The Mentor Capital Network exists to support impact entrepreneurs. But we don’t want to do so by taking you away from running your business. So our programs are light-touch, and we use as little of your time as we can to add as much value as possible.

Some of you might be looking for programs that add more value, even if they take more of your time. Below is a list of such programs that we particularly admire. All of these have had our alumni go through their programs so we have a good sense of where they added value.

  • Agora Partnerships – they focus on central- and south- american companies.
  • Echoing Green – they work with individuals all over the world.
  • Fledge – they have both online and and in-person programs around the world.
  • Global Social Benefit Institute – they have both online and and in-person programs. Their in-person programs are in Santa Clara, CA.
  • GriffinWorx – they run startup cups all over the world.
  • Halcyon– they have in-person programs in Washington, DC.
  • SeedSpot – they have in-person programs in Washington, DC and Phoenix, AZ.
  • Uncharted – they have accelerator partners all over the world.
  • Village Capital – they run programs all over the world.


For those of you who are new to the field of Social Enterprise, we recommend the gatherings listed below. (Most of them are offering online versions for 2020.) For a more detailed list, visit out friends at

The Ecosystem

Since our founding more than 15 years ago, the Mentor Capital Network has worked to build the social enterprise ecosystem. Our website contains lists of thousands of such organizations. These are not endorsements, merely identifiers.

We have also assembled lists of worker-owned cooperatives in the USA.