CleanChoice Energy : All Eyes On New Community Solar Power Program In Wappingers Falls, New York

Spira : ‘We want Spira to be the Willy Wonka of algae…’

WeSpire : WeSpire Adds Employee Giving, Matching and Grants Management to Award-Winning Employee Experience Platform

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GCE Lab School : Nonprofit Dreams for Kids helps turn Chicago students into entrepreneurs

Clean Decisions : John Legend Furthers His Efforts To Help Ex-Inmates Step Into Entrepreneurship

Eco Fuels Kenya : Dubiu’s Expo Live funding will support Eco Fuels Kenya for the improvement and scaling of croton supply chain in Kenya.

Soupergirl : Lidl selling Soupergirl fresh soups

Solstice : Steph Speirs Named an Emerson Collective Dial Fellow

CleanChoice Energy : CleanChoice Energy part of 11 Extraordinary Renewable Energy Startups on the Rise

ONergy : ONergy, founded in 2010, has installed power plants with the capacity of 15MW, installed 5700 street lights and 756 solar water pumps.

Biosense Technologies : Tulip Diagnostics to Acquire Biosense Technologies in India – Extends Capabilities in Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Sanivation : Sanergy, based in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, used human waste to grow the larvae of black soldier flies—which can be turned into protein-rich fodder for animals.

Biosense Technologies : Tulip Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd, an in-vitro diagnostic firm, has acquired Mumbai-based Biosense Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a medical devices maker.

Sproxil : Sproxil Gives Back: Clinton Global Initiative University Alumni Gathering

Sanergy : “Interview: Lindsay Stradley, cofounder of Sanergy”

Golden Coast Mead : “Sipping sunshine: San Diego takes the lead on mead”

BlocPower : BlocPower is greening American cities by helping residential building owners modernize their heating and cooling units.

Tala : Tala offers loans of up to $500 to people without credit histories or bank accounts.

Kuli Kuli : “Lisa Curtis’ great adventure — Creating Kuli Kuli”

Soupergirl : Soupergirl’s Sara Polon launches a female-centric storytelling series

Million Dollar Scholar : Derrius Quarles pays it forward exponentially with a financial app, brand strategy and a new government position.

Chakr Innovation : The Chakr Shield has saved over 3 billion liters of air from being polluted.

Outline India : Outline India is Crunching data for compelling impact

TerraOak : Max Chinnah invented a smokeless stove that convert heat into electricity.

Sproutel : My Special Aflac Duck: how a brand mascot helped support children with cancer

PACE MD : Med-Challenger and PACEMD Partner in Spanish-language USMLE and EM Education in Latin America

Back to the Roots : Two Founders Go From Growing Mushrooms In College To Building Out A National Brand

Tonlé : Cambodias’ Tonlé, is a frontrunners in processing pre-consumer waste.

Dechets a l’Or : Is Waste The Future? An interview with Ayodeji Onikute

Vertical Harvest : Vertical Harvest provides employment for the disabled and great local food for all.

Kuli Kuli : Moringa-leaf-fueld brand Kuli Kuli is now in around 11,000 stores including Walmart, Safeway, and CVS.

Million Dollar Scholar : Podcast: Derrius Quarles – Foster Child to Million Dollar Scholar

Back to the Roots : Back to the Roots, a pioneer of indoor gardening, announced Wednesday its products will be sold at more than 2,300 Walmart stores

Re-Nuble : Re-Nuble converts food waste into organic fertilizer pellets that can be used in indoor, hydroponic farms.

Golden Coast Mead : “San Diego’s Mead Makers”

Back to the Roots : Back to the Roots, an organic gardening retailer, is finding a home this year in 2,300 Walmarts nationwide.

MoveInSync : ‘GetToWork’, Ride-Hailing App By MoveInSync Now Operational Across Bangalore

Sanivation : Kenyan company Sanivation is putting waste to work.

CleanChoice Energy : CleanChoice Energy is a solar garden developer taking subscriptions for 15 arrays being developed in Minnesota