This Millennial Is Leading Africa’s Tech Revolution

Nigerian-American Maya Horgan Famodu is solving a big problem for Silicon Valley: Investors want to invest in Africa, but lack the know-how or local partners to help them get on the inside. Enter Famodu. She is the 26-year-old gatekeeper between tech investors and the Africa entrepreneur ecosystem.

moWoza does the running for traders

Informal trading in the region is not easy — travelling over long distances and across borders to source goods is time-consuming, costly and often dangerous. Yet hundreds of thousands of people in Africa rely on the risks of an informal supply chain to eke out a living and feed their families.

Update Sesolo Mello

Sesolo Mello is a social enterprise aiming to substitute paraffin in South African households with a safer, healthier and cheaper alternative: a biofuel blend that can be used in the same cookstoves as paraffin. Made from waste vegetable oils and produced in small scale production facilities, it also provides a sustainable solution that can stimulate local entrepreneurship and employment.