More than three-fifths of these companies are led- or co-led by women. Which, as our research shows. is good for business. All but one are led by individuals who are local to the communities where they work or members of underrepresented groups. All of them are dedicated to building companies that will serve as examples to others that you can grow businesses that are financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

Agriculture / Farming

  • Harvest Nation uses advanced aeroponic farming units to provide fresh, affordable, nutrient-rich produce to the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa in Minnesota, USA.
  • Hydroponic Farms Uganda primarily designs, manufactures and distributes Hydroponic Farms.
  • Malian Agribusiness is a Kenyan firm that sells value-added sweet potato products purchased from small scale farmers.
  • Possible Green is a Sri Lankan firm, also operating in the UK and Canada, that engages local women to grow and sell healthy herbal teas & coffees.
  • San Miguel de Proyectos Agropecuarios is a Mexican firm that has developed a line of plant based, high protein and high fiber products for the food industry and retail consumers that is made from amaranth, an ancestral grain with exceptional nutritional value.
  • Sustainable Smallholders is leveraging digital ecosystems to create pathways to living incomes for east African smallholder coffee farmers.
  • Wolakota Buffalo Range is a project of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. They are creating a sustainably managed buffalo range in South Dakota, USA.

Culture / Education

  • Café Du Pain Bakery is an award-winning creole bakery that connects customers to cultural experiences through food. They are based in the New Jersey, USA.
  • Culture Shift Creative is a USA cultural strategy firm that leverages storytelling and media for social impact.
  • HeSapa Enterprises is a full-service textile company specializing in culturally appropriate screen printing, embroidery, and custom, high-speed jacquard knitting. They are expanding to the funeral industry.  
  • Lokal Travel is a USA-based firm that is building an online academy for social change, taking advantage of their existing network of local sustainable travel experts.
  • Smokefire Media is a culturally competent marketing, public relations, and advertising agency based in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Employment / Empowerment

  • Amal is a Palestinian firm that is building a construction-to-contractor digital network to offer crowd-sourced information to help create reliable hiring matches for the companies and more stable employment for the employees.
  • DivySci Software is a USA software firm selling a diversity, equity, and inclusion analytics platform to public and private entities to address challenges around building metrics to assess their internal diversity and inclusion norms.
  • Inache is a firm based in India that provides an anonymized communication tool for workers to communicate their suggestions and grievances via SMS or voice call, and for managers to listen and respond.
  • Prison Art is a Mexican firm that has developed a training program for formerly incarcerated individuals that fuses the traditional tattoo, chiseling, fashion design and leather construction resulting in a luxury line of leather products.


  • CERO is a worker-owned cooperative in the Boston, MA, USA area that offers commercial composting services to businesses and anchor institutions.
  • CHARM is an Australian firm that will produce a coral farming robot that can reduce costs, save time, and grow resilient coral that can survive the future ocean conditions.
  • Generation Conscious is a USA-based firm that sells plastic-free, low carbon refills of personal care, laundry and household cleaning products.
  • JackRabbit Development is a USA-based firm providing sustainable construction options.
  • Solar Bear is a Native American-run full service solar installation company. They are based in Minnesota, USA.


  • HERHealthEQ is a USA-based firm that provides medical equipment in developing countries to address the lack of quality medical equipment to treat, detect, or prevent non-communicable diseases affecting women’s health.
  • Indigenous Pact helps Native American tribal health leaders generate sustainable revenue from patient services and deliver better health outcomes and access for all tribal citizens.
  • Native Botanicals is a Native American-owned e-commerce business, bringing indigenous healing traditions into modern self-care. They are based in Porcupine, SD, USA.