Our mentors have a front row-seat with world-changing social entrepreneurs, helping them to launch and scale their ideas. Most of our mentors have created, managed, invested in, or studied multiple-bottom-line companies. Some are subject matter experts. Most are entrepreneurs themselves. All are volunteers.

Our next review period will be March 14th to April 25th. If you are interested in being a reviewer, let us know here.

All of our mentors start as reviewers. We do this so that both the mentor and the entrepreneur choose each other on the basis of finding value in what they had to say to each other. Every aspect of our program is designed to create mentoring relationships that are interesting, engaging and valuable for everyone involved.

The MCN builds a team of 8-12 reviewers for each plan, who are chosen for diversity of perspective and expertise with a focus on individuals who are addressing the same challenges but not competing for the same customers.

Reviewers have a month to provide constructive commentary on the business plans, which takes 2-3 hours per plan. All of this is done remotely, on the reviewer’s schedule. During this time, video chats are offered to give mentors a chance to ask clarification calls and everyone a chance to meet each other.

At the end of the review, mentors can either offer to engage with the entrepreneur or remain anonymous. It is then up to the entrepreneur to follow up to start the mentoring relationship.

What We Offer

The opportunity to engage with the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs. Our alumni have gone on to (collectively) earn or raise more than 1.5 Billion USD. They are addressing some of the hardest challenges in the world, such as:

Connections to potential mentees where you choose each other. All you commit to is reading and reviewing 2 or 3 business plans during the month of May. If *you* decide you’d like to continue to engage with the company, you make that offer. If they decide that your advice was valuable to them, they will reach out to you. You can remain anonymous to the entrepreneurs if you wish.

Ongoing opportunities to connect with leaders who are addressing the same challenges that you are. Not only do you connect to the entrepreneurs, but there are numerous opportunities to connect with other members of our global mentor community as well.

What We Ask

The Review Period
You will be sent the business plans and links to our review form. Past reviewers report taking an average of 2 hours per plan to read and review a plan. Additionally, we offer “Clarification Calls” which are 1-hour calls where you can ask the entrepreneur(s) questions you might have about their business plan. So we expect the total time involved to be between 6 hours (2 plans) and 9 hours (3 plans).

The final question on the review form gives you five choices. If you chose any of the “Yes” options, the entrepreneur will be provided with your name, email, and public bio (LinkedIn, or whatever you provide to us.) It is up to the entrepreneur to follow up with you.

  • Yes – I would be willing to mentor this business.
  • Yes – I would be happy to engage in follow-up conversation(s).
  • Yes – I have a specific piece of information I would like to discuss with them.
  • Yes – I am willing to answer questions about my feedback via email.
  • No – Please leave me anonymous to the entrepreneur and other mentors.

After the Review Period
You will be given the option to review the feedback on the companies you looked at from the other reviewers. (If you ask to be anonymous to the entrepreneur, you will be anonymous to the other reviewers as well.

You should receive either a simple thank you note or communication about working together further, from the entrepreneur. While we do have general guidelines, each mentoring relationship is specific to the mentor and mentee involved.