Sproxil Nigeria: Ingenuity in the Fight Against Counterfeit Drugs

On June 22, 30 pharmacies and patent medical stores were shut down in Ajeromi-Ifelodun, a small area in Nigeria’s most populous state, Lagos. The update came from the Lagos State Ministry of Health, which sealed the stores for reportedly selling counterfeit drugs. Just weeks before, the Nigerian senate had passionately discussed a new bill that would sentence “culprits of sale and production of fake drugs” to life imprisonment.

Mobile Phones for Recognizing Counterfeit Medicine

The high cost of pharmaceutical drugs affects patients, health care providers, hospitals and governments throughout the world. The pharmaceutical industry is reported to be worth $300 billion a year and in the United States, close to half of the population is using prescription drugs at any given time.

Sproxil’s boss joins other world leaders at 45th World Economic Forum

Sproxil’s founder and chief executive officer, Dr. Ashifi Gogo, joined other world leaders to make a presentation at the 45th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland earlier this year

Salif Romano Niang: Determined to Build a Solution

“Malô was born because of that crisis.”The convention of academia would be to work on the problem by researching and debating it, conferring with think tanks or the United Nations, lobbying with governments. But the urgency that Salif felt for the problem was too great to wait for a better understanding, especially when in 2008 he saw the price of rice skyrocketing, resulting in shipping embargos and riots.

Mali: Transforming a Country Through Rice

Aspen Institute 2013 New Voices Fellow Salif Romano Niang is the co-founder and chief impact officer of Malo, a company working to revolutionize the rice industry in Niang’s home country of Mali.



The [MCN] feedback by far is the most comprehensive, detailed feedback we’ve had, and we have participated in a lot of competitions. And the fact that judges are willing to have …

Home of the Social Innovation Rockstar.

“By combining grassroots knowledge—or knowledge gained from our life experiences growing up in Africa—with knowledge of technological trends and market dynamics, we came up with a solution that we believe will make the world a better place,” says Salif Niang, who founded Malô Traders with his brother Mohamed.


Social business projects win funding, get tested by pros

This year’s Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition at the University of Washington had so many promising business plans that picking just two winners proved difficult. So judges did something unusual: they ponied up their own money on the spot to award another $3,000 prize.