the world. We are proud that we’ve been able to support so many incredible mission driven social enterprises. Apply to our program if you’d like to see your company on this list

Companies that have merged, been bought, are solely consulting firms, that have become non-profits, and/or are no longer in business are not listed. Please contact us if you’d like to share an update about any of the companies below.

Company MCN Cohort Year Countries of Operation Primary Industry Description
Atellier Organic2019MexicoApparelAtellier Organic. Joyas de Autor is a Mexican firm which manufactures and sells jewelry and goldsmith of natural semi-precious stones, with handcrafted techniques and ecological process.
Biopencil2019PeruEnvironmentBioPencil is a Peruvian company that manufactures 100% eco-friendly pencils made of cultivated algae.
BTU Insight2019USAEnergyBTU Insight’s mission is to create solar products that uplift low-income communities by creating new solar jobs, introducing solar education to inner city schools, and lowering energy bills for all consumers.
Co-GROW2019GuyanaEmploymentCo-Grow is a co-working space in Guyana, which is focused on providing employment for young mothers and the differently abled who have challenges working in traditional office setting.
Dunia Designs2019TanzaniaEnvironmentDunia Designs makes commercially well-designed furniture, accessories, construction products & more out of 90% upcycled plastic – we’ve taken over 400 tons of plastic waste out of the Tanzanian environment since our conception in 2016.
Elysian Holdings2019USAEnvironmentElysian Holdings is leveraging the growing national and global support for industrial hemp cultivation as a sustainable and profitable 3-product — seed, oil, and hemp fiber — successor to more-depleting tobacco, corn, cotton, soybean farming.
Future Forward Foods2019USAFoodFuture Forward Foods is a health and wellness company that produces healthy, wholesome, engaging consumer packaged goods.
GOEFER2019USAEnergyGOEFER is a plug-load energy solution providing value and savings to every appliance or device connected to our GOEFER Energy Management platform, because every watt matters.
GogyUp2019USAEducationGogyUp Literacy Support System converts existing text into trackable, mobile training with embedded, just-in-time reading assistance for employees with low print literacy or English proficiency.
Last Call2019USAFoodLast Call enables people in need to enjoy restaurant quality meals at a discounted price, reducing food waste.
Living Canopies2019USAEnvironmentLiving Canopies sells the Living Umbrella, an easy, smart, and environmentally friendly way to grow fruits, vegetables, or beautiful flowering vines above your head, while reducing stormwater flows and reversing the urban heat island effect.
Nedraki2019VenezuelaEnvironmentNedraki is a sustainable development company in Venezuela that uses plastic waste material for 3D printing.
Novulis2019EcuadorHealthNovulis is a social, public-health enterprise that provides on-the-job-site oral health solutions with employer subsidy to the working poor of Ecuador.
Nuestro Bambú2019UruguayEnvironmentNuestro Bambú is a creative bamboo design and architecture studio, with social and enviromental impact.
Signalytic2019UgandaHealthWendepunkt Medical Innovations provides an e-health solution so Health Providers can focus on delivering quality care to their patients. They are launching in Uganda.
Texiles2019USAEnvironmentTexiles is a startup clothing recycling service dedicated to eliminating clothing waste in the landfill.
ZigWay2019MyanmarFinancial InclusionZigWay provides low income families in Myanmar with a mobile application that gives people direct access to cheap, flexible Nano Loans ($5-$200) via their phones.
3 Ridge Organics2018USAAgriculture3 Ridge Organics has invented and tested a produce growing system for greenhouse and urban, covered-building cultivation. They are based in Virginia, USA.
510nano2018Ghana USAEnergy510nano manufacturers a low cost, high performing solar module that we sell to utilities, developers and solar integrators.
Abe’s Meats2018USAAgricultureAbe’s Meats offers the Interfaith Meat products that are both (Zabihah) Halal and (Glatt) Kosher at the same time.
Aesop Technologies2018USAEnergyAesop Nucleus is a micro solar concentration system that functions off of heat and kinetic energy.
BEM Controls2018USAEnergyBEM Controls provides an open architecture cloud-based building energy management platform to owners and operators of small and medium commercial buildings leveraging artificial intelligence and human expertise to realize energy savings while improving the health and comfort of their buildings.
Chakr Innovation2018IndiaEnvironmentChakr Innovation produces a device that can be coupled with the exhausts of internal combustion engine and absorbs most of the particulate matter that is being emitted by them.
Dechets a l’Or2018GuineaEnergyDechets a l’Or provides waste collection services to fast growing cities of West Africa. We sell, products of waste, fertilizer, recyclable materials and energy. Our focus on secondary cities allows us to be first movers in a rapidly expanding market.
DGrid2018USA MoroccoEnergyDGrid makes the “Solar Cool Cube”, a modular, all-weather, industrial-quality solar-powered energy station & walk-in refrigerator which has a 20 and/or 40 cubic meter capacity and is expandable by 20 cubic meter modules with LED lighting. We sell to countries with limited or no grid in critical sectors.
DOTS Coffee2018ThailandEmploymentDots Coffee, launching in Thailand, aims to be the world’s first chain of take-away coffee shops entirely operated by the visually impaired.
EcoAct Tanzania2018TanzaniaEnvironmentEcoAct Tanzania uses plastic extrusion technology to recycle and transform post consumer waste plastics into durable and long lasting plastic lumbers.
Folia Water2018MexicoWaterFolia Water manufactures the world’s first water filter that costs pennies, for sale to base of the pyramid consumers. Folia is an OEM materials technology company and sells B2B2C through food/bev CPG importer-distributor wholesaler partners.
FranciePants2018USAApparelFranciePants sells 100% cotton women’s underwear, manufactured through an innovative Home Manufacturing model, which empowers a diverse community of US residents by offering flexible, well-paid side work.
Haptic Path2018Russia IsraelApparelHaptic path is an ethical slow fashion brand, which provides people with longlasting comfortable clothes made of hemp. They are based in Israel and Russia and sell online.
HawKar2018TunisiaHealthHawKar is building a smart electric car that is directly accessible in a wheelchair, compact, economical & environmentally friendly.
Himalayan Wild Fibers2018NepalApparelHimalayan Wild Fibers produces textile fiber extracted from a plant growing wild in the Himalayas and sells it into established textile supply chains as a “better than linen” raw material input to high end apparel and furnishings manufacturing in order to create income for subsistence farmers who wild-harvest our raw material.
IPD Healthcare2018GhanaHealthIPD will deliver population-base health screening in early cancer detection for underserved women in sub-sahara Africa.
Jaan Pakistan2018PakistanEnergyJaan Pakistan retails affordable clean energy solutions to off-grid areas Pakistan. Our flagship product is a biomass cookstove.
Kreã2018Guatemala IndiaCraftsKreã is empowering indigenous women artisans in Guatemala by working directly with women weaver cooperatives through fair trade, capacity building and equity sharing (in the company) to produce exclusive hand-woven fashion accessories for the emerging market of ethical fashion consumers in the US
NODE2018USAEnvironmentNODE is a B to C housing solutions and technology integration company that makes radical sustainability in residential buildings affordable by combining the efficiencies of modular building with technology and systems integration.
Outline India2018IndiaEducationOutline India is a research and consultancy firm, focusing on ground level primary data collection work from communities that are hard to reach, to enable data-driven decision-making at policy and intervention levels.
Pinkcollar2018MalaysiaEmploymentPinkcollar is a registry-based matchmaking website for the recruitment of live-in maids in Southeast Asia, with increased transparency through the use of technology to support the just treatment of maids.
Spira2018USAFoodSpira creates neutral-tasting spirulina powder as a complete sustainable protein ingredient for food companies. They operate in India, Peru and the USA.
Suntap2018MexicoWaterSuntap is a simple solar water heater for emerging markets for under $100 that doesn’t require electricity or plumbing.
Turbodega2018Peru Mexico Bolivia ColombiaFinancial InclusionTurbodega improves the competitiveness of small grocers enabling access to better prices, credits, product delivery, and business support. Focus in Latin America, launching in Peru.
Agri-Tech Producers2016USAAgricultureAgri-Tech Producers cost-effectively combines the remediation of contaminated soils and water with the production of environmentally beneficial bio-products and bio-energy.
Alfrea2016USAAgricultureAlfrea empower peoples who want to grow their own food but lack land, time, or knowledge. Once grown we provide a hyperlocal marketplace for people to buy and sell homegrown food.
Arqlite2016Argentina USAEnvironmentArqlite turns plastic waste into value by recycling them into more efficient construction materials
Beyond BlueGreen2016USAEnvironmentBeyond BlueGreen offers a variety of clean water solutions.
Brainy Belly2016USAFoodBrainy Belly makes nutrient dense foods, scrupulously sourced and reverently made to support great cooking and healing diets.
Brave Up2016ChileEducationBrave UP improves the education process and creates safe school environments by facilitating productive conversations about bullying through an online platform.
Clean Decisions2016USAEmploymentClean Decisions is a janitorial and general labor service company solely owned and operated by returning citizens.
Easy Solar2016Sierra LeoneEnergyEasy Solar transforms the way people live, work and play by making solar-powered devices affordable and accessible to off-grid households and businesses across Sierra Leone.
Elevated Honey2016ChinaAgricultureStop the counterfeit honey industry in China by creating an efficient, transparent, and connected supply chain between traditional rural beekeepers and urban Chinese consumers.
Esoko2016KenyaAgricultureEsoko is a simple but powerful communication tool for businesses, government, NGOs and others to connect with farmers. Use any mix of our web and mobile apps, original agricultural content, and on-the-ground deployment services for your marketing, monitoring and advisory needs.
Firefly Power2016CanadaEnergyFireflyPower sells highly efficient, scalable, lightweight and affordable carbon fiber wind turbines, to residential and commercial electricity consumers, which are technologically innovative, modular and reduce consumer electricity costs.
Golden Coast Mead2016USAFoodGolden Coast Mead sells the best mead to conscious millennial foodies in order to solve honeybee die-off and transition alcohol production from monoculture with demand for regenerative honey.
Green Print Partners2016USAWaterGreenPrint Partners makes it easy for cities to achieve high-impact, community-driven stormwater solutions.
Groundit2016CanadaFoodGroundit offers waste hauling services to coffee shops across cities and recycle their used coffee grounds and organic waste to produce a high quality compost that is sold to consumers as a safer and more effective alternative to polluting synthetic fertilizers!
Handscart2016IndiaCraftsHandscart is a provider of indigenous handmade products directly from Artisans and weavers hand from all over globe to save culture and history behind products.
Ignitia2016Ghana Nigeria SwedenAgricultureIgnitia developed an algorithm that produces weather forecasts that are 2x as accurate as existing models and we send these GPS-specific forecasts to farmers daily via SMS.
JikoPower2016Burundi Gabon Kenya UgandaEnergyJikoPower converts waste heat from third-world cook stoves into useful electricity to charge mobile phones for off-grid rural families
Kouzin Dlo2016HaitiEmploymentKouzin Dlo sells bottles of liquid chlorine through a network of female Sales Agents who work in low-income communities as the engine of the business.
Makua Jewelry2016ColombiaApparelMakua Jewelry is a Colombian jewelry brand that uses ancestral techniques of indigenous communities of Colombia fused with contemporary design
Manta Biofuel, LLC2016USAEnergyManta Biofuel has developed a three step method for producing renewable crude oil from algae: Grow, Harvest and Convert.
Musana Carts2016UgandaEnergyMusana Carts provides Solar powered vending carts to micro-entrepreneurs equipped with multi functional features adaptable to different vending businesses
Next Step Group2016USAEmploymentNext Step Group provides paid on-the-job work force training and project experience in the engineering services fields for the formerly incarcerated and their qualified family members.
Oretronics Technology2016NigeriaEnergyOretronics Technology increases energy security by developing, deploying and distributing renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and solutions to solve energy poverty, electricity access and high electricity cost challenges and as a means of reducing carbon emissions on our planet.
PayGo Ventures2016Côte d’IvoireEnergyPayGo Ventures are modernising rural households in West Africa – starting with solar energy – by focusing on distribution, mobile-enabled consumer finance, and the best products adapted for our customers’ needs.
Purasol Vida Natural2016Costa RicaEnergyPurasol Vida Natural offers unique financed solar systems in Costa Rica, with which residential and commercial customers can immediately lower their energy costs and gain flexibility in their energy supply.
Rate It Green2016USAEnvironmentRate It Green platform connects and supports green builders and green building companies across the globe in order to enable product and service validation and information exchange, with an ultimate goal of reducing the impact of the built environment.
Realty Sage2016USAEnvironmentViva Green Homes is the largest and most comprehensive online real estate marketplace for sustainable homes. “The Zillow of eco-friendly homes.”
RUR Greenlife2016IndiaEnvironmentRUR designs, builds, and implements sustainable,decentralized waste management solutions for individuals, schools, organizations, housing societies, industry to recycle 80% of waste into resource to reduce landfill load leading to reduction in carbon/methane emissions and conserving the planet.
Saathi2016IndiaHealthSaathi has developed a fully eco-friendly and biodegradable sanitary pad with an absorbent core made from waste banana tree fiber.
SolarPipo2016Netherlands UgandaEnergySolarPipo connects SMEs in off the grid areas in Africa to renewable energy solutions
Solstice2016USAEnergySolstice radically expands access to clean energy by providing roofless solar to the 80 percent of American households that cannot install an array on their roof.
Sonsight Wind2016USAEnergySonsight Wind is developing a small (5kW) horizontal axis wind turbine that is versatile and more cost effective, particularly within moderate winds for sale to residential and business customers.
Union Kitchen2016USAEmploymentUnion Kitchen lowers the barriers to entry and growth for food businesses by offering kitchen space, a full-time cleaning team, catering, distribution services, and our own retail outlets, acting as a one-stop shop for everything an existing or launching food business needs.
WholeForest2016EcuadorEmploymentWholeForest partners with with forest communities in Ecuador to conserve threatened forests, implements sustainable forest management, designs and manufactures hardwood flooring and furniture in the community factory, and markets them to green construction projects in the US.
1000ecofarms2015Russia USAAgriculture1000ecofarms is developing an online marketplace for fresh and organically grown food provided by local farmers to businesses and individual consumers. They are starting in the Washington DC / Baltimore region.
African Renewable Energy Distributors2015RwandaEnergyAfrican Renewable Energy Distributor develops a mobile solar kiosk that offers a one stop shop, micro-retail outlet, using a low franchise business model in Rwanda.
Axios Impact Investments2015NicaraguaFinancial InclusionAxios Impact Investments provides financing opportunities to rural borrowers in Nicaragua through partnerships with selected international development organizations, providing them with the capital, resources and tools to confidently extend financing to their customers for pre-selected, income-producing assets.
Bahari Energy2015USAEnergyBahari Energy produces the Bahari Wind Tower, which uses patented technology and an innovative design to exponentially increase electricity generation through wind power. The Bahari Wind Tower is a compact power generator for urban areas.
Blessed Coffee2015EthiopiaFoodBlessed Coffee works directly with 300,000 small coffee growers (representing over a million family members) in Ethiopia introduces premium grade, shade grown, organic Ethiopian coffees in the U.S.
change:WATER Labs2015India USAWaterchange:WATER Labs is developing smart in-home sanitation solutions to rapidly reduce urban sewage accumulation and also to afford women and girls safe, private sanitation options in low-income communities in India.
Citizen Energy2015USAEnergyCitizen Energy accelerates energy efficiency adoption in mid-size commercial buildings by providing building owners with high return, $0 upfront LED lighting as a service.
EFK Group (Eco Fuels Kenya)2015KenyaAgricultureEco Fuels Kenya produces bio-fuel, animal feed and organic fertilizer from the nut of the croton megalocarpus tree; one of the most prominent indigenous species across ten countries of Africa’s Great Rift Valley.
Estufa Doña Dora2015GuatemalaEnergyEstufa Doña Dora sells clean, efficient cookstoves in Guatemala to the 735,000 families that buy all of their cooking wood, through vertically integrated field activities of flexible financing and selling the cookstoves.
Evaptainers2015MoroccoAgricultureEvaptainers creates “zero energy” refrigeration systems using patent-pending modular and mobile refrigeration units to systemically reduce food spoilage in the developing world.
gDiapers2015USAApparelgDiapers sells diapers using Cradle to Cradle design principles that allows both parents of babies and aged care facilities to create a resource from the waste using bio-digesters and commercial composters.
IndiVillage Tech Solutions2015IndiaEducationIndiVillage trains rural women and children in India on information technology and provides secure employment opportunities by integrating with the information economy and outsource knowledge work.
Koe Koe Tech2015MyanmarEmploymentKoe Koe Tech employs and trains local Myanmar people in computer programming and develops health IT software for Myanmar’s data-deprived health sector.
LishaBora Hydroponics2015KenyaAgricultureLishaBora Hydroponics provides smallholder farmers in Kenya with low cost, high quality hydroponic fodder for their cows, saving cost and increasing income, lifting them out of poverty.
Maisha Meds2015KenyaHealthMiti Health builds and distributes software to support Kenyan retail pharmacies’ access and manage higher-quality medication, including a point of sale system and supply and inventory management.
MilkCrate2015USAEnvironmentMilkCrate makes impact actionable and measurable through mobile app solutions for nonprofit programs and municipal initiatives.
MISFIT Juicery2015USAFoodMISFIT Juicery uses surplus fruits and vegetables that cannot be traditionally sold because they are the wrong size or shape and turns them into cold pressed juice in order to fight produce prejudice.
PaverGuide2015USAEnvironmentPaverGuide is a structural base for paving systems. It is manufactured from recycled plastic and provides a massive rainwater reservoir and expansive infiltration surface.
Pedal Forward2015USACraftsPedal Forward manufactures and sells bamboo bicycles. For each bamboo bicycle sold in the United States, a portion of proceeds helps provide bicycles to the Global South through our partner organizations.
Prometheon Pharma2015USAHealthPrometheon Pharma is eliminating needle injections and shaping the future of drug delivery.
RemitRight2015USAFinancial InclusionRemitRight is a cost comparison website that allows you to quickly compare sites and find the service that meets your needs of international money transfers, a “KAYAK for remittances.”
Sanivation2015KenyaHealthSanivation provides a household sanitation service and affordable fuel to residents living in slums of Kenya, where current toilets are too expensive and require infrastructure that slum dwellers are not setup to invest in.
Skynotch Energy Africa2015KenyaEnergySkynotchenergy Africa sells solar water pumping technology to provide sustainable access to water for agricultural and household use.
Solaris by Eternum2015TanzaniaEnergySolaris by Eternum provides affordable, reliable, modular and easy-to-use solar stations that allow low income Tanzanians to generate revenue by charging devices such as lamps and phones in their community.
Toilets for People2015USAHealthToilets for People (TfP) sells affordable and sustainable composting toilets, sanitation consulting services and training in local capacity building to charity organizations serving communities living in the developing world where conventional sanitation solutions like pit latrines and flush toilets fail.
Up Top Acres2015USAAgricultureUp Top Acres designs, builds and operates commercial rooftop soil farms.
Urban Pastoral Collective2015USAAgricultureUrban Pastoral Collective combines real estate development & investment with a specialized focus in the design / implementation of vertically integrated food-sector businesses & alternative green spaces.
Vayando2015Costa Rica RwandaEmploymentVayando connects curious travelers with micro-entrepreneurs in emerging economies around the world.
Zenful Bites2015USAFoodZenful Bites is a food education and eco-catering social enterprise practicing conscious cooking using natural, locally sourced ingredients with the aim of fostering a sustainable and fair food system in the DC metro region.
A.I.R. Lawn Care2014USAEnvironmentA.I.R. Lawn Care is a full service eco-friendly landscaping company that improves and renews the atmosphere people breathe in through: the reduction of air pollution, the elimination of synthetic chemicals, and the mitigation of stormwater runoff.
BAOBAB2014GuatemalaEnvironmentBAOBAB provides natural and organic products in Guatemala.
Bio-Adhesive Alliance2014USAEnvironmentBio-Adhesive Alliance produces an adhesive that is low cost and durable and can be utilized as a substitute to petroleum-based asphalt.
eco spaces2014USAEnvironmentEcospaces is creating sustainability in urban areas! * We install: Green Roofs * Green Walls * Rain Gardens * Rain Barrels * Solar Panels * Beehives * and Birdhouses
Exo2014USAFoodExo’s mission is to normalize the consumption of insects as a sustainable food source. We believe the way to accomplish this is through healthy, delicious food products that include insects as an ingredient. Our protein bars are formulated to be the perfect introductory vehicle to bring insect protein to the masses.
Fargreen2014VietnamFoodFargreen produces edible mushrooms and biofertilizers made from rice straw waste, which helps solve the environmental problem associated with open rice straw burning in Vietnam as well as the social problem of the migration of farmers to the urban areas in search of employment in between the two rice growing seasons.
FREDsense Technologies2014CanadaWaterFREDsense combines biology and engineering to detect chemicals in your water. We use a biosensor with an electrochemical output to create a system that is fast, sensitive, and unlike anything else on the market, allowing anyone to know exactly what is in their water.
Gham Power2014NepalEnergyGham Power Private Limited provides Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems for residential & commercial buildings, bringing the highest quality solar technology to Nepal at affordable prices via its partnership with US-based Solar Power Inc, and with Nepal-based Clean Energy Development Bank that provides financing.
Green Energy Biofuels2014NigeriaEnergyGreen Energy Biofuels is scaling renewable ethanol for clean cooking fuels. Green Energy Biofuels is a SMEFUNDS company.
Greenease2014USAFoodGreenease is a resource that connects consumers with restaurants, cafes and grocers that buy from local and/or sustainable farms. The mobile app is currently live on iOS in Washington DC and New York City.
Immersed Games2014USAEducationImmersed Games is creating a multiplayer online virtual world in which students develop their unique characters, playing their way into learning educational content and skills.
Iron Goat2014USAAgricultureIron Goat is a small self-fueled mower and grass pellet harvester. It uses the grassy biomass that it harvests as fuel, and processes the biomass that it does not use into a dried pellet form which can be used for other applications such as heating or power generation.
Juabar Design2014TanzaniaEnergyJuabar empowers off-grid Tanzanians with employment in the growing solar and mobile technology industries while filling a community energy need for mobile charging.
Kishe Foods2014GuatemalaFoodKishé provides access to high-quality and sustainably harvested Guatemalan products. Our first and current product is certified Organic, Fair Trade, and Kosher Coffee from the western highlands of Guatemala.
La Mano del Mono2014MexicoEnvironmentLa Mano del Mono combines environmental education and ecotourism experiential learning to share knowledge, skills and values that lead us to be part of the solutions we need to tackle environmental and social challenges of today’s world and ensure tomorrow.
PACE MD2014MexicoHealthPACE decentralizes quality medical training and improves health care to insure the best possible outcomes for people with emergency conditions out to the last kilometer of communities in Latin America.
SOL VISTA2014USAEnergySOL VISTA’s mission is to make building efficiency simple and profitable. We provide building performance management and efficiency-implementation services to building owners across the U.S. SOL VISTA.
Solar Site Design2014USAEnergySolar Site Design was built to reduce the cost of customer acquisition with the help of the next generation of solar project originators.
Spark Fund2014USAEnergySparkfund powers your organization with efficient technologies like lighting, building controls, and HVAC without the complexity. You enjoy new, better systems at no upfront cost and make a single operating expense payment each month.
Teysha2014HondurasApparelTeysha brings together customers and skilled artisans to create beautiful goods which empower people to connect and create together.
Wana Energy Solutions2014UgandaEnergyWana Energy Solutions was started to create a market for LPG in Uganda. Additionally, WANA works to create awareness among the masses that LPG is an alternative and the way to go.
Watusee Foods2014USAFoodWatusee Foods makes Crispy Roasted Chickpea Snacks. The snacks are delicious, addictive, and improve your daily health.
Access Afya2013KenyaHealthAccess Afya sells basic healthcare services and supplies via high-tech mini-clinics to poor Kenyans, whose current healthcare options are unpleasant, unreliable, or unaffordable.
BK Farmyards2013USAAgricultureBK Farmyards grows and sells fresh, affordable food to low-income communities in Brooklyn by training budding farmers to maximize yields and transform un-used land into farms.
BlocPower2013USAEnergyBlocPower is using the Internet of Things, machine learning, and structured finance to build a platform that will scale clean energy in American inner cities.
CleanChoice Energy2013USAEnergyCleanChoice Energy sells 100% local, clean energy to progressive consumers, making clean power easy to purchase by selling it as a service online, while advancing the causes our customers value.
Colective 1050º 2013MexicoEmploymentColective 1050º sells contemporary ceramics inspired by traditional cultures but finely adapted to modern life through collaborative design between women potters in rural Mexico and urban designers.
Ellie Fun Day2013India USACraftsEllie Fun Day designs organic baby blankets that are sourced responsibly and made by marginalized women in India.
Energy Harvesters2013USAEnergyEnergy Harvesters sells the Walking Charger™ – a device that allows users to charge the batteries in their mobile electronics devices anytime, anywhere – just by walking.
Essmart Global2013IndiaEnergyEssmart creates a marketplace for essential technologies, like solar lanterns and water filters, in places where people already shop.
First Access2013East AfricaFinancial InclusionFirst Access is a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to the financial inclusion of billions of people who lack formal personal records. Our mission is to reduce the cost of offering and accessing financial services in these ‘informal’ markets. We use prepaid mobile records to help increase access to credit.
Kuli Kuli2013Ghana Haiti Nicaragua USAFoodKuli Kuli sells moringa-based nutritional products to health-conscious and globally aware consumers in the United States in order to help reduce malnutrition in West Africa.
Lumos2013IndiaApparelLumos sells Solar Energy enabled apparel (e.g. T-shirts) and accessories (Backpacks) to mobile working executives to solve their mobile and laptop charging issues as well as provide other electricity-based functionality with the product.
moWoza2013Mozambique South AfricaEmploymentmoWoza is a mobile shopping service for grassroots communities in peri-urban and rural areas to access essential products conveniently.
Next Step NewCo2013USAEnvironmentNext Step supports a Network of nonprofit builders replacing aging, pre-HUD Code mobile homes with high-quality, ENERGY STAR factory-built homes, while connecting low-income homebuyers to education, counsel and fair financing.
Re-Nuble2013USAEnergyRe-Nuble uses clean technology to repurpose the organic waste of food processors into cost effective clean, renewable energy and natural fertilizers and sold to agribusiness users and horticultural and utility companies.
SLICE Finance2013USAFinancial InclusionSLICE Finance connects individual lenders seeking to make an impact with their money with borrowers seeking manageable student loans through an online, peer-to-peer lending platform.
Soko Mushrooms2013ZimbabweAgricultureSoko Mushrooms upcycles agriculture waste to produce specialty mushrooms and promotes sustainable mushroom farming and consumption to fight poverty and malnutrition in Zimbabwe.
SolePower2013USAEnergySole Power provides a renewable energy source to any individual without ready access to a conventional power grid for operating personal electronic devices, providing a portable, inexpensive and more convenient alternative to the traditional battery.
The Jackfruit Company2013India USAFoodThe Jackfruit Company supports agricultural supply chain development for fruits in India and imports and markets exotic, delicious, healthy, organic, gluten-free, and positive social impact fruit products to specialty food stores, bakeries, and restaurants in the U.S and, in the future, in India.
Tonlé2013CambodiaApparelTonlé designs and makes comfortable, wearable clothes that are as original and beautiful as the people who make them. We adhere to principles of transparency, fairness, and waste reduction in everything we do, from the big stuff like wages, down to the little things like the materials in our buttons.
Uncommon Cacao2013Belize GuatemalaAgricultureUncommon Cacao includes Maya Mountain Cacao (Belize) and Cacao Verapaz (Guatemala). These companies link small holder farmers to the specialty cacao industry, through a focus on consistently delivering quality beans.
WeCyclers2013NigeriaEmploymentWecyclers gives low-income communities in developing countries a chance to capture value from waste and clean up their neighborhoods through incentive-based recycling.
Wilkins Engineering2013GhanaEnvironmentWilkins Engineering Ltd provides Grid Extension Services and Supply and Installation of Solar PV Systems to Municipal, Metropolitan and Districts on behalf of the Ghanaian Government with the rural poor being the beneficiaries.
Yeli Paper Bags2013UgandaEnvironmentYouth Entreprenuers Link Investments (Yeli) produces paper bags and envelopes of different sizes and shapes according to market needs, we make customers’ brands as well on order.
Yellow Leaf Hammocks2013ThailandEmploymentYellow Leaf Hammocks exists to empower the Hill tribe members in Thailand to rise out of poverty by creating stable, culturally sustainable, high wage weaving jobs.
Affirm Global Development2012USAEmploymentAffirm Global Development brings sustainable jobs and innovative technology into developing markets.
Back to the Roots2012USAFoodBack to the Roots is working towards re-defining the “future of food” – one that is all about the “undoing of food” back to its simplest ingredients and least processed versions.
BALANCE Edutainment2012USAEducationBALANCE Edutainment develops educational entertainment products for youth and families that raise awareness of critical social and environmental issues, and engages people who want to work together for positive change.
Biosense Technologies2012IndiaHealthBiosense has developed and is commercializing an affordable, point of care, prick-free technology to empower existing public and private healthcare providers and enable instant, cheap screening and monitoring of anemia, which kills 1 million women and children globally each year.
Culture BioSystems2012USAEnergyCulture BioSystems is a technology developer with an advanced cultivation platform which enables large-scale production of algae to be used in producing biofuels, aviation fuels, feed, protein and nutraceuticals.
Day One Response2012USAWaterDayOne Response develops and supplies innovative solutions for disaster relief. One solution is the DayOne Waterbag, which is a lightweight reusable personal water treatment device that provides all the essential functions for water purification.
Desta2012IndiaAgricultureDesta has a technology platform and a network of village managers to make available income generating and cost saving products and services in remote rural areas of India. With a strong focus on Agriculture, Education and Health, Desta aims to contribute significantly to rural prosperity.
EcoZoom2012KenyaEnergyEcoZoom makes clean, highly efficient, and durable cook stoves accessible and affordable in developing countries.
Farmland LP2012USAAgricultureFarmland acquires conventional farmland and converts it into certified organic, sustainable farmland. Investors are provided with the security of owning farmland while benefiting from the value added by converting to organic farmland.
GridPlex Networks2012USAEnergyGridPlex provides energy and conservation products and services that increase electric system efficiency and reliability, can save billions for utilities and consumers, and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
LaborVoices2012USAEmploymentLaborVoices, using its Symphony platform, provides global brands and their supply chains with an on-demand early warning system based on direct worker feedback, by repeatedly polling workers through their mobile phones.
Lepodee2012Ghana LesothoFoodLepodee is a new juice brand representing Africa by producing fresh, all natural juices using tasty fruits grown by smallholder farmers across the continent, with operations in Lesotho, Southern Africa and Ghana.
LuminAID Lab2012USAEnergyLuminAID Lab develops cost effective, solar-rechargeable lighting products. The LuminAID light – is an inflatable, lightweight, waterproof solar lantern that can be packed and shipped flat and is ideal for use in emergency and disaster situations.
Malô2012MaliAgricultureMalô builds and operates modern facilities that mills, fortifies, and markets rice cultivated by smallholder farmers in West Africa.
Mozambikes2012MozambiqueEnvironmentMozambikes is the first provider seeking to build a bicycle industry and make bicycles a commodity in Mozambique. The unique advantage of Mozambikes lies in their model of bicycle sales to provide bicycles of higher quality and lower prices to all provinces in Mozambique.
Prana Sustainable Water2012SwitzerlandWaterEthical Water Exchange is a tool designed by Prana Sustainable Water to bridge the mismatch between the lack of wastewater treatment and demands for recycled water to solve simultaneously the water/ heath/ food/ energy/ ecosystems /jobs challenges and restore water as a common and vital good.
PulpWorks2012USAEnvironmentPulpWorks offers compostable products, molded from 100% post-consumer waste paper. Our environmentally thoughtful protective packaging is fashioned from the very same raw material that’s been used for decades to create egg cartons. Said another way, we turn garbage into safe, planet-friendly products.
Schaduf Urban Micro Farms2012EgyptAgricultureSchaduf develops innovative urban farming systems. They strive to create financially sustainable businesses for their customers, while tackling Egypt and other arid regions’ agricultural land and water scarcity problems.
Sproutel2012USAHealthSproutel is a patient-centered R&D workshop, producing products like Jerry the Bear, an interactive plush toy that helps kids with Type 1 Diabetes adjust to their new lifestyle.
Takamoto Biogas2012KenyaEnergyTakamotobiogas provide biogas with accessible financing to small scale farmers ensuring access to clean energy for everyone.
TerViva2012USAAgricultureTerViva BioEnergy grows a hardy, high yielding oilseed tree crop called pongamia.
Twice As Warm2012USAApparelTwice As Warm is a clothing company that provides winter clothing to homeless children and families. For every item purchased, a donation of the same clothing is given to a person in need.
Vari2012IndiaAgricultureVari aims to provide convenient and hassle-free resources to farmers in India so that they can sell their produce on their own terms (i.e. price, location and buyer) and to initiate exchange of information between seller and buyer, thus developing commercial activities without total reliance on intermediaries.
Verde Sustainable Solutions2012USAEnergyVerde created the VERDE iPad app to help consumers reduce their electricity usage in homes and businesses through a home energy audit.
Vertical Harvest2012USAAgricultureVertical Harvest is dedicated to to growing fresh local food and jobs in urban communities.
VSJF Flexible Capital Fund2012USAEmploymentThe VSJF Flexible Capital Fund provides subordinated debt and royalty financing to growth stage companies in Vermont’s value-added agricultural, forest products, and clean technology businesses.
Wash Cycle Laundry2012USAEmploymentWash Cycle Laundry delivers laundry on bicycles with trailers to consumers, businesses, and institutions and washes it using sustainable, cost-competitive processes that reduce the water and energy required to do so. They also strive to create meaningful, upwardly mobile careers in all their locations.
Yumbutter2012USAFoodYumbutter is a nut butter company handcrafting nut butter potions from peanuts, cashews, almonds and more.
Bioceptive2011USAHealthBioceptive is a women’s health company developing innovative medical devices for a variety of gynecological procedures.
Community Ladders2011USAEducationCommunity Ladders provides affordable, one-on-one, financial planning and advisory services for every stage of life. They are a social business devoted to consumer protection, group bargaining power, and upward mobility.
EcoPost2011KenyaEnvironmentEcoPost utilizes waste plastic as a resource to manufacture aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly fencing posts.
GCE Lab School2011USAEducationGCE Lab School cultivates global citizens ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
Goods that Matter2011USACraftsMATTER L3C is an industrial design and consulting studio that partners with community organizations, NGOs and entities working for the public good to develop meaningful strategic projects and products to support and promote social needs initiatives.
Great Lakes Energy2011RwandaEnergyGreat Lakes Energy is a solar innovation and distribution enterprise based in Kigali, Rwanda.
Indonesia Organic2011IndonesiaAgricultureIndonesia Organic is a website marketing solution that provides 24/7/365 local and international access to products, farmers, training, and information, and promotes the expansion of the organic industry in Indonesia.
Kopo Kopo2011KenyaFinancial InclusionKopo Kopo offers a software-as-a-service web platform that enables enterprise users (i.e. microfinance institutions) to easily leverage mobile money systems by allowing them to register with a pre-integrated solution and avoid cost-prohibitive one-off integrations.
Maternova2011Haiti MexicoHealthMaternova is a web-based global marketplace tracking and selling goods/services saving the lives of mothers and newborns. They make it easy for doctors, nurses and midwives to track innovation and to buy technologies and kits to use overseas.
Mathalicious2011USAEducationMathalicious is rewriting the middle and high school math curriculum around real world topics that students care about. By providing lessons directly to individual teachers, Mathalicious is also helping to change the way educational content is delivered.
Mera Gao MGP2011IndiaEnergyMera Gao Micro Grid Power (MGP) builds and operates lighting utilities in off grid villages in India, using solar to provide superior lighting and mobile phone charging services for a lower cost than available alternatives.
Mille Collines2011KenyaApparelAtelier des Mille Collines carries the design, production and distribution of high quality clothing and accessories under a brand with a strong identity.
One World Play Project2011USACraftsOne World Futbol Project is a B Corporation that markets and distributes a virtually indestructible soccer ball that never needs a pump and goes on playing even if punctured multiple times.
ONergy2011IndiaEnergyONergy is a leading renewable energy enterprise providing decentralized energy solutions to rural households. They provide reliable and affordable clean energy products across lighting, cooking and electrification.
Pitaya Plus2011Nicaragua FoodPitaya Plus sells the highest quality Dragon Fruit, to bring you the brightest color while supporting those in need.
Runa2011Ecuador USAFoodRuna produces and markets beverages made from the naturally caffeinated leaves of the Amazonian guayusa (why-you-suh) tree. Runa offers a highly attractive and differentiated line of organic and fairly traded tea and ready-to-drink beverage products to eco-friendly and health-conscious consumers.
Sanergy2011KenyaHealthSanergy builds healthy, prosperous communities by providing sustainable non-sewered sanitation solutions in Africa’s urban informal settlements.
Shellcatch2011ChileAgricultureShellcatch uses mobile technology to effectively address fish fraud, seafood sustainability claims and bring consumer confidence back into the market. They were the first to develop an easy to use, low cost IT solution for artisanal fishery fleets.
Tala2011Kenya Philippines USAFinancial InclusionTala uses nontraditional data to create credit scores that are bringing 3 billion consumers to the global market.
UnaBellaVita2011USAHealthUnaBellaVita sells organic vitamins. Our goal is to help cure vitamin and mineral deficiencies in children all around the world.
Wello Water2011IndiaWaterWello empowers individuals to use the WaterWheel as an income-generating tool to lift their families out of poverty. The WaterWheel is an innovative water transportation tool designed to alleviate the problems associated with lack of easy access to water.
WeSpire2011USAEnvironmentWeSpire develops persuasive technology – combining dynamic content, social levers, and gamification to capture people’s imagination and produce meaningful results.
Advancing Engineering Consulting2010CambodiaEmploymentAdvancing Engineering is an engineering and construction consulting firm focused on infrastructure projects throughout the developing world. They provide engineering services in consulting, design, and construction management for projects including agriculture, roadways, bridges, buildings, dams and distributed power.
AYZH2010India USAHealthAYZH connects rural womans’ health and livelihood with products designed to meet their needs. AYZH sets up supply chains for local manufacturing to keep costs low and boost economic opportunity.
BoPEEI2010IndiaEnergyBottom of Pyramid Energy and Environmental Innovations is a Social Venture that develops renewable energy and other technologies for the rural India. BOPEEI Team has developed an electricity generator that generates electricity with just 10-12 minutes of easy pedaling by any user.
Cleantech Poland2010PolandEnvironmentCleantech Poland is an online information service targeting institutional, government and business stakeholders in the environmental technologies sector.
Eco Ola2010PeruFoodEco Ola delivers Amazonian Superfoods that are delicious, healthy, and done right.
Efficiency Exchange2010ChinaEnergyEfficiency Exchange works with factories overseas to reduce energy consumption, costs, and emissions.
Faire Collection2010EcuadorApparelFaire Collection is a jewelry company that specializes in fair trade and eco-friendly designs, made out of natural materials that have been sustainably harvested from the rain forests of South America.
Local Orbit2010USAAgricultureLocal Orbit custom online marketplaces and back-office infrastructure for businesses and people working to increase local food distribution.
Nuru Energy2010RwandaEnergyNuru Energy is improving health, education and eradicating poverty with the world’s first commercially available pedal generator.
PearTree Preschool2010USAEducationPear Tree Preschool uses the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood learning and offer an environmentally-friendly and healthy learning center for 75 Harlem nursery and preschool children from ages 6 months to 5 years old.
Prosperity Candle2010USAEmploymentProsperity Candle supports refugees and artisans through candle-making and beautifully crafted vessels.
Structures Design/Build2010USAEnvironmentStructures Design/Build is a triple bottom line company that uses patented technologies to design, manufacture and oversee the construction of cost competitive low energy & carbon (LEC) and zero energy & carbon (ZEC) buildings in all sectors of the United States building industry.
TeachBar2010USAEducationTeachBar offers accessible education programs to Berkeley, Castro Valley, Oakland, Hayward, San Leandro, and San Lorenzo students and communities. TeachBar’s affordable prices make its tutoring, test prep, and skill classes advantageous and appealing to its customers.
Village Ecosystems2010USAWaterVillage Ecosystems specializes in creating service ecosystems that save water, reduce energy use, and create natural habitat.
Bikes 4 Life2009USAEmploymentBikes 4 Life is a grassroots neighborhood bike shop and social justice enterprise with a mission to support the surrounding community and offer healthy, sustainable life opportunities to young people.
LabourNet2009IndiaEmploymentLabourNet is an effort to provide a one-stop platform for unorganized sector workers to avail services which are currently available and accessible by formal sector workers.
MoveInSync2009IndiaEnvironmentMoveInSync is a mobile based service that facilitates utilization of excess seating capacity in private vehicles by connecting people in real time.
PharmaSecure2009IndiaHealthPharmaSecure protects the world from the threat of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and other goods.
PowerMundo2009PeruEnergyPowerMundo improves access to solar and other clean technologies to empower people in emerging markets.
Soupergirl2009USAFoodSoupergirl serves fresh, homemade soup made with ingredients from small local farms that practice sustainable farming methods. They offer homemade soup for delivery or pickup and operate a storefront location in DC.
Sproxil2009Ghana India Kenya Mali Nigeria Pakistan TanzaniaHealthSproxil builds trust across pharmaceutical supply chains with mobile technology solutions that emphasize direct engagement from the factory through to the consumer.
Atayne2008USAApparelAtayne makes high performing outdoor and athletic apparel that is safe for people and the planet. They aim to inspire positive environmental and social change through the power of active lifestyles.
Ghonsla2008PakistanEnvironmentGhonsla is a sustainable insulation technology company based in Lahore, Pakistan. They use recycled materials to produce highly effective, low-cost insulation.
Greenleaf Integrative Strategies2008USAHealthGreenleaf Integrative Strategies provides training and support services to enhance wellness and resiliency of professionals working in high-pressure and/or trauma-related situations.
Husk Power Systems2008IndiaEnergyHusk Power Systems (HPS) generates clean, safe and efficient electricity at affordable rates in some of India’s most remote communities.
New Trintionink2008GermanyAgricultureNew Trintionink makes edible weeds, the most frugal choice of fresh produce, accessible to the general public.
World Leadership School2008USAEducationWorld Leadership School empowers young leaders to find new and innovative approaches to the world’s pressing problems.
Planting Empowerment2007PanamaAgriculturePlanting Empowerment sustainable forestry plantations are established on previously deforested land that belongs to local Panamanians. They provide a lease payment to these partners that exceeds their opportunity cost from the land, along with profit sharing and educational opportunities.
Speak Shop2006GuatemalaEducationSpeak Shop is the first company to offer an online marketplace where customers access a network of independent Spanish tutors in Guatemala and take private, face-to-face lessons through video conferencing.