The Mentor Capital Network offers access to new social enterprises and a qualified pipeline of investment opportunities that have been mentored and vetted by experts in the field. We have hosted investor events in collaboration with several impact partners, including Bethesda GreenThe Green FestivalLOHAS, and The Social Enterprise Alliance.

Investors typically work with us in one of three ways:

  1. Review Business Plans and Mentor Entrepreneurs.
    Investors are offered an easy way to get to know a business AND see the feedback and perspectives of other expert mentors on the same business. In addition to working with the entrepreneur teams directly, investors may choose to participate on highly curated challenge calls which bring together experts from around the globe to tackle some of our companies’ biggest problems. Learn more about  how we work with Mentors here.
  2. Partner with the Mentor Capital Network to Build Qualified Pipelines.
    If you are looking to build a qualified pipeline in a particular category (Clean Tech, Public Health, with a particular regional focus, etc.) we can work with you to create a prize category that will increase the number and quality of applicants from your area of interest. Please contact us for more information.
  3. Share Expertise at MCN’s Investor Fishbowl or Green Grab Event.
    Both events feature professional investors asking serious questions of the presenting entrepreneurs for 30, 60 or even 90 minutes. This provides an incredible experience and education both for the presenting entrepreneurs AND the audience. The difference between the events is that the Green Grab presenters have been more thoroughly researched and vetted, and may receive offers of investment on the spot during the events.

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“Your organization is critical for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and get ready to raise capital. [The MCN is] helping to create a future pipeline for investors.”
Kesha Cash, Partner, Impact America Fund
“Impact investing in the climate change solutions space is not easy. [MCN] separates the folks who (just) have a good heart and the folks that have the skills to create climate wealth.” Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison, invested in Greenbean Recycle at a Green Grab event.
“I find that what [MCN] has been doing, working with companies to help them create better business plans has been invaluable to me as an angel investor. What is tremendous about [MCN] is that it works with the companies, helps them be profitable.” Valerie Gaydos, Director of the Angel Venture Forum

Green Grab Events

Investor Fishbowl Events