Through our Sustainable Business Plan Collaboration, we support the entrepreneurs behind mission driven, for-profit social enterprises, no matter where they are in the world. Over the years, we’ve supported over 900 ventures with over $5M worth of mentor capital, giving entrepreneurial teams customized feedback on their business plans and access to a network of over 1,000 of the world’s best industry and regional experts who have graciously given their time to support these startup teams. We seek to create and accelerate opportunities for these teams to make a serious, innovative, and scalable difference in the world.

Why we call it a Collaboration and not a Competition:

For our first 12 years, the program was called by a more traditional name — a business plan competition. And while, yes, there are winners (and prizes for those winners), most of our support goes towards *all* of the companies that are accepted into our program. The way the program works is really a collaboration of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors, all working to support each other.

  • Entrepreneurs provide exciting new ideas and receive feedback and a chance to build deep mentoring relationships. Learn more about how we work with entrepreneurs here.
  • Mentors provide “mentor capital” in the form of feedback and mentoring, and receive the knowledge of what their peers are thinking from different perspectives, as well as a chance to work with entrepreneurs who truly appreciate them. Learn more about what’s involved here.
  • Investors provide the financial companies, and they get to learn which companies are a good fit for them both quickly and deeply through the perspectives of the mentor team supporting the entrepreneurs. Learn about how we engaged investors here.
  • The MCN team provides the coordination, and receives the joy of watching all the connections happen! Learn more about our team here.



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