Our mentors have a front row-seat with world-changing social entrepreneurs, helping them to launch and scale their ideas. We engage mentors to work with our entrepreneurs in three ways: business plan review, challenge calls, & 1-on-1 mentoring.

Business Plan Review

The business plan review portion of our program has three primary goals:

  • To provide the companies with constructive feedback to help them accomplish their goals.
  • To identify companies that you want to engage with as a mentor.
  • To collect data that will help the MCN and our peers better serve future entrepreneurs.

We do this by connecting entrepreneurs with mentors through a process that allows both groups to choose who they want to work with, in a manner that respects everybody’s time.

Social entrepreneurs from around the world send us their business plans, and we select companies for our program based on two main criteria:

  • Will they have a significant positive impact on the world?
  • Can the MCN community help them succeed?

The MCN builds a team of 12-15 reviewers for each plan, who are chosen for diversity of perspective (marketing, finance, operations, etc.) with a focus on individuals who are addressing the same challenges but not competing for the same dollars / pesos / euros / etc..

Reviewers have 30 days to provide constructive commentary on the business plans, which takes about two hours per plan, using this form. All of this is done remotely, on the reviewer’s schedule. During this time, conference calls or in-person meetings (depending on geography) are  offered to give everyone a chance to meet each other.

At the end of the review, mentors can either offer to engage with the entrepreneur or remain anonymous.

Challenge Calls

We’ve worked with mentors and entrepreneurs operating in more than 100 countries. This gives us access to hundreds of social entrepreneurs who are addressing the same challenges but not competing for the same customers. We use this to run peer-to-(non-competitive) peer calls and meetings where entrepreneurs and mentors can share best practices among fellow practitioners.

1-on-1 Mentoring

Our mentor relationships are created when both the mentor and the entrepreneur choose each other on the basis of finding value in what they had to say to each other. Every aspect of our program is designed to create mentoring relationships that are interesting, engaging and valuable for everyone involved.

Most of our mentors have created, managed, invested in, or studied multiple-bottom-line companies. We have subject-matter experts in areas where we see a lot of entrants (e.g. renewable energy, base-of-the-pyramid business development, impact investing, sustainable agriculture, public health, etc.) as well as many individuals who are currently building their own sustainable companies. A partial list of our mentors can be found here.