The Mentor Capital Network supports entrepreneurs who are building for-profit companies that make the world a better place. These firms use their social, environmental, and/or cultural mission to strengthen their financial margins.

We are Entrepreneurs –  We are building for-profit companies that are designed to address the world’s biggest challenges. The Mentor Capital Network:

  • Connects us to mentors, investors, and our peers who are solving similar programs in non-competitive markets.
  • Provides extensive feedback from experts who know what it is to build a mission-driven company
  • Connects us to mentors who want to be connected to us.
  • Supports us without getting in the way of our running our business.

We are Mentors – Leaders who have built, managed, invested in, or studied social enterprises. We know what it takes to turn a strong mission into a stronger margin. The Mentor Capital Network:

  • Connects us to our peers – enabling us to learn about and from other perspectives on shared challenges.
  • Helping us get to know amazing entrepreneurs in a way that respects our busy schedules
  • Giving us the chance to build long-term relationships with the exciting new entrepreneurs.

We are Investors – Angels and VCs who are looking for companies with strong financial returns, and whose social and/or environmental missions are central to creating those returns. The Mentor Capital Network:

  • Provides a vetted pipeline of companies in our areas of interest
  • Gives us access to the expert perspectives on these companies

We Support Each Other. And we are all more successful for that. MCN has engaged over 1,000 Mentors and Investors to provide more than $6 million of Mentor Capital to support the launch and growth of more than 500 companies. These firms have created thousands of jobs, brought in more than $200 million in sales and investment, and impacted millions of people by providing access to energy, clean water, fair employment, better health systems, sustainable agriculture, and other social and environmental benefits.


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