Vision of the Mentor Capital Network

The Mentor Capital Network engages a world-wide network of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, incubators, and accelerators to identify and support the most promising and diverse early-stage social entrepreneurs who are solving the world’s toughest problems.

If you have a social, environmental, or cultural mission that is part of how your company does business that makes you stronger financially, we want to help you succeed.

Goals of the Mentor Capital Network

  1. Mentorship relationships where entrepreneurs and mentors choose each other
    To connect entrepreneurs and mentors so that they can build ongoing mentoring relationships that are meaningful and beneficial to both of them.
  2. Support that doesn’t cost time
    To provide support that doesn’t distract entrepreneurs from running their companies.
  3. Detailed and constructive feedback
    To provide entrepreneurs with detailed and constructive feedback on their business plans. And to provide reviewers with an opportunity to see what other smart and experienced people had to say about the same business plans that they read.
  4. Building a network of founders and peers solving similar problems
    To engage mentors and entrepreneurs in a peer-to-peer support network addressing similar challenges in non-competitive markets. We are dedicated to connecting people who are solving the same problems from different perspective, so they can learn from and strengthen each other’s efforts.
  5. Using our data to strengthen the field
    To collect and use data on how to build the most diverse and effective team of reviewers, mentors, and advisers for various kinds of social enterprises. And to share our analysis with our field.
  6. Prizes for the best companies
    We offer cash and in-kind prizes for our top teams that are together worth more than $20,000. Cash prizes include the Richard Heinberg Sustainability Prizes sponsored by the Foundation for a Sustainable Future, and the Chuck Dell Prizes. Professional service prizes include legal, accounting, marketing, and strategic assistance services from a variety of vendors who support the social enterprise space.