WelloThis is a partial list of reviewers and mentors with our network in the past three years. Mentors volunteer based on their interest, expertise, and availability during the reviewing windows. There is no guarantee than any particular mentor will be assigned to a particular company.

Matt Aaron is a retired Navy Captain with 24 years of combined active and reserve service (12 years active, 12 reserve). After leaving active duty, he obtained an MBA with a focus in nonprofit management. He currently serves as the President and CEO of Special Olympics PA.

Kevin Adair works in eco and social developmental projects on the ground in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. His firm is the largest recycler in Haiti.
They participated in our program with the company Fuego del Sol Haiti in 2015.

Craig Albert is a lawyer in New York City and a former law professor. He has advised and taught on issues of corporate governance, finance, and intellectual property. He is also a seasoned commercial litigator.

Sherry Altman is a specialist in business strategy and environmental management and is currently a Principal with Booz Allen Hamilton. She has 14 years experience advising public and private sector organizations, with special focus on developing and assessing business plans and market entry strategies. She holds an MBA and Masters of Environmental Management from Yale and a BSE in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke.

Alina Alvarez is a communications and design specialist working in International Development and Social Enterprises. She creates brands, tells stories, and designs products, processes, services, and experiences. She is based in Mexico City and knows a lot about the Latin Market.

Kaylene Alvarez has been in impact investing for 20+ years and my firm has closed transactions in almost 50 countries. She founded her own firm to represent social entrepreneurs in emerging markets build sustainable business models to find funding from investors. She also provides advisory services to social entrepreneurs. In additional to general advisory for Access to Finance (MFIs, SME banking, mobile money, transaction support) we focus on three major value chains: renewable energy, ethical fashion & design, and agriculture (food and beverage). I am a mentor for MCN, but also very much a student in most aspects of life. I’m always looking for ways to learn from others who are doing great things.

Richard America worked on SME policy in the U S Government, taught Investing in Africa at a major US Business School, MBA Program and has visited 40 business schools in 25 countries in Africa. and taught short courses at a management school in Dakar, Senegal.

Jenny Andersson is a brand consultant who works exclusively with organisations and start-ups who want to activate purpose within their organisation to support the worldwide delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She has worked for many recognised global consumer brands, NGOs and charities including Virgin, Levi Strauss, Timberland, Patagonia, WSPA, Compassion in World Farming and Chain of Hope.

Suhas Apte is a senior executive with rich diverse experience covering many facets of business management. Suhas has developed a valuable global perspective, extensive CPG industry experience and sustainability credentials based on a broad career path working in Asia-Pacific, developing markets, Europe and the United States. Suhas held several executive positions at the Kimberly-Clark Corp. including Global Sustainability Officer, President of Family Care Europe and Vice President of Baby & Child Care Business for Emerging Markets. He is a partner in the Blue Earth Network; member of the Forum For the Future North America advisory team, member of the Green Chamber of Atlanta and charter member of TiE Tampa organization. He is also on the boards of social NGO Global Giving and EPI Breads. He is a Mechanical Engineer from India, with MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Asha Aravindakshan was the Director of Talent Operations at Ashoka. She has over a decade of impact in the private, governmental and philanthropic sectors leading strategic, financial and operational initiatives. Previously, as Chief of Staff to the Chief Technology Officer for Washington, DC, Asha created the award-winning TechStat performance management program and led critical citywide initiatives related to public safety, health and economic development. She is passionate about the potential of applying innovative solutions across sectors and their ability to strengthen governance, improve education, and transform lives. She serves as a Board Member for The George Washington University Alumni Association, Advisor for Blue Tiger Labs, mentor for SXSW V2V, SXSWedu and Mentor Capital Network, and member of the Echoing Green Social Investment Council. Asha holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Finance from The George Washington University and an MBA from MIT.
They participated in our program with the company Busca Tu Clase in 2018.

Allison Archambault is the president of EarthSpark International. She collaborates with innovative companies and organizations to effect fast, efficient, and widespread adoption of sustainable renewable energy and energy efficient technologies

Mitra Ardron was the CEO of Lumeter Networks, which has developed a pre-paid electricity meter that it provides to renewable energy companies so they can provide power to off-grid rural poor in developing countries. Mitra is passionate about solving projects at scale. He built a solar company in Australia that crowd-sourced community purchase of residential PV. He co-founded the Association for Progressive Communications (www.apc.org) that pioneered the internet in the early ’90s into much of the emerging economies and is now a leading voice on ICT for development and human rights. His background bridges technology and business, from editing internet standards to being acting CEO of a banana paper company that IPO-ed. Immediately prior to co-founding Lumeter, he spent a few years mentoring innovators with clean tech solutions to developing world problems, traveling extensively to work with them, and seeing the challenge that led to the founding of Lumeter.
They participated in our program with the company Lumeter Networks in 2013.

Andrea Armeni works with investors and entrepreneurs interested in community-centered, non extractive models that are grounded in social justice. He has a particular interest in job quality and opportunities for advancement and ownership for workers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Allie Armitage was co-founder and marketing director for weBike, a company that offers simple, affordable station-less bike sharing for college campuses. She also works at the Entrepreneur’s Organization managing Mentorship programs, and is active in various entrepreneurial groups in DC, such as Sandbox & the Hub.

Scott Astrada worked in the White House Office of Management and Budget in the Office of Federal Financial Management. Previously he worked for JPMorgan Chase as a mortgage banking compliance analyst. He has also served as an attorney assisting entrepreneurs, non-profits, and small business with tax and legal planning along with strategy and business development. He has partnered with the US Department of Commerce as a merit review panelist for their entrepreneur and investment fund grants.

Zach Axelrod founded Skyline Innovation in August of 2009 in Washington, DC.

Deepa Ayesha Sanyal is a principal at DS Consulting, an international consulting firm offering professional consulting in Sustainable Planning and Development. DS Consulting is based in North Carolina, USA. Deepa lives and works in the United States and in India.

Terry Babcock-Lumish founded Islay Consulting LLC to meet the needs of innovative clients committed to effecting positive change, from local to global. Terry’s research interests involve decision-making in financial innovation at the intersection of science, technology, and society, with implications for private and social entrepreneurship alike. She has worked in local, state, and federal government.

Natalie Baer is an MBA working in product management. She previously worked in and researched in the organic agriculture space as well as renewable energy.

Ross Baird is the Executive Director of Village Capital, an initiative that uses peer support to build world-changing enterprises worldwide. Village Capital has launched fifteen programs on five continents worldwide, supporting over 250 enterprises; enterprises; entrepreneurs themselves have allocated over $2 million from partner investors through programs. Ross also serves as a faculty member at the Monterey Institute for International Studies, where he helps lead the Frontier Market Scouts program, the nation’s top initiative for young professionals interested in careers in impact investing. Prior to starting Village Capital, Ross served as an Investment Analyst with First Light Ventures, where he helped build a 20-enterprise portfolio over the past three years. He also has on-the-ground experience in Hyderabad, India, with the Indian School Finance Company.

Brian Baker is the Executive Director for Entrepreneurship at the University of Mary Washington Center for Economic Development. He manages an incubation program, student and faculty project engagement program, the Virginia Business Incubation Association, and a Small Business Development Center that provides consulting, management training, and strategic research.

Rebecca Ballard is a lawyer turned sustainable fashion social entrepreneur who started a social enterprise creating clothing for professional women.

Juan Barbed Isusi is the Portfolio Manager for Central America, Caribbean and Mexico for Kiva. Kiva is an American NGO that connects people around the world through high impact loans. He leads the business development efforts and the Due Diligence process in the region.

Kythzia Barrera works to strengthen the bridges between art-craft-design to foster social and human changes with a focus on sustainability. Honest and open disclosure from the conventional and privileged designer’s position shapes the essential part of Kythzia’s creative leadership as Head of Innovating Tradition and CEO of Colectivo 1050º which supports the development of pottery communities in Oaxaca, México.
They participated in our program with the company Colectivo 1050 in 2013.

Amanda Barrett is a digital marketing and strategy consultant for social enterprise companies. Formerly, I was the head of marketing for Mediabisto.com, a startup that sold for $23 million in 2007

Christian Bartley is a global strategy expert. He has lead / participated in the various aspects of entrepreneurship, from launching ventures, to building and selling them, to working on both sides of acquisition deals. His education includes graduate degrees in engineering and business. Through one of his current projects he is heavily involved in the water technology sector, liaising with companies, investors, and NGO’s. He helped get one of the 14 official UN Global Compact Cities its designation for its work in fresh water research. He has traveled the globe working in water issues, and connects with such companies as GE Water, Siemens, Veolia, and NGOs as UNESCO, OECD, IWA, and AWS to mention a few.

Beth Bell manages Green Product Placement, a media product placement company specializing in placing and promoting green, sustainable, socially enterprising and/or local entrepreneurial brands.
They participated in our program with the company Green Product Placement in 2012.

Lauren Bender is an angel investor focusing on ventures that promote sustainability. She has advised numerous start-ups on strategy, product development, partnerships and fund-raising, and was the co-founder of a venture-backed Silicon Valley start-up. Her prior experience is in financial services product development and strategy, and she currently co-manages a niche investment fund. She is on the board of a social enterprise based in Senegal, and is part of a team starting a sustainable farm in the New York City vicinity.

Jeremy Berke is a sales and marketing consultant, a past participant in the MCN competition with a business plan for hand-crafted, renewable-sourced candles made in Latin America and distributed in the US.
They participated in our program with the company Lux Rabin Ahau Candles in 2007.

Leni Berliner promotes investment and builds organizations to grow the sustainable economy and foster mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change. She has a record of achievement in land-based economic development, with skills in strategic planning, industrial operations management, and project, corporate and environmental finance. Her governance skills include evaluation, financial oversight, design and management of joint ventures, sustainability planning and corporate development including investor relations and M&A. Ms. Berliner volunteers as a Business Mentor for the Clean Tech Open and the Mentor Capital Network, helping clean energy entrepreneurs hone their business models, position their companies in the right markets, and prepare to raise capital. She holds a seat on the Advisory Board of the Sustainable Energy Utility of Washington, DC. Ms. Berliner is bilingual English-Spanish, has an MPIA in Economic and Social Development from the University of Pittsburgh, and an Honors BA in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She is LEED certified and active in the renewable energy and energy efficiency policy world.

Davide Berruto has started and financed several companies including the first significant sustainable furniture company in the USA sourcing both certified and reclaimed wood from Latin America and manufacturing in Asia, Mexico and the USA.

Mark Bershatsky started his career in clean energy finance in 2007, having worked on Wall Street raising capital for energy technology companies and renewable power project developers, as well as advising the federal government on its renewable energy programs. He holds an MBA in Strategy & Entrepreneurship and is currently preparing for the Chartered Financial Analyst Level III exam.

Tessa Bertrand is Program Coordinator & Analyst within the Forests, Food & Water program at the World Resources Institute in Washington DC. He contributes to the implementation of the program’s activities in eight countries in Africa (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Liberia, Madagascar, Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo) by carrying out policy relevant research and analysis on various aspects of sustainable management of natural resources, and by providing projects management, outreach and communication supports

Svati Bhogle has worked in the area of clean cooking energy for about 25 years, largely in India. She started a company that sells wood fired cookstoves for commercial, large scale cooking operations 4 years ago. She designed fuel efficient stoves made of mud and constructed onsite, wood/ agro residue burning stoves for several rural post harvest processing operations and transferred technology to rural grass root entrepreneurs, and factory produced cookstoves for commercial cooking.

Kevin Boehm is currently VP of Investments at Golden Mean Capital, which invests in the agricultural supply chain in Africa.

Kirsten Bonanza holds her M.A. in Sustainable Communities and Socially Responsible Business from Goddard College. She received a fellowship through StartingBloc. Kirsten has working in the field of sustainability consulting since 2008 mainly in the areas of organization development and communications. Aligned with ideas that are good for the benefit of all beings, Kirsten connects mindfulness, sustainability, and communications.

Mrim Boutla has been leveraging her neuroplasticity PhD to build startups and advise innovators for the last 12 years. Her first startup, More Than Money Careers, was among the first Certified B Corps in Maryland and inspire over 5,000 students to turn their education into meaningful employment. MTMCareers was awarded the 2013 AshokaU/Cordes Award for Social Innovation in Higher Education, and was one of the first companies housed at the 1776DC incubator. Dr. Boutla is currently teaching entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland and has been advising startup executives through the I-Corps DC node, HeraHub, and AccelerateDC. A first generation high school graduate, Dr. Boutla earned her Psychology Bsc from the Universite Catholique de Louvain, and her MA and PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester.

Lee Boyle is a commercial lender for a community bank and a former board member of Sustainable Business Network of Washington.

Paula Brantner has recently launched PB Work Solutions, a consulting and counseling firm for those in toxic work situations, and is writing her first book. She was the Executive Director of Workplace Fairness from 2008-2016, after serving as its Program Director from 2003 to 2007, writing legal content for the Webby-nominated site www.workplacefairness.org, and developing products for WF’s social enterprise program, Paula was formerly the Program Director for Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, and the Working America Education Fund. An employment lawyer for over 24 years, Paula has degrees from UC-Hastings College of the Law and Michigan State University’s James Madison College. She is a former co-coordinator for NetSquaredDC, a Startup Weekend participant, a Lean Impact Summit People’s Choice Winner and a retired DC Rollergirl.

Tommy Breedlove is a Partner of Blue Earth Network and the Founder of Choose Goodness, LLC. Prior to joining Blue Earth Network and founding Choose Goodness, Tommy was on the Board of Directors, a Senior Partner and the International Practice Leader for a large CPA firm where he advised international manufacturing and distribution companies on financial strategies for setting up operations in the US as well as domestic entities establishing operations abroad. Tommy and his international practice were winners of the 2012 Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Global Impact Award, and he is the current President of the British American Business Group in Atlanta, GA.

Jessica Britt is the Research and Evaluation Manager on the National Program Team at a workforce development non-profit with offices in 15 cities in the US. Previously she worked as a project manager for USAID contracts predominantly in Latin American. Before that she worked at an educational non-profit in the Guatemala City garbage dump community.

Nick Brown is the Director of Business Development for engageSPARK, a social enterprise that puts interactive Voice and SMS communication tools in the hands of everyone. Nick was previously Executive Director of Young Pioneer Disaster Response, where he discovered engageSPARK as an amazing solution for Communicating with Communities and delivering better humanitarian results. Nick also specializes in rapid shelter construction, digital humanitarianism, and the future of ‘Disaster Response 2.0’ technologies.

Michael Brownrigg has been in venture capital for 15 years, 12 years as a Managing Partner at ChinaVest investing in logistics, manufacturing, services and IT in China, and for the last three years as a Founding Partner of Total Impact Advisors (TIA), a merchant bank for social entrepreneurs. In the course of these related careers, he has read hundreds and helped craft dozens of early stage business plans. TIA has looked at green energy, water, agriculture, recycling and many other social ventures.

Alex Budak is a social entrepreneur who founded a fintech startup. He now coaches and advises social entrepreneurs around the world.

Philip Calabrese holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Colorado, Boulder and has been a full time entrepreneur since 2014 From 2012 to 2107, he led Boom Algae, which manages waste streams from breweries, such as CO2 and canning rinsewater, to reuse these resources for co-located algae production. The algae is then sold companies who make algae-based products.

Nigel Cameron directs a Washington, DC think tank on the policy impacts of emerging technologies. He has served as an adviser to technology startups. In one recent year he was invited to keynote events on all five continents, with topics including the future of the workplace, impacts of life extension, social media and content. He writes on social enterprise and CSR. He is also a Commissioner of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO, and chairs its Social and Human Sciences Committee.

Brian Carney is an experienced NGO administrator and fundraiser currently working in Washington, DC. In addition to advanced degrees and training in other fields, he holds a BSE in Management and a BS in Urban Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. His business specialty is developing effective and efficient operating systems that mirror an organization’s values and create a framework for sustainable growth.

Fallon Casper is an investment professional with 10 years of experience in management consulting / entrepreneurship and international development in Latin America and Africa. She currently works at Incofin Investment Management, where she manages an investment portfolio of several agroindustrial clients in Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Dominican Republic, exporting coffee, cocoa, sugar, Brazil nuts, mangos, avocados, honey and other products. Previously, she worked for the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership´s Enterprise Development team where she identified, created, incubated, and supervised investment in 3 for-profit social enterprises in agriculture and other emerging industries in Colombia, El Salvador and Peru.

Kim Cayce is award winning executive with 15+ years experience creating transformational marketing strategies and operating plans that help organizations bring new ideas to market.

Kathy Chamberlain has extensive experience working for corporations, trade associations and nonprofits, using her listening skills, organizational prowess, and problem solving abilities to provide technical assistance, trainings and resources to meet the needs of different audiences. Kathy has a BA in Liberal Studies from American University and an MS in Organization Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University. She was Managing Director of UnSectored (2014-15), which facilitated online and offline conversations and experiences related to cross-sector collaboration, social innovation and social enterprise issues.

Lee Noel Chase is an architect, and is in the business of providing information services.

Domitille Chavatte brings 16 years of experience working with, and for the private sector, in finance, marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR). She has counseled and educated more than 30 corporations and businesses #NAME? industrial sectors-on how to create shared value for all stakeholders, thus aligning business and social value. Fluent in English, Spanish, and French.

Conrad Cheeks works in mobile techology and has been a program associate at the Mentor Capital Network.

Serena Cheng is a business product marketing manager at Apple; she has also been a founder of a social medical device venture.
They participated in our program with the company One World Medical Devices in 2006.

Andres Chiodi is a System Engineer with a MSc in Finance and an MBA with specialization in International Trade from IE Business School. He treasures experiences from a career at leading international financial institutions, in managerial, directive and representative positions; as well as Professor at graduate courses for more than 10 years, in fields like finance, management, economy and administration. He is also an independent consultant on financial matters and business valuation for corporations and individuals, and at educational projects. Andres developed an academic and professional career focused on every aspect of creating and driving international businesses, with special interests on sustainability, ethics and collaborative advantage. He started up AlValor.com (an internet based business valuation service), prior to create abcdexperts, caring since 2009 for the integrity of its business and social value proposition, operative model, user experience, marketing, selling & strategy.

Tricia Chirumbole is a social entrepreneur and consultant with a background working with a broad range of organization types from small businesses in Africa to multinational life sciences companies to community-based organizations.
They participated in our program with the company Investors Without Borders in 2008.

Brian Chossek is the President and COO of natural/organic food and body care company. He is also a board member of an NGO focused on new business paradigms.

Anneliesa Clump Alprin is a brand-builder and proponent of storytelling as an effective marketing strategy. Having worked in Washington, D.C. for twenty years, Ms. Alprin has helped raise awareness on many social issues, and presently serves as a strategic partnership consultant. She has a Masters in Leadership from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

Antoine Cocle leads Kaya Impacto, a financial consulting firm that helps social entrepreneurs raise capital. He also co-founded of SVX Mexico, where led Operations and Investment Readiness Services for social entrepreneurs and impact investors. Previously, Antoine has done consulting work for a Mexican High Net Worth family developing an investment thesis for a Mexican early stage impact-investing fund and was Director of Entrepreneur Services at Agora Partnerships, where he managed the accelerator and the Capital Advisory Services area. Before dedicating himself to fostering social entrepreneurship, he was working in the financial sector, at AXA and JPMorgan. He has a Master in Public Administration from Columbia University and a Master in Business Engineering from the Solvay Business School (Belgium).

Berit Coleman is a serial entrepreneur in the business to support other entrepreneurs and non-profits.

Jessa Coleman was a fellow with Frontier Market Scouts, posted in Cameroon managing a microfinance fund and consulting for OiLibya. She previously worked for Holland & Knight’s clean energy lobby in Washington, DC. She speaks French and work primarily in francophone Africa and the Middle East. She is currently working on a MiM at Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris.

Mary Coller Albert is a marketing and brand executive who has worked with large and small consumer companies focusing on digital commerce. She currently works with non profit organizations to help amplify their message through digital media. Her past experience includes senior management positions at entertainment start-ups and large media companies.

Jason Connell is the Executive Director of Ignited Leadership and a professional speaker. Ignited Leadership is dedicated to helping young adults get involved with local and global civic engagement and becoming the type of leader who changes our world.

Carol Coren is a social enterprise business consultant who has developed food distribution, production and processing ventures to advance and stabilize local food systems. Among these are food hubs, food business incubators, groceries and farmers markets that trade on source identification and bring producers together with business and consumer purchasers.

Marlene Corrado is a philanthropic professional with experience in grantmaking, evaluation, and program management. Staff of National Center for Family Philanthropy.

Keith Crawford AICP, LEED AP leads facilities design, construction and operations at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business that has committed to become a zero waste and carbon neutral enterprise by 2020 He is a recognized expert in green building, sustainable design, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, markets and policy. He also serves on boards of several non-profit organizations which provide energy and housing improvements for low-income, elderly and disabled families and other underserved communities.

Miquela Craytor ran a non profit focused on sustainable development. During her tenure she led the project management of a eco-industrial park feasibility study, which included an anchor tenant C&D recycling component. This concept was envisioned by using the environmental justice issues facing the community as the filter to conceive the project. Currently she is NYC’s industrial policy director.

David Curry is the CEO of Ventice Technologies, a data management and analytics consulting firm. He also serves as a partner and Chief Technology Officer for Africa Talent Management, providing staff recruiting services for international companies. Mr. Curry is a software technologist with 20 years of experience in the internet and software industry. He has an intermix of technology and management skills in data and software engineering, systems planning, technical strategy, and leading teams.

Jennifer Curtis is an independent strategy consultant who works with IT, Biotech, Health Care, and Apparel clients. She worked at Microsoft for 10 years, and Levi Strauss & Co. for 5 years. She developed quality of care metrics for General Electric, a self-insured company at that time. She obtained her MBA at the Yale School of Management. Prior to that, she had a career in health care administration. At the moment, she is working with health insurance organizations on strategy relative to health care reform. She has consulted to bioinformatics and health care robotics entrepreneurs.

Wayne Curtis Ph.D. is an entrepreneur, with a consulting firm in economic development, including raising capital. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Northern Virginia Community College, teaching entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship finance, and small business management. He has a son that is s Chef at a major high-end restaurant, and is a foodie. Finally, his Phd research is about social entrepreneurs and wealth-building for working class Americans.

Jessica Daniel is Director of Fellowship at the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. Most recently, she completed her PhD in Community Sustainability at Michigan State University, where she focused on networks and entrepreneurship in the North American food movement. Prior to that, she founded and led FoodLab, an organization founded by and for entrepreneurs who are working together towards a more just, sustainable, and diverse good food economy in Detroit. Before FoodLab, Jess spent time developing and implementing programs in a diverse range of contexts, including as policy intern for the network-based National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition; farming apprentice on a biodynamic farm in Western Washington (where she raised and slaughtered pasture-fed poultry); technical advisor to NGOs in Cambodia; marketing manager for Google’s cloud-based collaboration tools; and chief operating officer for an education start-up in the Bay Area.

Rebecca Darr Litchfield is a senior fellow with the Aspen Institute, a sustainability consultant to organizations in North America and Asia, & co-owner of certified B Corporation Atayne (eco-friendly athletic apparel).

Nikki Daruwala is a successful entrepreneur and independent consultant with over 20 years of experience specializing in corporate responsibility, nonprofit operations, responsible investing, gender equality, entrepreneurship as a vehicle for closing the racial wealth gap and labor/human rights.

Danielle Davenport is an investment professional with South Valley Angels, an investment firm that provides capital, strategic analysis and capacity building to high potential ideas in high tech, clean tech, sustainable agriculture and worthy social endeavors. She sits on the board of the Sustainable Business Institute. Previously she worked at Agilent Technologies, Royal Dutch Shell and HP, where she managed large scale strategic teams and initiatives for the past 18 years. She managed global teams and multi-million dollar budgets for the implementation of critical M&A and operational/IT strategy. She graduated from UC Texas with an M.S. in Computer Science and from San Jose State University with a B.A. in Economics.

Alix Davidson was Green America’s Director of Standards and Certification 2012-16. She also served as the researcher and Senior Regional Director for Green Festivals 2004-2012 and holds an MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University. She is based in Washington DC, but leaves the US as often as possible!

Rosedel Davies-Adewebi leads an initiative at United Nations Global Compact, which helps multinational companies evaluate emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and develop sustainable business models powered by these technologies that address the Sustainable Development Goals. She has several years of experience in working with startup companies and social enterprises to design business models, to engage in partnerships with multinational corporations and to prepare them for debt and equity financing. To date she has helped such companies qualify for over $4 million in seed financing. She holds an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business and B.A. in International Relations and Economics from Boston University. She is also a StartingBloc Fellow.

Aurora Dawn Reinke has mentored and taught entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, particularly with a focus on social entrepreneurship. Her experience is in strategy development, change management, process improvement, market entry planning and forecasting, leadership and organizational culture, and social impact and sustainability.

David Deal is a CEO and founder of an IT company that provides consulting services for nonprofit organization, and another company that provides green IT solutions.

Jamie Dean leads grantmaking focused on renewable energy and solutions to climate change for a California-based foundation. Previously, she led the Agriculture subprogram at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and worked for the U.S. Fair Trade Certification organization, Fairtrade USA. She has an MBA from the Haas School of Business and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from U.C.L.A.
They participated in our program with the company Colibrí in 2007.

Betsy Densmore is the founder of the Academies for Social Entrepreneurship, an educational organization which provides training, mentoring and funding guidance for social entrepreneurs, especially those in not-for-profit organizations. She is an entrepreneur herself, having founded three hospitality businesses, an insurance agency and two nonprofit organizations.

Tia Diaz-Balart is president of the EcoChamber. Previously, she was the South Florida Director at the SEED Foundation, working to bring the first SEED School to Florida. The SEED Foundation partners with urban communities to provide innovative educational opportunities that prepare underserved students for success in college and beyond. We open and support college-preparatory, public boarding schools that provide a 24-hour-a-day nurturing environment designed specifically for children who would most benefit from SEED’s comprehensive model and the opportunities it provides.

Steven Doll has a broad IT and product development background, and leads multidisciplinary teams to bring great ideas to scale.
They participated in our program with the company Clear Skies in 2016.

Kwame Dougan is an attorney and angel investor who advises North Americans looking for SMEs in Africa to invest in. Kwame investment focus is in financial technology, ecommerce, and energy.

Aydrian Drewery is a startup veteran who has launched approximately 15 new products and / or businesses. Further background includes marketing strategy, finance, and operations consulting with McKinsey & Company, MMR Strategy Group, and Drewery & Associates. A green energy enthusiast, hobbies include solar and wind power generation, having built small scale wind generation models (VAWT variety).

Piotr Drozd is a social warrior in the technology entrepreneurship world. With a background in non-profit and for-profit arenas, he found his sweet spot at the intersection of both. Currently working with SnappCar in the Netherlands, preivously the Impact and Growth Lead at Backspace, an Amsterdam-based startup studio, and before that the COO of Ecosia, Germany’s first B Corporation.

Steve Dubb has a strong background in community development, with a focus on community wealth building—using different forms of community ownership of land and business as a strategy to meet business needs and build wealth in low-income communities. Dr. Dubb specializes on the use of social enterprise and employee-ownership as forms of business organization, as well as on the development of supply chain strategies that tap into the spending of universities, hospitals and related place-based anchor institutions to jump-start economic development in low-income neighborhoods.

Natasha Dupont brings financial, strategic and economic analysis to projects. She has worked as an antitrust attorney and economic consultant and in her current position is developing strategic sales channel pilots for a health care company.

Sophie Eckrich co-founded Teysha to be an ally in crafting a global culture of action, opportunity, and respect for People and Nature; one hand-made, quality creation at a time. Through community-based workshops and grass-roots manufacturing systems, we bring together customers and skilled artisans to create beautiful goods which empower people to connect, create, and empower together.
They participated in our program with the company Teysha Social Enterprises in 2014.

Jimmy Edgerton, co-founder of Watusee Foods, lives in Washington, DC, where he built a sustainability focused real estate development and property management company as a licensed professional civil engineer. His goal has been to make the World a healthier, more sustainable place, so it is a natural fit to create and grow Watusee Foods’ business since 2013. “What you see is what you get” is the slogan of Watusee Foods to highlight their simple ingredients packed with protein, but also resonates with Jimmy’s core values of transparency and open communication. He has worked and/or consulted in the engineering, fitness, nutrition, farming, and education industries.

Harmony Eichsteadt is the Head of Community for Good Life Project where she coaches entrepreneurs and consults with enterprises in the use of community building and organizing to drive growth for mission-based businesses. Prior to joining Good Life Project, Harmony was the Evangelist for NationBuilder, a community organizing technology company, where she worked with a wide array of cooperatives, nonprofits, and businesses to use technology and community organizing principles to build sustainable ventures. Harmony is also a member of the leadership team of Eco-Villagers Cooperative – a real estate investment co-op dedicated to the development and sustainability of ecovillage neighborhoods.

Philip Eliot has been a venture capitalist in the Washington area focusing on early stage companies for over ten years.

Janine Elliott works with VentureWell, where she supports student entrepreneurs who are mostly cleantech and medical inventors with products that help people in the US and abroad. They work together to vet their markets, build business models and get prepared to raise first equity investments. Previously she was a co-founder of a cleantech materials startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her education includes an MBA with a focus on Sustainable Enterprise and a BA of Environmental Policy.

Tiffany Espinosa is a social entrepreneur, a co-owner in a L3C, have managed marketing and financial activities for a mid-sized NPO, and consult with a number of entrepreneurs at various stages. Her day job currently is in educational leadership and innovation; she oversees a group of eight graduate programs related to sustainability, culture, the arts, community empowerment, communication and digital media, and triple bottom line management.

Stephen Estes is a former VC and management consultant who has run a consulting practice for tech startups for 10 years, focusing on strategic advisory and capital raising. He currently works in the internal startup incubator for one of the largest financial services companies, originating and building new product ideas.

Sean Fedorko is the chief executive of the Technology Council of NWPA which fosters the adoption of new technologies by regional industries to improve competitiveness, and facilitates a nascent but growing high-tech economy in the region. He helped establish the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics, a social and political research institute sponsored by Mercyhurst University. He has a five year background in IT and bridges the gap between engineering and policy expertise. He is passionate about building local public policy frameworks that enable advances in telecommunications infrastructure and high-tech entrepreneurship. Sean holds a BA in political science and philosophy, and a Masters of public policy in political science.

Dave Feldman is co-founder/partner of the Livability Project, a mission-based professional services firm launched in 2006 Dave currently speaks on a variety of topics including sustainable communities, incubation, green community hubs and leadership skills. In 2008, Dave was the founding director of Bethesda Green, a collaboration of business, government and citizens working together to promote sustainable living practices. He set up a center that incubates green businesses, educates the community about sustainability and facilitates the implementation of green solutions in the region. In 2009, Dave was named one of “The 25 CEOs You Need to Know” by The Gazette of Politics and Business and as “Innovator of the Year” by The Daily Record. In 2010, the Montgomery County Council named him one of the “40 Environmentalists in 40 Years”. From 2002-07, Dave was Consul, Trade & Investment at the British Embassy and helped foster economic development between the U.S. and U.K.

James Ferrari is a visual artist, businessman, social entrepreneur, filmmaker, writer and is at work on a multitude of projects using media as an inclusive vehicle to social enterprise, all with an eye on empowerment through interpersonal and digital interaction. Mr. Ferrari owns and runs a real estate company in NYC. He was on the South African Economic Advisory Board at the embassy in NY from 2002-2003, focusing on helping companies utilize the AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) to facilitate an increase in trade and transfer of textile products and services between the US and South Africa.

Ellen Fish has over 25 years experience in developing new businesses and online financial information services delivered to major financial firms. She’s managed relationships with technology and business partners as well as led project teams designing real-time financial information services and systems for financial and investment professionals globally. Currently, she is the founder and director of Friends of Tilonia, Inc. which takes its name from Tilonia, a small village in India that is home of the Barefoot College. She is an active member of Investors’ Circle and mentor social enterprise start-ups through IC and Mentor Capital Network.

Jason Force is a roboticist, currently running a startup company that processes wet grass biomass to dry hay cubes on a mobile autonomous vehicle. He is familiar with pelleting and dewatering in farming contexts, electronic controls, vision processing, and RF communications. He has participated in a number of national and international business accelerator programs in both agriculture and energy sectors.
They participated in our program with the company Iron Goat in 2014.

Vikki Frank is a social entrepreneur who successfully founded and ran a non-profit financial services organization supporting microfinance in the U.S. .

Tamsen Fricke is a senior transportation analyst at a coffee company. Previously, she was the Director of Operations for a Fairtrade, farmer-owned chocolate company.

Catrin Froehlich currently works as a Business & Peace Program Manager for a Peace-building foundation. Before that she supported Social Entrepreneurs in Nepal, including through a Social Enterprise Award she co-created and implemented. In the past, her work has included retail, the banking sector, the sporting goods industry, event and trade fair management and some communication and change management.

Bryse Gaboury has managed the implementation of infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia for over a decade. He is the Founder and Managing Director of a Southeast Asia based engineering consulting firm and the Co-Founder and CEO of a solar microgrid development company in Indonesia. Awards and honors include Global Entrepreneurial Summit (GES) 2016, PERC Enviropreneur of the Year 2015, Bozeman, MT; ASEAN-USA Business Summit Panelist, Siem Reap, Cambodia 2012; The Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) member 2011, Osaka, Japan. He holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Columbia University, Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado and holds a professional engineering license in the USA.
They participated in our program with the company Advancing Engineering Consulting in 2010.

Tapan Gandhi runs a strategy consulting and investment banking firm. He has experience of working with Fortune 100 companies and mid size companies and scaling them up using organic and inorganic strategies. He has started a Private Equity Fund.

Begna Gebreyes is a private equity professional for Standard Chartered focusing on the Middle East and North Africa. Previously, he managed financing of mid-market corporate mezzanine loans and rescue financings at CapitalSource Inc in London and DC. And prior to that he worked on the high yield capital market desk of B of A in New York. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley and is a CFA charterholder.

Ross George has experience in small business ownership, international and community development finance. His particular interests include social entrepreneurship, renewable energy at the BOP, and community development finance. He cofounded a crowd-sourced impact investing fund and started a community development small business loan fund focused on the metro DC area. He received an MBA from Cornell University with a focus on social enterprise and international SME development

Norissa Giangola is President of Coqui Marketing and Communications, a firm that helps companies innovate in sustainability and health, and tap into new global markets.

Bahar Gidwani co-founded CSRHub, which provides access to sustainability information using a freemium model (free access to all, additional data to subscribers). Prior to founding this company, he founded, invested in, and/or has been on the board of about fifteen web-based companies.
They participated in our program with the company CSRHUB in 2011.

Cullen Gilchrist is a co-founder of Union Kitchen. They strive to create a sustainable, just, and profitable food system in DC.
They participated in our program with the company Union Kitchen in 2016.

Amos Gilkey is the founder of a business development and strategic advisory firm for clients providing goods and services with a positive impact on the environment and society. He is also a recording artist who has a particular focus on bringing together the global creative industries, innovative solutions benefiting the environment, and cause-related campaigns.

John Gillespie is an experienced CFO with both for-profit, social ventures and non-profit experience. He has also started two consulting businesses and sold them.

Dean Girdis has 25 years energy development and strategy experience 15 years in energy project development. He founded three energy companies and raised $25 million in equity. He also has 10 years experience in developing countries regarding rural energy and off-grid electrification.

Aisha Glover has over 15 years of experience as a convener, champion and agent for economic empowerment and social justice. She serves as a Senior Vice President at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation strengthening small businesses, supporting a thriving entrepreneurial base and leading the attraction of emerging makers and manufacturers. Prior to joining the Newark team, Aisha served as the VP of External Affairs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, the nonprofit organization that manages the city-owned Brooklyn Navy Yard, a national model for sustainable industrial development where led strategic partnership development, community engagement, public affairs and fundraising and played a key role in supporting the Yard’s growing economic development initiatives.

Leigh Goldenberg is the executive director of Theater Philadelphia. Previously, she served as Director of Marketing for Wash Cycle Laundry, a triple bottom line laundry and linen rental company that delivers by bicycle. Half of Wash Cycle Laundry’s employees is reentering the workforce after a period of incarceration, homeless, addiction, or welfare dependence. Prior to joining Wash Cycle, Leigh spent a decade in non-profit theatre management. She also volunteers extensively with her a start-up food co-op, her local public elementary school, and small performing arts organizations.

Dahna Goldstein is a social entrepreneur and the founder of a B Corporation business.

Nancy Goldstein is the Director of Strategy and Insight at The Connell Group, a company that inspires companies to shape their future by better understanding and connecting to the people they serve. Nancy spent eight years as the founder and chief strategist of Compass(x) Strategy, a brand strategy firm committed to helping purpose-driven CEO’s create sustainble growth.

Bernadette Goovaerts is an economic developer focused on biotech and IT for the last 20 years, in Belgium, the Sate of Maryland and Montgomery County, MD and has worked with many startups.

Jeremy Gorelick is a financial consultant working with municipal governments and non-governmental organizations in the developing world. Most recently, he has worked as the Lead Technical/Financial Advisor to the City of Dakar (Senegal) to assist the sub-national government in preparations for the launch of the region’s first municipal bond. Prior to that 3-year assignment, he worked on Wall Street as an investment banker at BNP Paribas and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. He also founded his own real estate development firm, responsible for the construction of over 500 residential units and 300,000 square feet of commercial space in the greater New York metropolitan area. Additionally, he worked as a consultant to Homeless International, analyzing their long-term growth strategy and developing a financial plan to enable sustainable expansion into new geographical markets. He has been a professor at the Johns Hopkins University since 2010, teaching classes on real estate development, financial innovations, and emerging markets.

Billy Grayson manages the sustainability program for a Fortune 500 company. He works closely with utilities as both a customer (renegotiating our own utility contracts and making some REC purchases) and as a supplier (selling electrical products and MRO to our utility customers, and building demand for sustainability solutions from these customers.) Prior to this he worked as a management consultant on climate action plans. He is also the founder of two youth civic engagement non-profits.

Joseph Green started an eco-friendly disposable plate company that uses byproducts of betel nut palm trees.
They participated in our program with the company Kwai in 2010.

Ajax Greene is a serial social entrepreneur which includes being a co-founder/CEO of an outdoor products/clothing company manufacturing high end products from recyled materials and organic cotton.

Jacen Greene teaches social entrepreneurship and manages social innovation programs for Impact Entrepreneurs at Portland State University, where he co-designed and helped launch a joint academic/professional online certificate in social entrepreneurship. Prior to his work at PSU, he contributed to the design of Central City Coffee’s business model and managed financial analysis and sustainability reporting for Sustainable Harvest. His academic cases have been published in the Oikos Case Quarterly and Greenleaf’s Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. Jacen holds an MBA from Portland State University.

C’pher Gresham is National Director of Expansion at SEED SPOT. C’pher previously served as the Phoenix Director of Entrepreneur initiatives. In addition to his work at SEED SPOT, C’pher is a co-founder of Swillings Coffee, an impact-driven Colombian coffee company. Swillings Coffee works directly with small family owned farms in rural Colombia to improve the quality of their harvest using sustainable growing techniques, roasts at origin to employ women in the local growing community, and distributes to high-end restaurants, coffee houses, and direct-to-consumers in the USA. Prior to SEED SPOT, C’pher has consulted with non-governmental organizations and institutional investors. He has worked with the alternative investment arm of the Arizona State Retirement System, the African Development Bank and Non-Governmental Organizations in Tunisia, and a Biotech Hedge Fund in San Francisco. C’pher was an early employee at Razoo.com, a crowdfunding platform for nonprofits and socially minded causes. C’pher has lived on a 135′ tall ship in the Caribbean studying oceanography, and worked internationally in Thailand, Tunisia, and Nepal. He graduated with a B.A. from The George Washington University in Psychology with a Pre-Medicine concentration and an MBA Summa Cum Laude from the Thunderbird School of Global Management with a concentration in early-stage financing for growth companies.

Avneet Gujral an architect by training with over 16 years experience in master planning, urban design and design projects works as a green building consultant with Sustainable Design Consulting . She transitioned to the green building sector after a graduate degree in sustainable design from Carnegie Mellon University

Chaula Gupta is the VP of Program Investments for The Chicago Public Education Fund. Prior to that she was the founding managing director of Teach For America’s Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Initiative where she helped alumni start new education ventures that fight educational inequity. In this role she has coached and advised numerous alumni-founded startups, created design-thinking workshops, and launched a new award to fund early-stage entrepreneurs. Chaula also worked for several years with Ashoka, where she helped select social entrepreneurs in US and India, started a new global staff recruitment program, and researched appropriate technology innovations.

Justin Gupta is a business consultant based in Mexico City. He previously served as manager of strategy implementation at a Mexican eye-care social enterprise. Prior to that, he served as a strategy consultant for a firm that advises nonprofit organizations and foundations on growth and mission. He has also worked in research for an organization in India that assisted rural communities in the implementation of microinsurance programs.

Hicham Haddouti is a VP for an M&A advisory firm in Morocco. He advised private equity funds in Africa about ways to enhance their investment process and strategy. He intervened in the investment process of many opportunities covering agribusiness, healthcare, sanitation, renewable energies and waste management sectors. Hicham is passionate about social entrepreneurship and works with Beyond Capital Fund, an impact investment firm that provides seed capital to high impact entrepreneurs that aims to empower BoP in Africa and India.

John Halbert is a producer in Los Angeles who once interned for Businesses for Social Responsibility, worked at Whole Foods, and a Web startup several years before Google was launched.

Haywood Hall MD runs PACE-MD, with a mission to develop Knowledge, Skills and Abilities over a broad range of health care provider types to insure the best possible outcomes for people with emergency conditions out to the last kilometer of communities in Latin America. We have a strong focus on programs to decrease maternal and child mortality as well as in general emergency care. We decentralize quality medical training and improve health care among Spanish speakers.
They participated in our program with the company PACE MD in 2014.

Jessica Haller is an entrepreneur and environmental professional with experience in the payments industry and business intelligence and an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy. She has worked with NASA/GISS climate scientists on GCMs and in the carbon mitigation space and been in charge of social media and communications at an environmental not-for-profit that focused on sustainable food movement.
They participated in our program with the company Svante Scientific in 2009.

Heidi Hancock is a dynamic development professional with more than twenty years experience in non-profit management and institutional advancement. Heidi has raised over $70 million in annual, major gift, and capital campaign funds for art museums, theatres, dance companies, faith-based organizations, and social service providers in both domestic and international rural areas and urban centers. With an intense focus on building sustainable organizations Heidi’s strengths in strategic revenue development and operational optimization have been applied effectively in start-up and multi-million dollar organizations. She particularly enjoys helping international organizations adopt effective fundraising procedures that remove cultural barriers and increase mission impact. A sought after speaker, Heidi delivers workshops, plenary sessions and keynote addresses all over the world to help mission-oriented organizations implement exceptional and innovative revenue development practices. Heidi empowers people to be wildly successful at fundraising and serves fundraisers all over the world. She enjoys personally coaching fundraisers to help clients get great results whether they are first-time fundraisers working on a personal project, or building a $600 million venture investment campaign. Heidi holds a Master’s degree in Arts Administration from The University of Akron and the CFRE (Certified Fundraising Executive) certification. She has served for 6 years as the chair for the Development Council for Dance USA, acted as committee chair for the Mid America Chapter and the Massachusetts Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, served as a mentor for Women in Development and the Missouri Arts Council as a site evaluator, and acts as an international business development consultant for GrowMovement, Mentor Capital and the Social Innovation Forum.

Mike Hannigan is a successful entrepreneur in the B to B business products market. Experienced in planning stage, start-up, and management of growth to maturity. Also familiar with equipment leasing business models.

Anna-Marie Harling is the Project and Knowledge Manager in the Philanthropy and Values Based Investing team at UBS in Zurich. She also supports Beyond Capital Fund, an impact investing foundation, as their Director of Social Impact. Her prior experience includes the European Venture Philanthropy Association and consulting with Ashoka globaliser fellows as well as mentoring participants in the UNDP Climbiz Program. She began her career in investment banking at Credit Suisse and holds an MBA from IESE Business School and an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University.

Charlie Harris is a nonprofit professional in issue advocacy and technology for social good. He has worked with many different national and international groups as an organizer and trainer, primarily on the issue of extreme poverty around the world. He recently returned to school to pursue a graduate degree in nonprofit management and social entrepreneurship.

Jessica Haynie is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Three Stones Consulting, LLC, a fundraising and philanthropy consulting firm that demonstrates the triple bottom line model. She earned her MBA from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, where she focused on social entrepreneurship and nonprofit management.

Merove Heifetz has worked in the international development, tourism and environmental fields for nearly 15 years, mostly focused on marketing, digital strategy and operations at such places like Earthwatch Institute (voluntourism projects around the world), PayPal Giving Fund (formerly MissionFish), Wildscreen, Shedd Aquarium and as a volunteer with Global Mamas in Ghana. She is currently a marketing & digital strategy consultant for nonprofits, online retailers, start-ups and everything in between. She’s also working on a technology start-up for small businesses on the side. She has an MBA from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s in Biology from Boston University.

Neal Henderson founder and President of FrontRow Performance Coaching, is an experienced Organizational Development Consultant and Coach based in Northern Virginia. He has spent over 30 years creating successful organizations that are grounded in organizational and leadership development practices. A former Navy Master Chief Petty Officer, his extensive public and private sector experience ranges from developing leaders and managers, leading complex change efforts, increasing human performance, and developing high performance teams. He possesses expertise in Management and Leadership Coaching and Development for individuals, executives, and teams

Kathi Hendrick has a background in engineering and strategic design that she’s leveraged across a range of experiences from leading infrastructure projects in developing communities to developing new technical performance fabrics. She’s currently a Director of Business Design and Ventures at Peer Insight where she works with companies to uncover and test new ventures in the market.

Marcelo Hernandez manages CAIA Ingeniería, which seeks to make the greatest possible contribution to sustainability by improving Environmental Performance of its customers. He is a Mechanical Engineer, M.Sc., and MBAwith more than 15 years of experience. He has worked in the energy efficiency market in Colombia.

Ed Herold is a CPA with a Masters in Tax who runs a financial services firm for 20+ years serving a wide variety of individuals and small businesses.

Christine Herridge since November of 2010 is Manager in the Relief and Reconstruction Division of the International Resources Group (IRG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Engility Corporation. She directs the Washington, DC – based Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) contract providing essential staffing and mission support to USAID’s priority efforts in the Middle East, Asia, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula. In 2011 she achieved and currently implements a 3 year, $30 M extension. Christine has more than 19 years of experience serving in international disaster management roles, creating alliances for disaster preparedness, and risk mitigation, in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. From 2004-2010, she worked with several international donors, including USAID and OFDA, to design and implement the Pan American Development Foundation’s Disaster Management Alliance – an initiative that helped 154 communities in nine countries develop emergency and risk reduction plans. She also served as a Founding Coordinator of the NGO, the Dominican Disaster Mitigation Association, to implement training programs in prevention and preparedness. Ms. Herridge holds a BS in Psychology and Spanish from the Ohio State University; Languages: English and Spanish with continuing advanced studies of French, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese literature and culture. Additionally she volunteers with several Haiti-focused nonprofits and is a reading judge/mentor for the William James Foundation’s yearly Sustainable Business Plan Competition for small businesses. Her professional Profile is available via LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/christineherridge).

Klaus Hertrampf has been a managing director of a social enterprise for more than 25 years. He holds degrees in Economics Affairs and Psychology. In 1982, he was a founding member of the Berlin-based organization Lebenswelten e.V., a social enterprise which stimulates job creation for its own companies in areas such as catering, event management, high tech manufacturing, and wage and financial accounting. Lebenswelten also runs rehabilitation schemes for persons with mental health problems and labor market integration services.

Kevin Hinton is an independent consultant with over fifteen years of experience helping organizations in sectors including education, online services and not-for-profit services evaluate market opportunities, launch new products and leverage external partnerships successfully. He is the author of “The Fundamentals of Revenue Forecasting,” published on pragmaticmarketing.com, which focuses on the development of high-quality revenue projections for new products and services. As a research associate in the Entrepreneurial Management department of Harvard Business School, Mr. Hinton interviewed over 90 “Inc. 500” company founders for a study summarized in the Harvard Business Review article “Bootstrap Finance: The Art of Startups.” Mr. Hinton has an MBA degree from NYU-Stern School of Business and a BA degree from Williams College. In addition to serving as an MCN mentor, Kevin has served annually since 2003 as a judge and coach in the “Entrepreneurs Challenge” business plan competition held at NYU-Stern.

Lisa Hodes Rosen is the General Counsel and Director of US Markets for The Gold Standard Foundation. She is responsible for legal issues related to all nine offices worldwide, including India, China, Mexico, Switzerland, the Philippines, Egypt, Rome, Austria and the US.

William Hogan is the Senior Vice President for Investment Management at a socially-focused bank. He also served as COO of Hillsdale Group, a developer of green energy generation projects, primarily in the developing world, where I led the company’s strategy and execution efforts.

MaryAnne Howland is a brand consultant, inclusion strategist and global thought leader working on the front lines of diversity and inclusion and sustainability. Her company Ibis Communication provides innovative marketing solutions to help brands bridge to new markets via inclusive communications. She is the founder and executive producer of the Global Diversity Leadership Exchange, hosting ongoing dialogues with C-Level executives of multinational corporations including Toyota, General Motors, Hewlett Packard and UBS, and serves on the board of the American Sustainable Business Council, an advocacy agency for small business created to advance public policies for a just and sustainable economy.

Donika Hristova has worked in international development for a variety of projects (commercial and judicial reform). She obtained her Master’s degree in International Finance and Economics in 2009 from SAIS, Johns Hopkins University and subsequently worked in impact investing for 3 years supporting investments in Latin America and Europe. She is currently working in trade and project export finance and portfolio management in Washington, D.C.
They participated in our program with the company Amore Ice Cream Desserts in 2013.

Suzanne Hunt founded Hunt Green LLC in 2007 to provide strategic advising on energy, agriculture, transportation, and the environment. Her clients have included private equity firms, UN bodies, government agencies, clean tech start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profits. In the spring of 2015 she moved the business from Washington DC to the Finger Lakes region of New York State to help with her family’s seventh generation farm and winery (Hunt Country Vineyards), and to help accelerate the historic clean energy transition underway in NY State.

Jim Hurd founded the GreenScience Exchange and the NanoScience Exchange. He has worked with cleantech start-ups and tech for developing country start-ups for more than ten years. He works with Senators, Congressmen and their staffers on Capitol Hill to develop technology and innovation initiatives.

Irna Hutabarat is a global business executive and serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in building enterprises in the United States, Asia, Africa and South America. Passionate about taking new ideas to the market, she has played leadership roles in early-stage startups in mobile communications, renewable energy, and international development. She also has commercial sales, strategy, and management experience working for corporations such as United Technologies Corporation (UTC), CNN, CareFirst, Accenture and Goldman Sachs. Finally, she has extensive experience working with social enterprises and government agencies like Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), United States Postal Service (USPS), etc.

Jackie Hyland is with Silicon Valley Bank. Previously, was a senior investment analyst with Accion Venture Lab, supporting the team’s global investment deal activity and portfolio engagement from DC. Prior to joining Accion, Jackie was an investment analyst at Compass Group Asset Management in Mexico City where she was part of the real estate private equity team. Jackie also worked at Angel Ventures Mexico as a Fulbright Binational Business Scholar, where she managed deal analysis and strategic entrepreneurial initiatives with the local entrepreneur ecosystem. Previous to that, Jackie founded a women’s entrepreneurial mentoring program in Panama in partnership with Vital Voices and the U.S. State Department’s Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas initiative. Jackie began her career working for a local health and development non-profit in Panama, leading business and microfinance projects in rural communities.

Paul Hyland is CTO for Digital Operations at the nonprofit publisher of a newspaper on education policy, overseeing web technology development, integration, infrastructure, and strategy. He has also served on several nonprofit boards, and worked for social change nonprofit organizations, other media organizations, and at interactive agencies providing technology consulting and development services to nonprofit and for-profit start-ups.

Mark Irwin is an angel investor focused on B2B and B2C products and services, especially those exploiting digital platforms and related technologies. He has worked in new/interactive media for over 25 years, digital platforms for 15 years.

Vinay Jaju is Co-founder and COO at ONergy Solar and head of inONvations incubator at Switch ON. He has received the “Global Entrepreneurship & Leadership Award” from AIESEC – the worlds largest youth led organisation. Vinay is member of the LVDC Panel at Bureau of India Standards. He is a CSA Fellow, Paragon Fellow (FYSE) and BYCL Fellow. He has been a panelist / speaker at various industry forums namely UN Foundation, West Bengal MSME, SOCAP, Sankalp etc and at leading Institutes namely Cornell University, IIT Kgp etc . Vinay has a management program from SP Jain, Mumbai and a Commerce degree from St Xaviers College, Kolkata.
They participated in our program with the company ONergy in 2011.

Achim Jedelsky is a manager in the construction industry and holds a MBA. He worked as consultant to start-ups and is active in the tech-startup community.

Gloria Jolley has a background in sales and marketing within the entertainment industry and has been involved in local, state and national political campaigns.

Christina Jordan is an American born social innovator with a passion for global/local relationship rebalancing, especially in working with the world’s most marginalized communities. She has started community impact initiatives on 3 continents, and was named the first Ashoka Fellow in East Africa in 2001 for her innovations using the internet to support community based development in Uganda. She currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she is developing a cross-cultural co-creation center.

Kevin Jordan is an executive-level, people-centered leader with 20 years of experience in strategic planning, execution and operational excellence, primarily in non-profit healthcare and consulting. He has been responsible for large teams and multi-million dollar budgets and had success in planning, developing and implementing complex programs that touch millions of people in some of the toughest moments of their lives. He is skilled at building sustainable culture and workforce engagement through the power of people and organizational partnership.

Michele Joseph is the founder and executive director of the Student Global Ambassador Project (SGAP). Previously, she was Director of Brand Strategy, Training and Execution for klick consultants LLC, a marketing consultancy which has been transforming and aligning teams through clear messaging since 1997 She has an MBA in strategic marketing, certificate in sustainability.

Kimberley Jutze is a a consultant who has provided guidance and organizational capacity building support to early stage social entrepreneurs.
They participated in our program with the company Shifting Patterns Consulting in 2011.

Abraham Kamarck is the CEO of TRUE Made Foods. He was previously the Director of Business Innovation for Coexist (www.coexist.org). Before that, he spent the last ten years working overseas as an entrepreneur and finance professional. A follower of lean and agile practices, he launched tech and agriculture startups in the Middle East and Africa and managed SME capital raising and corporate turnarounds in Ghana, China and Eastern Europe.
They participated in our program with the company Maendeleo Ventures in 2011.

Jason Kass is founder and president of Toilets for People (TfP), a social business that designs and manufactures composting toilets and trains NGO partners in the developing world how to install and maintain them. He is an environmental engineer by trade with 15 years experience in water, sanitation and environmental cleanup and has been applying his skills to international development since 2006 He could not be more proud of the work the TfP Team does in bringing toilets to those in need.
They participated in our program with the company Toilets for People in 2015.

Mary Kearns holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology with a focus on behavioral health. She has over 10 years of marketing research and branding experience, as well as 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. Dr. Kearns is the founder of a certified sustainable bath and body product business.

Avary Kent combines training in genetic engineering and ecology with a Sustainable Enterprise MBA to lead impact focused start-ups from idea to reality. She started in Impact Investing focused on private equity impact measurement with HIP Investor. She is the Co-Founder of ImpactAlpha.com focused on investment news for a sustainable edge. She is an expert in experience design combining elements of neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and human centered design to craft participatory conference experiences in the impact sector. She is the Executive Director of Conveners.org a registered non-profit serving impact focused conveners and accelerators.
They participated in our program with the company Baltimore GM in 2006.

Anu Keshavan is on the advisory board of 3 social enterprises. She has worked as an executive in the Enterprise Solutions, globally. Her research interests are in the areas of social innovation and social enterprises.

Tami Kesselman is the founder and Chief Solutions Officer for SolveForGood, a global advisory group focusing on strategic capacity building. She specializes in unlocking breakthrough success by creating innovative alliances between thought leaders, best-in-class organizations, individual funders, and high potential social entrepreneurs. Committed to ensuring this generation is positioned to solve global challenges previously deemed intractable, Tami works extensively with impact investors mapping their funding strategies and with social entrepreneurs at various stages of creating global impact.

Yuniya Khan is a social entrepreneur who works with organizations around the world that are committed to improving the wellbeing of marginalized people. I am currently developing a multimedia project that highlights the work of, and facilitates the development of emerging black entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents in South Africa and Brazil through short biographical films, photography, written narratives, and podcast series.

Amy Kincaid works with social entrepreneurs and funders on program design, organizational development, and impact evaluation to help grow and turnaround programs and organizations. She is the Founder and Principal of ChangeMatters, a strategy consultancy, which has been advising, raising capital and measuring impact for social enterprises businesses since 1998.

Steve Klass has three decades of capacity building work in government, business and nonprofit sectors. Government work focused on intergovernmental relations, planning, policy, budgeting, performance measurement, community development, public health and technology development programs. Commercial and SCORE volunteer consulting in nonprofit start up, governance, strategic planning and revenue diversification. Nonprofit leadership founding Net Impact Utah and initiator of B Corp certification in Utah.

Maureen Klovers is the Founder and CEO of Lyon Park Associates, a boutique economic development and grant management consulting firm. She has nearly a decade of experience marketing, developing, administering, monitoring, and evaluating state, local and federal programs. Ms. Klovers represented the U.S. Department of Commerce on the White House Inter-agency Task Force on Regional Innovation Clusters. She has also served as a facilitator at the D.C. Citizens’ Summit; developed business plans for several enterprises on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana; and co-authored a study for Bristol-Myers Squibb on corporate social responsibility in the health care sector.
They participated in our program with the company Blackfeet Organic Beef in 2005.

Cynthia Koenig is the founder and CEO of Wello, an award winning social venture that co-creates disruptive innovations designed to provide better, more reliable access to safe water. She has spent the last decade living and working on four continents, and has incubated and consulted on the launch of ventures of all shapes and sizes, ranging from community-run businesses in Latin America to a national strategy for sustainable tourism development in Bhutan. Ms. Koenig earned MBA/MS degrees from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and School of Natural Resources and Environment and holds a BA in Anthropology from Trinity College. She is an Unreasonable Fellow and a member of the Erb Institute for Global Sustainability’s External Advisory Board.
They participated in our program with the company Wello Water in 2011.

Bill Kramer founded and ran a dozen enterprises in and around Washington DC. He worked with a major environmental/economic development ‘think and do’ tank in DC, where he was part of a team analyzing triple bottom-line enterprises across the developing world. He has recently been advising multiple start-up ventures.

Elizabeth Krueger is a financial services professional with an MBA candidate in Sustainable Management.

Norris Krueger is a sustainability consultant, expert on effectively deploying student/postgrad expertise in community. He has read more than 1,000 business plans. He also holds a PhD in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship and does research on entrepreneurial learning.

Lindsey Krummell is a Social Enterprise Management and Impact Investing fellow from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She has a strong background in international development policy after working with the United Nations consulting with least-developed and African nations on national policies for the post-2015 development agenda. Her interest in development policy and practice comes from founding a social enterprise in Thailand, where she worked with with agricultural entrepreneurs to develop business plans and expand their market into compost production. A jack-of-all-trades, Lindsey has also worked in marketing in London during the 2012 Olympics, in public relations for global biotechnology companies, and as public health case manager in Los Angeles.

Amanda Kruse is a Returned Peace Corps Burkina Faso volunteer from Chicago. She has a masters in public administration and experience working with small business development and financial literacy.

Jim Kucher is an Assistant Professor in the Brown School of Business and Leadership at Stevenson University, where he teaches courses in social entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, project management and public administration. An internationally recognized thought leader in social entrepreneurship, Dr. Kucher holds an MBA in Marketing and a DPA in Social Entrepreneurship, both conferred by The University of Baltimore. He has secured over $70m in working capital on behalf of mission oriented enterprises. As president and CEO of Social Venture Constructors LLC, Kucher works with leading and emerging social benefit initiatives to improve outcomes and increase sustainable revenues.

Sunita Kumar is an entrepreneur with an engineering degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Michigan – with a focus in marketing and corporate strategy. She has over 15 years of experience in branding and consumer focused marketing for major brands. Sunita has experience working in developing economies has speciality expertise in nutrition, wellness, cosmetics, and consumer packaged goods.

Alexandra LaForge is a director at an impact investing group that invests in a broad range of companies, including companies focused on medical devices, digital health and wellness, global health.

Kalsoom Lakhani runs a social enterprise intermediary focused on building the social entrepreneurship space in Pakistan. She also writes extensively on the social enterprise and innovation space in Pakistan. She holds an MA in International Affairs/Conflict Resolution from the George Washington University, and a BA in Foreign Affairs/Middle East Studies from the University of Virginia.

Richard Landry is the founder and CEO of richmedium, a strategic consulting firm serving emerging organizations in media, information technology, consumer services, and for-profit and non-profit social enterprises. A senior executive with more than twenty years of experience leading emerging organizations through periods of transformative change, Mr. Landry started his career as editor-in-chief and associate publisher of PC World magazine. He later became Chairman and CEO of HyperMedia Communications, publisher of NewMedia magazine and newmedia.com, one of the first advertising-supported media ventures on the Internet.

Gina Lee is working with Unfold – the online platform to democratize lobbying. Prior to entering the start-up world, Gina had a specific focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact. She has expertise in strategic planning as well as business and product development. Gina most recently worked as a consultant for the Aspen Institute’s Center for Business Education and UCI’s Environment Institute. Gina loves working with multiple stakeholders and across different sectors. In the corporate sector, Gina was an analyst at Cambridge Pharma Consultants (acquired by IMS Health) and a project manager at Medsite (acquired by WebMD). Gina has a BA in international relations from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia Business School. She has contributed to the development of the HIP Impact Investing methodology, is a judge for Echoing Green, a member of the Nexus Youth Summit, and has also served as a Board Fellow for CARE’s New York Advisory Board.

Carly Leinheiser is an attorney who advises nonprofits and social ventures on a wide range of matters including corporate formation, governance, commercial transactions, intellectual property, and privacy issues.

Jay Lester is Executive Director at Blue Morning where he works with entrepreneurial venture in and around Charlottesville, Virginia. He has held executive roles with a number of venture-backed technology startups and has enjoyed spending his career becoming familiar with an impressive range of absolutely unrelated industries.

Andy Lieberman is the New Programs Director for the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, housed at Santa Clara University. He focuses on developing strategy, partnerships, and content for the Global Social Benefit Institute, which has provided training and mentoring to over 600 social enterprises and a growing number of Network partners.

Benjamin Lieblich has served as CFO for more than a dozen companies, primarily in healthcare technology, business services, and SaaS. He is currently the Senior Vice President, Finance of Hanover Research; CFO of Emerge Clinical Solutions; and Partner and COO of GP Ventures, an early stage investment fund.

Chuck Lief is a long time social entrepreneur including having developed and managed a wholesale bakery hiring chronically unemployed persons who were hired without any experience or training. He was the chair of the Social Enterprise Alliance board of directors and has, for 30 years, been very active in the issues of social enterprise finance, organizational development and capital access. He is currently a university president with experience in curriculum development, community outreach and marketing.

Michelle Lin is an MBA/MS in Environmental Science candidate at University of Michigan and a member of a student-run social impact fund. She previously worked in consulting and is interested in the intersection of design, innovation, and sustainability.

James Lincoln has, over 35 years, gained experience in public equities, private equities, fixed income and real estate by managing operating companies, or creating and managing investment portfolios. James has created significant financial return and community wealth through: a) Operations (benchmarking results to market financial return and social return); Education (business consulting and speaking at numerous conferences); and, Governance/Policy (as a board member of numerous socially responsible entities).

Chad Lipton runs a waste to energy firm in Cote d’Ivoire. Previously, he was the program manager for the Energy Initiative at National Geographic. He oversaw the Great Energy Challenge grant program, which supports innovative efforts to address energy and environmental challenges. Chad submitted the winning idea to be the subject matter for National Geographic’s challenge competition that is currently underway, called the Terra Watt Prize. He helped develop the prize objective, which is to address the challenges of energy access by facilitating the flow of capital between entrepreneurs and investors and also to identify viable business models. Chad’s past experience includes working as a residential energy auditor, verifying greenhouse gas emission reduction projects and carrying out water and sanitation programs in Côte d’Ivoire and Mozambique.

Alice Liu is the Director of Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) at Jhpiego where she is responsible for the strategy, development and implementation of health system strengthening ICT interventions for program initiatives in limited-resource environments. Ms. Liu has ten years of development sector experience in ICTs for global health, financial services (mobile money), and agriculture. Prior to working in international development, Ms. Liu worked in the technology sector in California managing teams to deliver multi-million dollar ecommerce, data warehouse, and customer relationship management systems through the full project life cycle. Ms. Liu earned her MBA from Yale School of Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Crystal Lo is a Recruitment Manager at Village Capital where she has generated social entrepreneur pipeline, conducted primary due diligence and created partnerships for a peer accelerator program culminating in seed funding. In her prior experience in real estate, Crystal was responsible for the valuations of a portfolio of over 13 million sq.ft. and over RMB 33 billion in market value. She holds a graduate certificate in Social Enterprises and Impact Investing and is a Fellow of the Starting Bloc Institute for Social Innovation.

Jessica Loman is actively involved in the impact ecosystem, with senior advisory roles at Opportunity Collaboration and Conveners.org, and was previously senior staff at Toniic, the global action community for impact investors. She has lived in the US, UK, Mexico and Indonesia with leadership roles in community organizing, operations and social entrepreneurship. In 2007, she was awarded a Fulbright grant, with which she taught hundreds of high-school students and fundraised internationally to establish a national creative writing program and annual competition in Indonesia. Upon her return to the US, she worked to further build cultural awareness through the sale of Indonesian textiles, internationally inspired jewelry, and study abroad programs. The social impact of her efforts and travels inspired her to help other business leaders redefine business success beyond profit. Since 2010, Jessica has been actively supporting young social entrepreneurs through organizing events, fundraising, recruiting mentors, and facilitating workshops. Alongside these activities, she managed the operations of The Future Leaders Institute and the establishment of SoBiz: Beyond Profit. She received her MBA from Hult International Business School, and BA from University of Richmond with studies in Rhetoric & Communication, Music and Arts Management.

Amanda Lonsdale has spent over 15 years living and working in emerging markets. She spent her early career in international development, working with local governments and communities primarily in South and Southeast Asia. After finishing graduate school, Amanda shifted her focus to private sector approaches to impact investing and economic development. With over 10 years’ post-MBA experience in private equity and management consulting, Amanda has closed transactions and provided advisory services to companies in numerous industries, including fashion, clean technology, renewable energy, and food and beverage. Her experience in renewable energy provides her with the technical knowledge to better identify potential clean technology applications applicable to the fashion and textile industries. She speaks Indonesian.

Deron Lovaas is an analyst and advocate for a national environmental NGO who leads coalitions in several states to deliver “Energy Efficiency for All” by strengthening regulatory policy and utility energy efficiency program designs.

Alex Lovell-Troy is a tech entrepreneur and a mentor and infrastructure architect with experience coaching medium to large companies through times of technical disruption.

Dorrit Lowsen is a consultant specializing in social enterprise and non-profit strategy. She has a background in impact investing and entrepreneurship through her work as COO of Agora Partnerships, an accelerator for early stage social enterprises, and most recently worked on energy and environmental policy with the US Embassy in Beijing. She holds an MBA in international business and strategy from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Natalya Lozovaya has a background in economics and has worked in non-profit management at the National Association for State Community Services Programs for several years, training non-profits on how to provide effective human services to low-income populations in the US. She has extensive knowledge of poverty issues in the US, community empowerment, and low-income energy issues. Currently Natalya works for an environmental think tank in DC, analyzing development and environmental issues worldwide.

Tina Luo is an Associate at New Island Capital, an impact investment firm based in San Francisco that makes debt, equity and real assets investments that generate positive financial, social and environmental returns. She previously worked as an Investment Banking Analyst at Deutsche Bank in the Healthcare Group.

Malkia Lydia is a documentary filmmaker; she direct and produce stories steeped in history and culture. Long track record of social impact work with US nonprofits, within my home communities, and in the media arts. Lifelong participation in African Diaspora culture, movements and dialogue. www.kuyamba.com

Courtney Lytle is a corporate attorney and adjunct law professor and served as General Counsel of a start up ethanol company.

Michael Macharg brings 15 years of experience applying entrepreneurial approaches to addressing global social challenges. Michael is currently Sr. Advisor to the new Social Ventures team at the international NGO Mercy Corps – seeking to identify, invest in, build and scale businesses that can leverage market-based approaches to achieve outsized social impact. Prior to Mercy Corps, Michael was Co-Founder of Simpa Networks, a venture-backed energy services company with a bold mission: to make modern energy simple, affordable, and accessible for everyone. Simpa sells distributed clean energy solutions on a pay-as-you-go (Progressive Purchase) basis to underserved consumers across rural India. Prior to Simpa, Michael led Arc Finance’s research into micropayment approaches for financing pro-poor clean energy and water enterprises in developing countries. Michael also served as a strategic consultant to WECARE Solar, targeting off-grid health facilities globally. Prior to Arc, Michael consulted to the social venture capital fund, Acumen Fund, mapping private sector investments across east Africa. Michael was on the founding team of the first nonprofit pharmaceutical company, the Institute for OneWorld Health, whose goal is clinical development and distribution of affordable new medicines for diseases of poverty in the developing world. Michael spent his early career with the Social Development Department of the World Bank. Michael holds degrees from Duke University (CASE Scholar) and Vanderbilt University (Ingram Scholar) and has studied at the Universidad de la Habana in Cuba.

Hany Makhlouf was a professor at the University of the District of Columbia. He wrote two books on entrepreneurship and authored many articles on entrepreneurship in general and international entrepreneurship in particular. He is an expert on economic and business development in the emerging markets, including Africa and the Middle East.

Patrick Maloney is an investment consultant based in Portland, Oregon who has been working in impact investing for most of his career. His consulting company, Occam Advisors, helps investors and entrepreneurs who are building companies that create both financial and social or environmental returns.

Gabriel Mandujano runs a social enterprise and sits on the board of a grantmaking foundation.
They participated in our program with the company Wash Cycle Laundry in 2012.

Ben Margolis is a solar project financier and developer. He has successfully created a broker-type business and failed at creating an online based marketplace business.

Aaron Martin has entrepreneurial experience in business formation and execution for early and growth stage companies, funds and capital projects including operations, business development, platform development, client services, project management, regulatory compliance, policy research, reporting metrics, capital structuring, financial modelling, technology solutions, go-to-market strategy, and capital introduction, notably in the social entrepreneur and impact investment sector.

Michael Martin is a retired commercial banking and securities industry executive with a background in strategic planning. He also has some military experience. Presently, he is working in SE Asia as a consultant with humanitarian and political organizations.

Sarah Massey is a public relations professional who specializes in storytelling and branding for creative organizations and artists. Sarah founded Massey Media LLC in 2005 to build the progressive movement with creative and strategic communications. As we head into our tenth year, Massey’s work has evolved to promoting arts, culture and community in the nation’s capital. Before launching the public relations company, Sarah served as Media Specialist for the AFL-CIO, where her campaign experience included the national campaign to raise the minimum wage, the “Show us the Jobs Tour,” and Stop the F.T.A.A. Prior to specializing in communications and media, Sarah was an Urban Planner in New York City, where she worked with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as a transit rider’s advocate. While in New York City, Sarah worked as Communications Director for the environmental justice group WE ACT for Environmental Justice and as Communications Director for the National Employment Law Project. Sarah is also the Founder of the Fabulous Women Biz Owners DC, a networking and support group.

Ryan Mattison works in the tech industry and has previous experience working in social impact venture capital and investment banking.

Julie McBride is a Senior Consultant for a leading franchise consulting firm, MSA Worldwide. Her area of expertise is in using the franchise business model to rapidly expand social businesses so that more people have access to jobs and more consumers have access to life saving products and services. Ms. McBride has worked in both the commercial and social sectors, particularly health care, in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Karen McCord plans and manages technical and financial projects associated with drug development prevention products in the developing world. She has successfully helped raise significant funds in both non-profit and for-profit ventures, including development of financial cost models and strategic business plans.

Dawn McGee is the CEO of Good Works Ventures, LLC a Montana based company that invests in high social impact companies. She is also President of the High Stakes Foundation, which provides support to visionary people and organizations that are leading and implementing changes that create a sustainable future for Montana.

Devin McIntire pursues opportunities for social and technological innovation and has worked or studied in Singapore, Mexico, Ecuador, Tanzania and India. He holds a BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA/MS in sustainable enterprise management from the Erb Institute at the University of Michigan. He has worked with social entrepreneurs at Ashoka and in the Usambara mountains of Tanzania and spent close to two years attempting to build an online equity investment platform for India’s approximately eight million small and medium size enterprises. His most recent venture was Real Good Food, a peer to peer food sharing platform to allow America’s 30 million enthusiastic home cooks to connect, share and celebrate their homemade and homegrown food. He is currently excited about the potential for distributed, peer-driven networks to improve the production, access and distribution of finance, food, energy and community well-being.
They participated in our program with the company Real Good Food in 2012.

Michael McNulty is a Senior Investment Officer at a development finance institution and has worked for over twelve years on international trade and development projects and provided financing to companies in over twenty countries.
They participated in our program with the company TierraSource in 2005.

Greer McPhaden has an MBA and an MS in Fundraising Management. She has worked in both the non-profit and for profit sectors and is currently a writer and content strategist for small business and nonprofit organizations.

Thembi Mdachi has experience in the impact investing and social entrepreneurship sector. In a self-designed internship in 2010, Thembi worked as a research assistant for FINCA International in Malawi, where she studied the role of micro-finance in reducing poverty and realized the vital importance of financial literacy, particularly among women, in achieving this goal. In 2011, she helped CARE International in the Malawi Economic Development Unit analyze the impact of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) through story telling.Currently, she works with early-stage impact companies in Latin America that are harnessing the power of business to solve critical social, economic and environmental challenges in their communities. She is dedicated to seeing more impact investing work replicated in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Jane Meacham works as a writer, researcher and editor specializing in corporate sustainability in Washington, D.C. She has served as a consultant for the World Bank, International Finance Corp., ISOS Group, IREX and Sustainable Investments Institute and also edits retirement plan administration compliance publications. Jane previously analyzed the sustainability activities of public companies for RiskMetrics Group’s institutional investor clients, and worked as an editor and manager for nearly 20 years in Asia and the United States for publishing company Dow Jones & Co.

Rene Megela is an international executive in the sustainable development field, with over 20 years of investment banking, microfinance and enterprise development background (mainly Latin America and Africa).

Peter Mellen is an experienced entrepreneur who has started 5 companies and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs. His personal experience includes launching a business that raised close to $20 MM in venture capital, helping to grow another business from $1.50 to 15 MM in sales in a period of 3 years, and launching several products.

Dragana Mendel a management consultant and a founder of ANAGRD, LLC, works with startups to develop their technology commercialization pathway, and with small business owners on develop their growth strategy. Previously, she has been working for 15 years as a product manager and software engineer for IBM and Alcatel-Lucent launching innovative new products to the market. She has an MBA and MS in Computer Science.

Christine Mendonça is the managing director at Shore to Shore Advisory, LLC. Previously, she was an associate for Jalia Ventures and Serious Change, both of which are Impact Investing firms.

Michael Menendez has developed and marketed financial products for a variety of distribution channels: Independent Broker Dealer, Registered Investor Advisor, and High Net Worth. He helped raise north of $250M in assets under management and launch a publicly traded whole residential mortgage note fund. He has also consulted a variety of emerging alternative investment fund managers. Currently, he is the president of the Southern Impact Investing Alliance a 501c3 non-profit focused on growing the impact investing ecosystem in the southern US with a special focus on Houston, TX. Mike has a B.A. International Studies from the University of St. Thomas, Houston and an MBA from Cornell University. He also has completed a variety of certificate programs including: Social Impact Leadership via Philanthropy University/Berkeley-Hass Business School; +Acumen Certificates, and others.

Melissa Menke is Founder of Access Afya, an innovative healthcare social enterprise operating in the slums of Nairobi. Access Afya has a tiered approach to community care including micro-clinics that they build, stock, staff, and run and subscription style field health programs brining care to people where they already gathers, such as schools. Melissa is the CEO and runs strategy, bringing her background in finance and human centered design to ensure that operations are reflective of real needs and are sustainable. Melissa has an MPA from NYU Wagner and has spoken and written widely about Access Afya, social business models, and technology in low-resource settings.
They participated in our program with the company Access Afya in 2013.

Monisha Merchant is the Managing Director of Lotus Advisory Ltd. She has experience in engineering, product management, consulting, government regulation, and higher education.

Chris Meyer co-founded the sustainable forestry business Planting Empowerment in Panama. He was also a Peace Corps volunteer for three years working in the agriculture sector in Panama. He has worked at the confluence of climate change, conservation, deforestation, and Indigenous Peoples development policies for the Environmental Defense Fund. He is also a minority investor in Central Washington Biodiesel.
They participated in our program with the company Planting Empowerment in 2007.

David Meyers is a PhD/MBA with many years experience in entrepreneurship, business consulting, environmental finance and international development. He started and ran Madagascar Bamboo, a triple bottom line bamboo flooring company, and he was the founding CFO/COO of Mission Markets – an impact investing financial services company. As Principal at Green Ant Advisors he currently consults on sustainable business, entrepreneurship, conservation finance, and biodiversity strategy.

Moriah Meyskens is clinical professor of management in the School of Business Administration at the University of San Diego, where her areas of interest lie in entrepreneurship, strategy and international business with a particular focus on social entrepreneurship, bottom of the pyramid, corporate social responsibility, green-techs, business planning and partnership research. At USD, Meyskens teaches classes in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and Small Business management. She is the co-faculty advisor of the microfinance club, and actively assists with the Social Innovation Challenge and entrepreneurship initiatives on campus. Meyskens has published several book chapters, GEM reports and peer-reviewed articles. She holds a PhD from Florida International University, where her dissertation focused on the role of partnerships in nascent social ventures. She also conducted post-doctoral work at Babson College. Meyskens completed her bachelor’s degree at UCLA and her MBA at NYU. She worked for eight years in finance and microfinance prior to becoming a professor.

Brad Michaels has a history of creating ventures for social good. He has worked with leading companies, non-profit organizations, and foundations around the world to improve their business strategies, financing, services, and offerings. As the founder of SociaLab, he has helped launch a range of social ventures, including: An online platform to connect cancer patients, globally; carbon offsets for small businesses; online fundraising; mobile health technology programs; green products and sustainability initiatives; and payments solutions for low-income people without bank accounts. Prior to SociaLab, Brad led health and humanitarian teams into war-torn communities from Sudan and Somalia to Sri Lanka, and to disaster zones from Indonesia to Nicaragua. Brad is a member of leading social change organizations, from Social Venture Network to Pacific Coast Ventures and the HUB. He serves on NESsT’s Investment Committee and Business Advisory Network. Brad has an MPH from Columbia University and an MBA from Edinburgh University.

Paulina Migalska consults independently bringing her expertise in strategic communications, sustainability, event planning, and workplace volunteering to social ventures and enterprising non-profits. As an organizer and promoter of creative advocacy opportunities around issues ranging from green living to human rights, Paulina has built community networks and promoted peer exchange programs across nonprofit, social enterprise and corporate sectors for a decade.

Adin Miller an innovative and entrepreneurial manager in the philanthropic sector, has nearly 20 years of success in building, implementing, and directing visionary and strategic efforts bringing about positive social change.

Joe Morrison is an independent consultant. Previously, he created and ran the 49th State Angel Fund, a $13.20 million venture capital function operating out of the Municipality of Anchorage. He has worked in communications, education, financial services and startups, having lived in Japan, Spain and the US.

Kevin Moss is a corporate environmental sustainability and CSR practitioner. Prior to his involvement in the world of sustainability, Kevin’s career path included product management, marketing and corporate strategy.

John Moukad is a consultant and business analyst with wide experience with community development organizations and social enterprises in the US. He has a particular interest in food and farming innovation and serves on the board of an organization that is focused on building the small and sustainable farm sector in the New England.

Rana Muminoglu is a seasoned finance professional with a commitment to the triple bottom-line. She worked for several early stage technology businesses at Amazon.com. Earlier in her career, she also took positions at Linde Group and KPMG. She holds an MBA with focus on Finance and Corporate Strategy from University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Georgina Muri currently works in operations in the legal field, doing project management, database administration and research. She also has experience working with non-profits in the public health sector on program design, marketing and development. Georgina is a founding member of an impact investing start-up where she focuses on impact measurement and is a member of the Steering Committee for Women Advancing Microfinance New York. Georgina also worked in the restaurant industry for over ten years and is particularly passionate about enterprises focused on public health and food waste.

Kerri Murphy was formerly the COO of an organization that supported social entrepreneurs through mentorship. Currently, she works at a non-profit that certifies women-owned businesses and connects them to multinational supply chains.

Eleanor Musarurwa Manske has started two agriculture and food-based companies.
They participated in our program with the company Soko Mushrooms in 2013.

Phionah Musumba is the Founder and Executive Director for Malkia Foundation, an NGO in rural Western Kenya that empowers girls with educational opportunities and women with skills for enterprise development towards gainful and or self employment for sustainability.

Florence Navarro has 12 years of experience in international development with the UNDP, focused on environment and local governance, particularly in Africa. She has been coaching social entrepreneurs and working in impact investment since 2006

John E. Nelson is managing director of Wall Street Without Walls, a national financial technical assistance /capital markets access program helping community economic development organizations access the capital markets. He has 35 years national experience in community / economic development financee and partnerships with additional expertise in environmental policy, education and training. And is a co-founder of the William James Foundation.

Mark Newberg serves as Senior Impact Advisor to Snowden Advisors, and Director of Impact Strategies for The Stella Group, Ltd., while also advising a portfolio of startup companies. Mark previously served as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Small Business Administration, where he focused on high-growth entrepreneurship, innovation, impact investing, and disaster recovery, and as an Advisor to the New Orleans City Council.

Binta Niambi Brown is a corporate/tech lawyer, startup advisor, human rights advocate, nascent angel investor, and bass player. After working for a technology start-up, Binta worked exclusively on technology and internet IPOs and transactions at Cravath. She advised (and advises) senior management and corporate boards of media, technology, telecom and entertainment companies on corporate governance matters and special situations, and was a partner in Kirkland & Ellis, before leaving to undertake innovation research at Harvard, while advising 12 different early stage technology companies. Binta has advised Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo and members of the Obama Administration on a variety of policy matters. Binta has been recognized as one of the Root’s 100 Most Influential African-Americans, Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 business leaders, Crain’s New York 40 under 40, and by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. She has been featured in Real Simple magazine on mentorship, the Washington Post, the New York Times, on CNN and an Intelligence Squared debate featured on NPR, sits on a handful of advisory and philanthropic boards (including 2U Inc., Barnard College, Human Rights First, the American Theatre Wing and New York City Parks Foundation), and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. For a full bio see: http://about.me/bnbrown

Salif Niang is a co-founder of a social enterprise based in Mali that builds and operates rice processing centers that produce locally grown fortified rice and byproducts such as rice husk-based biochar fertilizer and animal feed.

M. von Nkosi is the principal of Liquid Studios, a collective of like-minded professionals operating from a “shared vision” helping communities optimize their potential (www.liquidstudios360.com). He has optimized Smart Growth Strategies for municipalities through expertise in housing, land use policy, public/private development, and strategic planning. In 2007 post-Katrina New Orleans von directed $30-million of Disaster CDBG funds. In June of 2012 he founded and is president of the NOLA based Institute for Local Innovations (www.ili360.org). In 2016 designed and brought the Mi Rialiti [my reality] Smartphone App to market www.mirialiti.com.

Christopher O’Brien is director of sustainability at American University where his goal is zero net carbon and zero waste to landfill by 2020 He has experience in green building, energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy, having developed the largest solar installations in Washington D.C. He also has the experience in the craft beer and homebrewing industries, as well as the coffee industry, and has a long history in the fair trade movement, and extensive involvement in national and global sustainability standards and certifications. Mr. O’Brien now works developing the large-scale renewable energy market in higher education.

Lynn O’Connell lived in West Africa for a number of years as a Foreign Service Economics Officer. She has a Master’s in Philanthropy and served as Executive Director 2 different health care foundations for another period of time – focused on developing countries. Now she is the Executive Director of a workforce development program in the DC area that serves primarily immigrant adults from developing countries, and serves on an international grantmaking committee that provides funds for projects helping women and girls in developing countries.

Saheed Ottun has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and MBA in Human Resources both at Lagos State University, Nigeria. Mr. Ottun further proceeded on a scholarship to study at SIT Graduate Institute, Washington DC. in Sustainable Development. He is a former program associate with the Mentor Capital Network.

Seren Page-Bailey has worked in design, R&D and sourcing for US & Chinese fabric manufacturers, and apparel brands Calvin Klein & Ralph Lauren. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

Anne Park is a Senior Manager of Strategic Development at the Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) which is an investment firm which invests in small and medium enterprises in frontier markets. She is also an Investment Officer with the Private Capital Group for Africa at USAID which aims to unlock private capital in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has experience in advising and developing businesses in frontier markets around the world including SE Asia, East and North Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Jean-Luc Park has been investing in cleantech and SRI companies since 2003
They participated in our program with the company PRIMRI in 2011.

Michael Park is currently the VP of Finance at Fresh Coast Capital, a mission-driven urban revitalization firm that develops storm water infrastructure projects to provide social, environmental, and economic impact to low-income communities. Prior to Fresh Coast, he served as part of the executive team for a tech-enabled financial services startup in the energy efficiency industry, Noesis. At Noesis, he managed the capital supplier relationships and commercial lending operations, contributing to the successful sale of the company. Prior to that, Michael served as a Senior Investment Officer for the Loan Programs Office at the United States Department of Energy (DOE) where he performed due diligence for more than $9 billion of first-of-kind energy project finance transactions. Prior to DOE, Michael worked for the National Cooperative Bank (NCB) where he held roles financing renewable energy, tax credit, community development, commercial real estate, non-profit, and Alaska Native Corporation transactions. He also worked in roles at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Citibank, and the Corporate Finance Institute. Michael obtained his BA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University and his MBA from the George Washington University. Michael was on the executive committee of KASCON XI in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pankaj Pathak is a radio broadcaster in public service broadcasting keenly interested in social initiatives specifically for the bottom of pyramid populace. He holds an MBA degree from the Booth School of Business.

Nathaniel Pearlman is the founder of a mission-driven software-as-a-service company with approximately 60 employees; he is currently starting up a second company.

Anne Pellicciotto is president of the firm SeeChange, has 20 years’ experience as a change consultant, facilitator and coach. In 2010, she took a two-year sabbatical from her own business to work in rural and indigenous communities of central Mexico, teaming with the Mexican EPA to cultivate small, sustainable businesses of native plants for projects of reforestation.

Michael Perlmutter is an inventor with 8 issued US Patents and over 25 in the pipeline. I have managed all aspects of a large patent portfolio including: creating and managing a patent committee; filings domestic and international; assertion; defense; pruning; and encouraging innovation throughout a large potential inventor population. I am also a business development specialist with experience in negotiating large licensing deals. I have also been a director of product management for a major telecommunications software company. I’m a veteran public speaker and have given many talks and presentations around the world in the areas of OEM relationships, software, and telecommunications, and integrations. I have worked in the US, Europe, South Africa, South America, Asia, and Australasia.

Jeffrey Petty teaches entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, and innovation management at the graduate level. He has been active in entrepreneurship for over twenty years, including roles as founder, CEO and venture capitalist, in the US and Europe and continues to advise commercial and non-profit ventures globally.

Christopher Pitts works in impact investing for a fund, and previously worked for a social enterprise that focused on education. He is the former COO of nonprofit dealing with health and education.

Jessica Pointer is a former NGO Director and works with the US Gov’t on sustainable development projects worldwide.

Will Poole is an independent Social Technologist, focusing on global education and social entrepreneurship, working through a variety of socially-oriented businesses and non-profit groups, including NComputing, Pengala, Volt Boats, Social Venture Partners, VillageReach, and Global Washington.

Vicki Pozzebon is the owner and driving catalyst behind Prospera Partners, LLC, a consulting company practicing bold localism of community economies. Vicki helped found Delicious New Mexico in 2012 It is a statewide organization working to grow the local food industry through the support of local food businesses and consumer education. She remains as Delicious New Mexico’s Chief Foodie and visionary leader. Vicki is also a writer, blogging about local economies, social enterprise, local food systems. Vicki was chosen for the first cohort of BALLE Fellows in 2010, North America’s premiere learning and leadership community dedicated to connecting and resourcing the most innovative and visionary local economy leaders.

LB Prakash has over two decades of experience in development sector, in India and outside. Some of the key strategic areas where he has rendered his expertise are organizational development and management, financial review, institutional assessments, program evaluations, and, policy advocacy and governance reforms. He has extensively worked in the areas of microfinance, agriculture processing and marketing cooperatives, livelihoods, gender mainstreaming, HIV/AIDS, community organizing and cooperative promotion. His work also includes feasibility and project appraisal work, self help group promotion and market development for on-farm and off-farm micro and small enterprises.

Devi Prasad Rao is a social entrepreneur who works in South India and with dairy farmers. He has beena banker for a large part of his career, working with small and medium enterprises gaining an insight into the risks to their businesses and their credit worthiness.
They participated in our program with the company Arohana Dairy Private Limited in 2011.

Tanita Preston Bertie is a Colombian industrial engineer and operations specialist with over six years of experience in customer acquisition, negotiation, transportation logistics, supply chain management and process optimization. She holds an MPA fom Columbia University’s School of International Affairs specialized in Sustainable Energy Policy. Tanita has valuable experience working within a sustained coordination of public & private sectors initiatives; energy access in Asia and Latinamerica, and currently runs a small start-up social investment fund.

Dennis Price is a writer and project director at ImpactAlpha. He directs ImpactAlpha’s consulting services and ImpactAlpha’s Full Stack Capital project with the goal of meeting the information and data needs of public, private and philanthropic investors. In these roles Dennis manages ImpactAlpha’s client projects with the Gates, MacArthur, and Hewlett Foundations. As a writer Dennis covers innovative finance vehicles, social ventures, and business trends in developed, emerging and frontier markets including the U.S. and Europe, South America, East Africa, and South Asia. Dennis began his career as business and development volunteer in the U.S. Peace Corps in Armenia where he supported the growth of small businesses, helped develop the local tourism industry, and conducted microfinance screening visits. He has conducted due diligence on social ventures, participated in conferences, and collaborated with investors in Mexico and Chile in his role as co-founder of the nonprofit impact investing firm, 118 Capital. Dennis has held roles in impact investing as a researcher and consultant with the Media Development Investment Fund and Global Impact Investing Network. Dennis holds a M.A. in International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) and a B.A. in Economics from Boston College.

Max Prilutsky is an Investor-backed entrepreneur seeking to invest in and help grow a great company. Background in middle-market private equity and M&A, with industry experience spanning a variety of sectors including education, business services, technology and renewable energy. Independent consultant to and advisory board member for several growth stage companies. Strong interest in entrepreneurship, growth company operations, social enterprise, finance and investing.

Jeff Raderstrong is the Founder and Editor of UnSectored, a community platform for people who believe social change is the responsibility of all organizations, individuals and sectors. He has run successful, long-term online campaigns in the social innovation space, such as developing and executing the social media strategy for Leap of Reason, a book on nonprofit outcomes management with over 55,000 copies distributed.

Prasoon Raghuwanshi is a second year MBA student at the Haas School of Business. He build his career around helping small businesses in emerging economies, working in investment advisory, consulting and operations for over six years. At Haas, he is a Fulbright scholar from India focusing on entrepreneurship and venture finance in emerging economies, especially in agriculture and food sectors.

Nick Rajpara serves as a Senior Consultant (focusing on Strategy & Innovation) at the DC Small Business Development Center Network (Public-Private Partnership between Howard University and the US Small Business Administration). In his current role he advises small businesses and entrepreneurs on developing business plans, strategy, and conceptualizing unique value propositions. He also directs small businesses on positioning for: Government Contracts, Financing and Strategic Partnership development. In addition to serving DC SBDC clients, Mr. Rajpara has engaged in outreach and public speaking for his network (some of which have been broadcast on public television). Mr. Rajpara has contributed to the “small business/entrepreneurial ecosystem” in Washington, DC by facilitating and developing robust engagements with various governmental agencies and private organizations tasked to serve small businesses for the purposes of Economic Development. Moreover, Mr. Rajpara serves on the DC-SBDC Strategic Planning Committee, where he helped direct his network to complement the economic development initiatives in Washington, DC. Moreover, Mr. Rajpara has instructional experience in teaching business concepts to adult learners. He began teaching as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Management at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) School of Business and Public Administration in 2004 During his service, he was awarded “The Most Outstanding Professor of the Year” in 2006 He also served as faculty advisor for the Epsilon Sigma chapter of Delta Mu Delta, a business school honors society. He has lectured abroad at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine in Trinidad & Tobago. In addition to teaching and consulting small business Nick Rajpara has researched business issues around Sustainable Business and Social Entrepreneurship. He has advised local educational institutions on workforce training programs, acquired a small (high volume) business, where he served as managing director of operations, and co-founded a non-profit organization which represented the affordable housing needs of close to 1,000 residents in the District of Columbia. Mr. Rajpara serves as a Mentor for the Mentor Capital Network, as well as, a Mentor for Accelerate DC an initiative of the Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) to foster technology entrepreneurship in Washington, DC.

Aruna Raman is the India program director at Acara, an impact entrepreneurship program at the University of Minnesota. I’ve mentored more than 20 student entrepreneurs in sectors as diverse as agriculture, livelihoods, waste management, health, and water and sanitation.

Debora Randall is an economic development consultant, working on promoting sustainable business approaches for communities in Africa, with experience in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Swaziland, Ethiopia, Burundi, Liberia and Zimbabwe. She currently lives in Rwanda.

Meredith Randall is a curator who has organized and advises on a variety of arts projects including exhibitions on 4 continents. Based in South Africa, she works with contemporary art, photography and crafts.

Pinaki Ranjan Mitra is the CEO of a mid-sized Microfinance venture in India. For five years, he worked as the Operations head of a company that provides debt capital to socially relevant enterprises (institutions in micro finance, livelihood, renewable energy, education sectors,etc.) in India. Apart from providing debt capital, He also assisted start-up enterprises (partner institutions) to build their capabilities in strategic planning, information systems design and new product development. Earlier, he worked for the Indian government’s Ministry of finance and Ministry of labour & employment for fourteen years. He completed his postgraduate degree in Management at Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad) and at University of Texas at Austin (USA). He also studied for a Masters degree in International politics and economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi).

Nicole Reed Fry is a Managing Consultant in the Energy Practice at Navigant in Boulder, Colorado. She brings wide-ranging technical, business and policy expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy in the areas of program and project management, market and policy assessment, technology commercialization, finance, and business development. Nicole also manages business operations at Boom Algae, a startup venture that converts waste CO2 from breweries and ethanol plants into algae-derived omega-3 oils.

Saba Rehmani is a management consultant with experience in Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation and Telecom in U.S., Canada, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa and Australia. She is an ex-entrepreneur, impact investor and advisor to LatAm start-ups.

Edward Reid is a management consultant who works with renewable energy start-ups. He also has experience in the publishing/editorial and nonprofit sectors. He holds an MBA from San Francisco State University and a BS in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Adam Rentschler is a former CEO of a solar thermal startup and a former National Judging Chair for the Cleantech Open.

Nicole Reynolds has over 18 years of experience in both developed and emerging/frontier markets as an investment advisor, business strategist and innovation consultant for multinational corporations, foundations, government agencies and investor groups focused on economies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Her experience spans a range of functional expertise in the private sector in investment banking, private equity and corporate development. On international development projects funded by USAID and the Department of Defense, her work has focused on investment readiness and facilitation, competitiveness, access to finance and enterprise development. She has covered a wide range of industries including ICT, manufacturing, agriculture and consumer goods. Previously, she was an investment banker at Salomon Smith Barney in both the global M&A group in New York and in the European Media and Telecom group in London. On the corporate side working on strategic initiatives and investments at NBC, Inc. (GE/Comcast), she was a Manager in the Corporate Development group and at Primedia, Inc. (a KKR company) she served as Vice President of Business Development at Primedia Software-on-Demand. She is the Founder of Acadia Development Group, a boutique management consultancy that seeks to drive economic growth in developing countries by bringing together private capital, cutting edge technology and world class management practices to create scalable, sustainable social impact and lasting development outcomes. Nicole holds a BA from Rollins College and a MIA in International Finance and Business from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University

Colleen Robb is an internationally recognized researcher in the area of strategy and social entrepreneurship, specifically examining how social ventures can maintain advantage in the marketplace. Dr. Robb currently serves as an assistant professor of entrepreneurship for California State University, Chico (CSUC).

Steve Rocco has worked in microfinance, CDFIs finance, traditional capital markets and a double bottom line fund wall street for 15 years

Ron Rodriguez spent seven years at a leading independent green energy company providing residents & businesses in Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware with affordable, renewable wind power through the electric grid.

Jonathan Rosenthal is the Executive Director of the New Economy Coalition. He has spent over 30 years working to transform the power of business from a destructive into a healing force. He co-founded Equal Exchange, Oké USA and Belmont-Watertown Local First and is a board member of the Coffee Trust and an emeritus board member of Root Capital.

Collins Roth is a private equity investment professional who has been 20 years of experience arranging, structuring, executing and monitoring investments in private companies in emerging markets across the world. In that context, he reviews business plans frequently, and both invests and arranges equity and debt financing for companies.

Peter Rothberg is a startup lawyer, and a lawyer for more mature technology and other private companies, as well as a lawyer for venture funds and angel investors.

Herve V Roussel has 10+ years of experience in the high tech industry. He holds an MEng from Cornell University in Computer Science and sits on the Computer Science Senior Design advisory board at GWU. In 2007, he co-founded Linked Senior, a successful high tech startup focused on enhancing the lives of seniors in senior communities. He currently serves as the CTO of Linked Senior.

Mark Rylander is an accomplished architect and industry leader in sustainable design. He is a partner in a network that advises and develops businesses with a social and environmental mission. He teaches and writes about the intersection of technology, culture, and nature.

Matteo Sabattini is Director of IP Policy at Ericsson and he is based in the Washington, DC, office. In his role, he is responsible for IP Rights policy, advocacy and promotion at standard defining / setting organizations (SDOs / SSOs), industry fora, trade associations, governmental agencies, etc. Matteo holds an MBA from the George Washington University, a Ph.D. in Communication Theory and Systems from the University of California, San Diego and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bologna.

Rebecca Saltman has developed a career around social entrepreneurship, community building, public relations, cause marketing and collaboration to facilitate business and community growth. During her tenure at the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado she focused on a partnership with Progress Now and the Daily Kos to develop and implement the BIG TENT, a Bloggers and New Media Headquarters at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver. She funneled her expertise across many disciplines in helping democratize media, providing unprecedented access to over 500 bloggers. The Tent became the linchpin for the DNC’s new media strategy, and has since been chosen for curation in the Smithsonian Institute and Newseum. Currently Rebecca is the National Community Relations Manager for Dex One, a 1.3 billion dollar company that helps small businesses get found and get chosen.

Monica Samec launched Small World Carbon with the mission to improve clean energy infrastructure systems. Her professional areas include specialization in project finance, carbon market analysis, project risk assessment, rural electrification, energy policy and clean energy technology implementation. She has about a decade’s worth of experience in small-scale renewable energy project financing and development such as cellulosic ethanol, off-grid solar PV and hot water, small and micro hydro, and grid-connected wind. She acts as a volunteer mentor through Wild Gift, VC4Africa and Mentor Capital Network.

Kristin Sander Urhammer has 15+ years’ experience working for large multinational hotel companies in the US and UK in the areas of business analysis, brand marketing, corporate responsibility, and major project implementation. London based, Mrs. Urhammer holds a BS from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Oxford.

Debra Santos is a seasoned financial consulting professional and a serial entrepreneur. Her experience includes being a CFO for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Ms. Santos has also managed the financing process for startup companies from “family and friends” through pre-IPO and acquisition.

Abigail Sarmac is a philanthropy professional with twenty years’ work experience in Senegal, Ecuador, the Philippines, Italy and the U.S.A; Ten years in international philanthropy developing and managing high-level, public-private partnerships (grants and contracts) with USAID, Government of Canada, and private funders and investors to support work in Peru, India, Indonesia,and Kenya that have improved the lives of millions in the developing world; strong network in science and technology for development, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing. Ten years additional experience with the United Nations, the World Conservation Union and the Wildlife Conservation society in multi-stakeholder dialogue for sustainable development and environmental policy. Native English speaker; fluent Spanish, French; Basic Portuguese, Italian, Tagalog, Ilocano (Philippine dialects), Wolof (Sénégal).

Gina Schaefer is a brick and mortar retailer with 12 years of experience. Prior to that she worked in the technology field in operational roles – investor relations, training, employee relations. Her areas of expertise are marketing, PR, employee development and business expansion.

Ariele Scharff is a marketer at BlackBerry, where she is working to grow the software and services business. She is a former Program Associate for Mentor Capital Network.

Jim Schulman is an Architect, zero-waste entrepreneur, and community sustainability activist. He is the Founder of the Community Forklift used building materials store and is President of the non-profit organization A Thousand Friends of Virginia’s Future. Jim is currently working on enhancing the regional economies of Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Richmond via the Alliance for Regional Cooperation (in formation).

Kyle Schutter founded Takamoto Biogas to provide biogas to small-scale farmers on a pay-as-you-go basis ensuring access to Clean Energy for everyone.
They participated in our program with the company Takamoto Biogas in 2012.

David Schwartz is an experienced sustainability and strategy consultant with a passion for disruptive business solutions that challenge the status quo. As a member of the inception team for Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room (CWR), David was directly responsible for creating and implementing large-scale strategy and cost-reduction consulting projects for clients looking to transition to a low-carbon infrastructure in multiple sectors. These engagements mostly focused on creating products that addressed market failures preventing capital from flowing to sustainable solutions within a client’s industry.
They participated in our program with the company Adva Reusable Bagshare in 2012.

Karen Schlesinger builds “tech for good” startups, working with founders who have deep domain expertise in social / environmental impact fields, and helps them build their company and their software that solves real problems for real people. She takes a holistic approach to product development, working with founders on everything from customer discovery, roadmaps, wireframing, spec writing, operations, strategy and startup financial modeling. Prior to her Tech for Good product development work, she was a sustainability consultant for one of the world’s largest retailers, a founder of her own fine art startup, a college professor, and a founder of a grassroots local economic development program. She has subject matter expertise in social enterprises, waste and recycling systems, food systems, design thinking and lean startup development.

Mitsi Sellers founded a young social enterprise called Bézi, www.bezi.co, which provides luxurious skincare and grooming products using oils that are wild-harvested by women’s cooperatives in Zambia and Zimbabwe. In addition, she consults with social enterprises, non-profits and donors and volunteers as a business start-up instructor in the Phoenix area.

Stephen Sena is an international economic development practitioner with private sector and donor project experience in Peru, Jordan, Armenia, India, and Tanzania. MBA holder with diverse technical/program knowledge and experience and a passion for market-based solutions in a range of sectors such as: Access to Credit, Entrepreneurship/Enterprise Development, Local Economic and Community Development, Housing and Urban Development, and Post-Disaster Reconstruction. Experience collaborating with varies stake holder groups to identify and act on opportunities to improve businesses, institutions, communities, and livelihoods. Engaged in project planning and implementation, financial management, technical assistance, research and analytic, backstopping, and business development for clients such as USAID and the World Bank.

James Seymour has over 37 years of investment and finance experience in international and emerging markets through 18 years at Bankers Trust living and working in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America; 13 years at Commonfund Capital managing international/emerging markets private equity funds of funds; 4 years at EMP Global, a Washington based emerging markets private equity firm; and since 2010 with Pontefract Global Strategies, LLC (PGS). PGS advises investors and investment management firms on investing in emerging market private equity opportunities with a primary focus on social impact investing in frontier emerging markets. Examples of current relationships include a corporate finance firm based in Vietnam; a Cambodia based private equity firm; a private equity firm in Haiti; an early stage venture capital firm in India; a private capital firm in Nigeria; and a pan-African investment vehicle to invest in mixed-use property developments for educational institutions. Mr. Seymour has served on 18 international and domestic private equity fund advisory boards and is currently on the board of the Ashmore EMM Africa Emerging Markets Fund and several non-profit boards including the Global Partnership for Afghanistan, the Coalition for Green Capital, the Thunderbird Private Equity Center in Glendale, AZ, and the Social Enterprise Greenhouse in Rhode Island. In the past he has served on the boards of The Brent School, an Anglican boarding school in Baguio, the Philippines, the American Church in London, Christ & Holy Trinity Church in Westport, CT and the Westport Public Library. Mr. Seymour is a graduate of Yale University in International Relations and Harvard Business School in International Finance and served four years in the U.S. Navy submarine force. He is also Senior Advisor to Catalyst Principal Partners (East Africa private equity firm), Board member of Student Language Exchange (provides courses of under-represented languages on college campuses), Board Member of Maternova (pre-natal,natal services to girls and women in low-resource countries), and Advisory Board member of International Business Program at Bryant University

Manan Shah is a physician with experience in clinical research and consulting on life science investments for venture capital.

Pallavi Shah is an international sustainability consultant who helps social enterprises get investor ready. She has worked with both investors and investees on deals in the renewable energy, energy efficiency, solid waste, and sustainable commodities sectors. She was with the International Finance Corp (IFC/World Bank) for many years and has worked with clients in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America.

Samit Shah is an insurance professional responsible for information management and reporting. He is focused on enterprise risk management and finding ways to visualize data.

Michael Shuman director of community portals for Mission Markets, and author of three books on local economies, local investment, and community economic development.

Todd Silverstein is the founder and CEO of Drawn from Valor, a 501(c)(3) non-profit animation studio that works with doctors and mental health professionals to educate and empower children and families impacted by physical and mental health issues in order to enable them to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Todd is also the founder of The Greater Sum, a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation supporting innovation in the nonprofit sector by providing funding, subject matter expertise, networking, and professional development opportunities to early stage nonprofits. Todd has advanced degrees in Business (MBA) and Public Policy (MPP).

Herb Simmens has spent over 30 years working in the public, academic, private and non profit sectors as an urban planner, town manager and sustainability expert. Currently he owns a wellness center in D.C, is a life and business coach, as well as an angel investor.

John Simon is a Founding Partner of Total Impact Advisors, a merchant bank focused on the impact investment sector. He previously was the United States Ambassador to the African Union and the Executive Vice President of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

Patty Simonton is a program manager, community builder, strategic planner, crowdfunding expert, and event organizer who loves to work with social entrepreneurs, peace makers, and members of the creative community to make the world awesome. Before joining DaizyLogik as the director of client engagement, Patty was the community manager at the Mentor Capital Network, where she supported for-profit social enterprise startups around the globe through the MCN Sustainable Business Plan Collaboration program. Patty was also the director of support at StartSomeGood, where she managed a global support team, and directly assisted 230 social enterprises and non-profits raise almost $1.7M through crowdfunding. In between theatre productions and long distance bike rides, she earned a degree in International Business from Georgetown University and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. She was the producer for FIGMENT DC, an annual participatory community arts festival, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for DC Net Impact and arts non-profit Playa del Fuego.

Graham Sinclair is a sustainable investment strategist at SinCo – Sustainable Investment Consulting LLC. At SinCo he leads engagements to design and develop the sustainable investment case for clients managing billion dollar investments or global investor initiatives. As ESG architect he integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment strategies, processes and indexes in frontier and emerging markets. Recent projects tackled private equity in emerging markets, infrastructure funds and ESG, green bonds, pension fund investment value chains, a national sustainability index and impact investing. As an original thinker at the frontier of sustainable investment, his work over the past decade has explored sustainable investment themes including long-term investment, influential investor networks, fiduciary duty, carbon intensity, water scarcity, biodiversity, nutrition security, and sustainable mining. Before joining KLD in Boston, he worked in investment banking and managed private sector pension funds, exiting global multi-manager SEI Investments in 2002 Graham chairs the Prudential Assets Working Group of the investment industry group ASISA, is a member of the Investment Analysts Society and lifetime member of Net Impact. Graham is President and co-founder of the not-for-profit Africa Sustainable Investment Forum project, AfricaSIF.org. Graham has lectured on sustainable investment at leading business schools in North America, Europe and Africa, and has contributed three chapters on Private Equity, Africa and Sustainability Indexes to “Evolutions in Sustainable Investing” (Wiley Finance, 2012). He presented his big idea “Investing As If The Future Matters” at TEDxTableMountain. Graham holds an MBA from the Villanova School of Business (where he co-designed the long-only US equity Arnone-Lerer Fund) and an LL.B from the Howard College School of Law, as well as various industry certifications including the inaugural WWF/IMD One Planet Leaders program in 2008 Graham resides in Vermont, USA and Western Cape, South Africa. On any day he would rather be cycling a mountain pass.

Jo Singel has mentored, coached and been a semi-finalist judge for four years at NYU Stern School of Business (The Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) Competition and in particular reviewing plans and providing feedback on the social track. Included in this experience has been judging in social enterprise competitions within the business school’s social entrepreneurship program. She is also on the advisory council for the Global Fellows in Social Enterprise leadership program. Additionally, she coaches and advises graduate school students in career management & development and runs a business providing organizational transformation, executive coaching and retainer search services to industry, not-for-profits, Foundations, Philanthropies and NGO’s.

Beth Sirull is the CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation in San Diego. Previously, she was the CEO of Pacific Community Ventures, a community development financial institution dedicated to creating jobs and economic opportunities in low income communities.

Scott Sklar runs The Stella Group, Ltd., which is a strategic technology optimization and policy firm for clean distributed energy users and companies which include advanced batteries and controls, energy efficiency and chp, fuel cells, geo-exchange, heat engines, minigeneration (natural gas/propane), microhydropower and water energy (freeflow, tidal, & wave, etc.), modular biomass, photovoltaics, small wind, and solar thermal (including daylighting, water heating, industrial preheat, building air-conditioning, and electric power generation). The Stella Group, Ltd. blends distributed energy technologies, aggregates financing (including leasing), with a focus on system standardization. Scott Sklar, the Group’s founder and president, lives in a solar home and has a zero energy office building in Arlington, Virginia and a unique solar system atop his DC office.

Joy Spencer is currently an Outreach Strategy Specialist with the World Bank’s Sierra Leone Diaspora Investment and Trade Study.

Frank Spring is a consultant focused on helping leaders – in advocacy, enterprise, and politics – connect with their audiences in an authentic and compelling way. He has held senior roles in political and advocacy organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, and has written on politics, innovation, and national security for numerous publications. A proud New Mexican, he is a graduate of the University of Chicago and the King’s College London Department of War Studies.

Maria Springer is the co-founder of LivelyHoods, a social enterprise that employs youth from slums to bring life-changing products into their communities. She graduated from UCLA summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, earning a degree in Political Science. She is an Unreasonable Fellow, a Village Capital Fellow, a StartingBloc Fellow, a Cordes Fellow, a Global Social Benefit Incubator Fellow, and a D-Prize Fellow.

Cassandra Staff is the program director for the GSBI at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University. She was raised in a home in East San Jose and on a boat in Baja California and the Pacific Northwest. An appreciation for diversity and global communities was planted at an early age between her travels to visit family in Malaysia, living in Mexico, and attending some of the most culturally diverse schools in the country. She has been with the GSBI since 2010, when she first learned about social entrepreneurship through Santa Clara University’s MBA program. There, she was able to combine her business training with her passion for doing good and supporting the under privileged and under resourced around the world.

Alex Stainburn career spans years in international business, logistics and corporate finance. He has significant experience pulling complex projects together. He is a keen strategist and has worked with large corporations as well as many small businesses in emerging economies. He has recently started a high value agricultural products company in Lesotho, southern Africa. The first product is quality grown, fresh asparagus under the brand Kingdom Asparagus.
They participated in our program with the company Lepodee in 2012.

Carrie Staller is a sales and marketing professional with 15 years experience.
They participated in our program with the company Centered in 2011.

Anne Steeves wants to design a better world and is excited to meet others who have the drive to do the same. She is driven by a passion for wellness, design thinking and entrepreneurship and an aim to create sustainable, large-scale impact.

Harriet Stephenson is a business school professor who has interest and experience in developing income generating opportunities for food banks in US and has founded a non profit in Africa to help women empower themselves out of poverty. Founded business plan competition with social enterprise track.

Amanda Stevens is a sustainability professional with experience in management and operations, having worked for the World Resources Institute on environmental metrics and behavior change.

Jim Stroiney is a senior managing consultant with more than 10 years experience focusing in business and sustainability strategy for a large corporation. He holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University.

Nancy Stutts is an associate professor of public administration, policy and nonprofit studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and recently piloted a graduate social innovation course in VCU’s DaVinci Center. She started an online civic hub in 2000, which continues today in a nonprofit to nonprofit form as ConnectVA.org.
They participated in our program with the company Connect in 2006.

Caryn Sykes is an MBA who has done sustainability consulting and has worked as a market research consultant for the environmental industry. She is currently self-employed doing accounting and business planning work for small businesses.
They participated in our program with the company Whole Hearth Consulting in 2007.

Seisei Tatebe-Goddu is the VP of Accounts at Ruckus Marketing, a digital agency in NYC. Prior to joining Ruckus, she co-created the card game doosh/off, co-founded Covalent (an organization dedicated to diversifying entrepreneurship), and Tandem Consulting Group, where she worked with over 50 clients across 15 countries to deliver strategy and organizational development consulting, executive coaching, training, and facilitation. She holds a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University and earned her Bachelor of Arts from McGill University. She is a StartingBloc Fellow, Environmental Leadership Program Senior Fellow, member of the Thousand Network, and sits on the planning committee for the Phillips Exeter Academy Alumni Association of Greater New York.
They participated in our program with the company Covalent in 2015.

Lauren Taylor is a former CEO/owner of a manufacturing company, turnaround executive, and founding partner of a water technologies company bringing new technologies to U.S. and Africa, with an MBA and sustainability background. Now founder and president of an anti-slavery NGO using Internet-based technology to raise awareness and catalyze grassroots abolitionists.

Eric Thiel teaches college students powerful, engaging, persuasive communication while inspiring them to become social entrepreneurs. The course is an interactive, student-driven environment that delves into design thinking, value proposition, impact measurement, and many other elements of social entrepreneurship. The backbone of the course is the Social Venture Plan in which students devise an innovative social venture and then showcase their effective writing and pitching techniques to engage investors and persuade them to fund it.

Lauren Thomas is a social entrepreneur who founded Mozambikes, which was a prize winner of the MCN Sustainable Business Plan Competition 2012 Her general career expertise includes investment banking and private investment, both in the US and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.
They participated in our program with the company Mozambikes in 2012.

Leanne Tobias Tobias heads an advisory firm active in sustainable buildings, associated energy technologies, and infrastructure policy. She has also been a senior manager of commercial real estate funds valued at over $3 billion.

Amanda Tsioutis currently runs Australia’s national ‘sci-tech’ accelerator for scientists at Australia’s national science research agency, CSIRO. She works with research teams and entrepreneurs looking to solve some of the world’s biggest problems – helping build start ups from idea stage all the way through to getting them investment ready. Amanda holds a BSc (hons) in Environmental Science & Geography and is an admitted lawyer in Australia.

Drew Tulchin is the CFO of Meow Wolf, a creative design company. Previously, he was a Managing Partner of Social Enterprise Associates. He is a triple bottom line management consultant who has been judging socially responsible business plans for many years and has worked in international microfinance for more than a decade.

Suzanne Turner was called “the best communicator in America” by the National Journal. Her communications campaigns have helped pass more than 40 pieces of legislation. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies, devising branding and marketing campaigns that have moved millions of dollars worth of products. As senior vice president at Fenton Communications for seven years, Suzanne helped grow the firm from four people to more than 100 in three cities. She was Mid-Atlantic regional manager of the high-tech PR firm The Launch Company, where she built the client base and managed a half-million dollars in client billings monthly. She is co-founder of the Internet Advocacy Center and a founding member of Progressive Communicators of DC. She studied at Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies and the Université de Paris IV – La Sorbonne, and holds a BA from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Debbie Tyler is a seasoned senior business executive who uses strategic and operational skills to build and lead sustainable multi-million dollar growth for companies across a variety of software and technology markets. An entrepreneurial executive, Debbie envisions and delivers high-performing solutions, products and services through a full range of enterprise stages including startups, large enterprise software and Big Five consulting. Practiced in business financing, and working capital optimization, has raised over $76 million in Debt and Equity Capital funding and led profitable P&L responsibility in excess of $100M. Closure and collection of over $300 million in revenue directly and over $700 million in aggregate revenue. Visionary market and solution strategist who is a highly regarded thought leader and industry pundit on Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Commercial Card and Electronic Payables, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Data Warehousing, Metadata and Big & Thick Data. Her seasoned corporate development capabilities drive positive business value resulting in successful mergers, acquisitions and turnarounds. Her focus on creating profitable business value through strategic performance and business development delivers leadership and innovative solutions that enhance profitability, revenue and sustainable market growth.

Elizabeth Ü has worked extensively with foundations, financiers, nonprofits, and social enterprises in the US to find solutions to economic, social, and ecological issues. She is a passionate advocate for increased access to appropriate financing for food-based entrepreneurs, and social investing opportunities.

Becki Ueno is the president and co-founder of Sustainable Law Group, PC a social enterprise law firm based in Los Angeles. She specializes in corporate counsel to nonprofits, social enterprises, and green businesses.

Dan Vallejo grew up in the communications world at Ogilvy with experiences on DuPont and Johnson & Johnson in China. Early on at Ogilvy he joined a small group of sustainability pioneers and helped create and build OgilvyEarth, Ogilvy’s sustainability consulting and marketing practice. He helped grow OgilvyEarth in three years to a global practice with over twenty offices. I’ve won and led relationships with Coca-Cola, The United Nations and Domtar Paper helping them find the business opportunity in sustainability and developing products, experiences and marketing platforms for each. After researching the expanding gap between people’s stated intent and the actions they actually take, he was compelled to create a social enterprise that rewarded people for donating to charity with Perks from local businesses. He built The Mutual from scratch setting up relationships with over 200 businesses and best-in-class non-profits like Oceana and The World Resources Institute. The Mutual has been prominently featured in a large number of publications like Fast Company, CNET, Mashable and GOOD. Having spent two years focused on my own business, he decided to join VSA Partners where he worked closely with IBM on designing and applying its brand architecture to categories like Cloud and Big Data & Analytics. During my time working on IBM he caught the tech bug and moved west to do product marketing for Google. Right now I’m helping make all our products feel even more delightful and useful to our users. In my spare time he advise the non-profit Water Collective and and am part of the epic cooking team, Righteous Burn.
They participated in our program with the company The Mutual in 2012.

Renata van Diest has a Computer Science degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, where upon graduation she worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, building backend systems as well as desktop and mobile applications. She also has an MBA from London Business School, and has worked with several startups in the London area. She is passionate about businesses that combine technology with a social mission in order to improve people’s lives. When able to escape from behind her laptop, Renata enjoys photography, snowboarding, documentary films, traveling, and playing the guitar and piano.

Danielle Vetter is a dynamic leader who loves her job leading social change across the world. Danielle currently works for Cummins Inc. on the Corporate Responsibility team. She manages $12 million of charitable spending through the Cummins Foundation Community Development Grant program, and coordinates grantmaking in over 60 countries. In addition, Danielle has a Master of Public Affairs from the top-ranked School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She is passionate about data-driven programs that empower and strengthen communities, and has experience in project management, Six Sigma, community investment, database management, technology implementation, strategic philanthropy, and creating public-private partnerships.

Joana Videgain Luzar believes that social entrepreneurship has the power to counterbalance social, economic, and environmental injustices. After accumulating financial acumen in leading engineering and energy companies, Joana now serves as a finance and business consultant to social entrepreneurs. In 2014, she raised the single largest investment of capital for one of the ventures under Agora Partnerships’ portfolio, an accelerator serving impact entrepreneurs in Latin America. Currently, Joana serves as impact investor coordinator for Good Works Houston and provides consulting on innovation projects to strengthen international impact ecosystem.

Jim Villanueva is the managing director for the The GP/Eleos Social Venture Fund. Previously, he led the development of the Eleos Foundation’s impact investment portfolio since its inception. He has served at Eleos as a founding board member, Investment Director, and currently as Executive Director. The Eleos Foundation strives to improve millions of lives by investing in pioneering business solutions to poverty. Eleos bridges the “Pioneer Gap” by providing entrepreneurs with the capital and advisory support needed to take their business from a pilot to a proven model, ready to scale. Previously, he co-founded and sold a Spanish-language media company and a national Hispanic marketing and public relations firm.

Sunitha Viswanathan is an impact investor and look at investments into early stage companies in India.

Marilyn Waite is a civil and environmental engineer and advocate for sustainable development. She has experience in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas in textiles, water resources, energy, organic farming, rural development and infrastructure. She has written a book on Sustainable Water Resources in the Built Environment.
They participated in our program with the company Bamfur in 2008.

Julien Wallet-Houget is the founder and owner of DID – Dine in the Dark, a pitch dark fine-dining restaurant employing visually impaired persons and with branches located at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok, Thailand, and in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is also the founder of another social enterprise named LUSH, an initiative promoting and funding social and environmental projects in Thailand through music festivals and site-specific nightlife experiences in Bangkok. Julien is a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales and is currently a business development consultant for Clyde & Co LLP, an international law firm. He also is a Project Specialist for the Khonthai Foundation, a Thai non-profit organisation part of the Premier Group of companies, where he focuses on the development of social enterprises and corporate social responsibility. Previous positions include Julien being a consultant on rural energy access for the poor at the United Nations Development Programme – Asia Pacific, a consultant in the external relations division of the World Trade Organization, as well as a Corporate Social Responsibility Officer responsible for environmental matters at the Mechai Viravaidya Foundation, one of Thailand’s largest philanthropic organisations active in rural development. Julien regularly mentors social enterprises and at times is part of the judging panel of social enterprise business plan competitions in Southeast Asia. He holds a MSc in Global Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, a BA in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International Relations, Geneva, and an LLB from the University of Law of England and Wales.
They participated in our program with the company DOTS Coffee in 2018.

Bridget Ware has a strong background in community economic development, community development financial institutions (CDFI’s), New Market Tax Credit evaluations, and rural health sector development. She is currently mentoring a multi-bottom line chocolate manufacturing company as it grows its ties with cocoa-producing nations.
They participated in our program with the company LIFEDOCS in 2008.

Tim Webb is a structured finance specialist that has provided consulting services to mid-market firms and government agencies on financing and credit enhancement and securitization of non-traditional assets. Mr. Webb also provided credit enhancement for several multi million dollar fixed income instruments as well as expanded the Credit Enhancement and Direct Loan program that benefited DC Charter Schools. He is formerly a mortgage banker with Bank of America and former management consultant with Price Waterhouse. Mr. Webb is a graduate of the University of Chicago where he earned a Masters degree in Public Policy. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where he was a student athlete and earned a Bachelors degree in Public Service, with Honors in Political Science. While in graduate school Mr. Webb was chosen by the President of the University of Chicago to serve as Student Ombudsman for the entire campus. He also has experience in community development as the founder of Chicago-Public Allies and has developed and participated in numerous community economic development efforts nationwide. Mr. Webb is a lifetime fellow of the U.S. – Southern Africa Center for Leadership and Public Values based in Durham and Cape Town and a fellow of the National Urban Coalition.

Linda Welch is a social serial entrepreneur who has started or been involved with starting over 28 businesses in the past 30 years. She is a partner in a business consulting firm that specializes in alternative methods of raising capital, crowd sourcing and finding the soul (authentic purpose) of a business.

Scot Wheeler is President and Principal Consultant at Intelitecht, focused on helping organizations to understand their stakeholders’ interests and build their business through TRUE engagement, using social media strategies and technologies. His background includes political communications, digital marketing consulting, media research and corporate reputation management.
They participated in our program with the company Edusight Systems in 2007.

David Williams started two companies focused on PV projects in Eastern Europe and East Africa. He has also has work in project finance of 40+ MW of PV projects in North America.

Ashley Willms advises public and private organisations globally regarding their human capital strategy and management. She has launched existing products in new markets and new products in existing markets across her career. Previously, she worked for three start-up organisations and an established mid-sized company in a newly launched product portfolio.

Bruce Wilson is the Founder and Executive Director of The Relay Foundation, a California-based charity that provides startup funding, professional feedback, and action-oriented collaborative events for young social entrepreneurs working to address California’s CAmmunity Hurdles.

Joshua Wine has been an officer and aviator in the Coast Guard for a majority of his professional career. Most of that time, he worked as helicopter pilot conducting counter narcotics missions and search and rescue throughout the Caribbean and Central America. When not flying Josh used data analytics to help partner nations track the patterns of nacro traffickers and improve interdiction results. He now serves as financial manager and logistician helping to manage almost $1 billion in inventory throughout the world. Outside of government Josh has helped launch several websites including a social enterprise where travelers can connect with micro entrepreneurs throughout the developing world.

Meg Wirth is the co-founder of Maternova. Maternova is a social enterprise focused on researching, evaluating and She has worked on women’s health throughout her career in areas as diverse as starting a home visiting program for teen mothers in Appalachia to monitoring and evaluating a major Safe Motherhood initiative–funded by USAID and implemented by John Snow International’s Mothercare project– in Jakarta and South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Meg has also worked as a member of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Health Equity team and co-edited a major volume called Challenging Inequities in Health: From Ethics to Action. She was a co-author of the UN Millennium Project’s final report on child and maternal health. She has a BA from Harvard University and an MPA in international development from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School.
They participated in our program with the company Maternova in 2011.

David Witzel is an independent entrepreneur and founder of a successful web development/social media consulting firm. He has 30 years experience catalyzing innovation with technology for social progress.

Jennifer Woofter owns a boutique sustainability consulting firm, with clients in the agriculture industry operating in developing countries with issues including rural electrification, water treatment and distribution, and community ownership of jointly-held equipment. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sustainability Leadership.

Pattraporn Yamla-or is a part-time university lecturer in Business & Society and Social Entrepreneurship. She also teaches social entrepreneurs though social entrepreneurship enablers in Thailand such as Thailand Social Enterprise Office and ChangeFusion. She co-founded and ran Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) in Southeast Asia from 2007-2013. She also co-founded a company promoting sustainable business through researches, events, course and social impact assessment.

David Younkman has more than 30 years senior management experience working for national and international conservation and environmental organizations He also ran a successful consulting practice for more than five years and taught graduate level coursework at UCSD.

Alden Zecha is a Founding Partner at health industry consulting firm We Scale Impact and is the Executive in Residence at the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. He brings to these roles more than 25 years of broad-range executive expertise in operations, strategy and finance, and vast experience from work in more than 35 countries. He has launched numerous multi¬million dollar, multi-national initiatives and has raised more than $15m in capital for ventures. He previously founded Sproxil and served as CFO and Strategist, growing it to profitable operations in 7 countries, founded and served as CFO of ultra-luxury travel company PrivatSea and CFO of Rethos, a social media site. He has founded an OTC drug distribution company and worked with the Japanese MHW (FDA) on regulatory compliance issues for Procter & Gamble. He previously worked with consulting firms Monitor Group and BearingPoint, and served as international economic development specialist for the State of Hawaii.

Craig Zelizer is a social entrepreneur and academic, extensive experience in business and nonprofit sectors.

Matt Zieger is a specialist in impact investing and economic development currently serving as the Senior Director of Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship for Catholic Charities USA. Previously while serving as the Vice President of The Forbes Funds, Mr. Zieger founded UpPrize, BNY Mellon’s impact investing and social innovation platform which invested $1 Million in its first year of operation.