Over the years, we’ve conducted interviews with many of our participating companies to gather their stories and share their successes. Together we can learn how best to overcome the many challenges facing a social enterprise startup, and better support each other along the way.

Company Interviewee Interview Date
1000 Ecofarms Mark Meytin Interview 04/04/17
Access Afya 1 Melissa Menke Interview 06/06/13
Access Afya 2 Melissa Menke Interview 06/14/13
African Chicken John Kiyara Interview 04/03/17
AlternNative Ice-Cream Brenda Quiroz Maday Interview 2009
Anavo Consulting Jennifer Boulden Interview 2009
Atayne Jeremy Litchfield Interviews 2012
AyaFarms Chris Bradshaw Interview 2012
Back to the Roots Nikhil Arora Interview 2012
BALANCE Edutainment Dave Room Interview 2012
Bennu Ashok Kamal Interview 2012
Boom Algae Philip Calabrese Interview 09/22/16
Brooklyn Victory Garden Tess Gill Interview 2012
Chaka MarketBridge Neil Paine Interview 2012
Clean Decisions Charlie Curtis Interview 2017
Clovest Karan Jain Interview 07/16/13
Colectivo 1050 Kythzia Barrera Interview 06/10/13
Courtney Consulting Solutions Erica Courtney Interview 2009
DayOne Response 1 Amy Cagle and Tricia Compas-Markman Interview 2012
DayOne Response 2 Amy Cagle and Tricia Compas-Markman Interview 06/04/13
DriveAlternatives.com Kavi Turnbull Interview 2009
Easy Office Jeff Russell Interview 2009
Electric Feel Farah Brunache Interview 09/22/16
Ellie Fun Day Sarah Lin Interview 08/12/13
Evaptainers Spencer Taylor Interview 06/23/16
FREDsense David Lloyd Interview 06/23/16
Fresh Connection Mark Jaffe Interview 06/25/13
Givkwik Jason Rosado Interview 06/24/16
Greenease Vanessa Ferragut Interview 12/19/14
Ignitia Lizzie Merrill Interview 04/06/17
iNotForProfit Jonathan Grover Interview 2012
Intoxicating Designs Angie Allen Interview 2009
Juabar Olivia Nava Interview 08/09/13
KOMAZA Tevis Howard Interview 2012
La Mano del Mono Maurico Martinez Miramontes Interview 02/11/15
LaborVoices Kohl Gill Interview 2012
Lumeter Networks 1 Mitra Ardon Interview 07/29/13
Lumeter Networks 2 Mitra Ardron Interview 09/06/16
Lumeter Networks 3 Mira Ardron Interview 12/19/14
Maendeleo Ventures Abraham Kamarck Interview 2012
Malô Mohamed Ali Niang Interview 2012
MilkCrate Morgan Berman and Jason Cox Interview 02/09/15
Tonle (Morale Fashion Group) Rachel Faller Interview 07/05/13
moWoza Suzana Moreira Interview 07/12/13
Mozambikes 1 Lauren Thomas Interview 2012
Mozambikes 2 Lauren Thomas Interview 12/19/14
New American Tavern Todd Schechter Interview 2012
Next Step NewCo Stacey Epperson Interview 08/03/13
PeopleTowels Linda Lannon Interview 2012
Runa Tyler Gage Interview 12/20/14
RUR Greenlife Monisha Narke Interview 09/28/16
Snack Packers Alli Cherry Interview 2012
SolePower Hahna Alexander Interview 06/19/13
Soupergirl Sara Polon Interview 2012
Speak Shop Cindy and Clay Cooper Interview 2009
Sproxil Meliza Mitra Interview 2009
StartSomeGood Alex Budak Interview 2012
SunSaluter Eden Full Interview 12/21/14
Tandem Consulting Seisei Tatebe-Goddu Interview 2012
Trade Without Borders – Hong Kong (TWBHK) Limited Joseph Fernandez Interview 08/03/13
Triea Systems, LLC Arthur Lazerow Interview 06/28/13
UnaBellaVita Sean Mills Interview 2012
Union Kitchen Davita Louie Interview 06/21/16
Vari Sai Krishna Dandamudi Interview 2012
Vayando Jason Seagle Interview 06/24/16
Verde Sustainable Solutions Jamie Johnson Interview 2012
Viva Green Homes Kari Klaus Interview 06/24/16
Watusee Foods Jimmy Edgerton Interview 12/19/14
weBike Allie Armitage and Brad Eisenberg Interview 2012
Wello Cynthia Koenig Interview 2012