(Fall 2020)

The Mentor Capital Network (MCN) identifies and supports for-profit entrepreneurs who are using business to solve the world’s biggest social, economic, and environmental problems in a way that others will be inspired to follow their lead.

What you write here will be valuable both as feedback on a business plan and as a tool to assist both you and the entrepreneur in identifying and building mentoring relationships that will be useful, interesting, and engaging for the both of you. Please complete this form by Monday, October 12th.

We recommend completing this form offline and then pasting the comments into the online form.
A Microsoft Word version of the scorecard can be downloaded here: [URL To Come]

  • As a reviewer, your only commitment (so far) is to provide written feedback on the business plan. Should you wish to engage further with the entrepreneur (and we hope that you do), that is entirely your choice.
  • Write your comments directly to the entrepreneur(s), not to the MCN. Everything between and including “Product / Service” and “Reviewer Context” will be sent directly to them.
  • Write your comments from your perspective and expertise. You are part of a team of reviewers who were specifically chosen to provide different perspectives in your feedback.

The MCN is conducting ongoing research on what aspects of a business plan are most correlated to eventual company success. You can learn more about that project here: https://mentorcapitalnet.org/research/ . To that end, we ask you to rate various aspects of the plan. Please use these criteria:
1. Poor: If this area is not addressed, the business will not succeed.
2. Adequate: While this area is a weakness, it won’t disrupt the entire business.
3. Fair: This area will neither hurt the business nor provide a competitive advantage.
4. Good: This is the level you would want to see in a business before working there yourself.
5. Outstanding: They got this perfect. Particularly if they have a new approach to the challenge.

If you do not feel qualified to score a particular section, check the “No Score Provided” box. You can still include constructive comments.

We will have “Clarification Calls” in late September / early October to give you an opportunity to either meet or conference call with the entrepreneurs directly. Details on those to follow.

Questions about any aspect of our program should be sent to network@mentorcapitalnet.org.

Product / Service

Comments for this section could address:

  • Is it clear what problems their product or service will solve for their customers?
  • Is it clear what how they expect for it to solve those problems?
  • Do you think their product or service will do what they claim?


comments for this section could address:

  • Have they identifying their potential paying customers well?
  • Are their assumptions of their addressable market reasonable?
  • Is it clear how they will identify and approach these people?
  • Do you think they will be able close enough sales to make their financial model work?


Comments for this section could address:

  • Is it clear who their competitors are?
  • Is it clear what their competitive advantage is?
  • Is it clear what their major risks are?
  • Is it clear what the barriers to entry are for potential competitors?
  • Do you think their assumptions in this area are reasonable?
  • Is it clear (if appropriate) that they have the appropriate intellectual property protection?


Comments for this section could address:

  • Do they have the right team now?
  • Do they know what roles they will need to hire for as they grow?
  • Is it clear who their partners and champions are?


Comments for this section could address:

  • Is it clear how and why they will price their product or service?
  • Is it clear that they understand their costs of goods sold?
  • Is it clear what their financial assumptions are? Are they reasonable?
  • If they are seeking investment, is it clear how they plan to repay the investor, and/or how they can attract less risk-sensitive investors?

Mission Integration

Is their mission fully integrated into their business operations?


Comments for this section could address:

  • Do you think this is a viable business in its current form?
  • What do you see as their strongest asset?
  • What do you see as their biggest challenge?
  • Do think they will be able to execute production, sales, delivery, and other basic business operations?
  • Do they know how they will measure their success? Are there any aspects of the plan that particularly excite or concern you?