How To Apply for the 2024 Cohorts

  • Cohort #1 (Puerto Rico) has been selected by our partners at CDVCAs’ Unlock Capital program. Conference Calls and Document Review will happen in April and May. That program is described here.
  • Cohort #2 (Mainland USA) is currently being recruited by the MCN and our partners at the CDVCAs’ Unlock Capital Program. Conference Calls and Document Review will happen in May and June. If you are, or know any companies we should be supporting, we encourage you yo apply by April 15th at
  • Cohort #3 (Outside of the USA) is currently being recruited by the MCN and several of our global partners. Conference Calls and Document Review will happen in the fall. If you are, or know any companies we should be supporting, we encourage them to apply by September 15th by reading this page, and then sending your business plan to 

What We Do

  • Connect social entrepreneurs to mentors who have dealt with similar problems but are not competing for the same customers. We tailor teams of experts to provide written and video-call feedback on your ideas. Then you and your potential mentors chose each other based on how useful and interesting you found each other. Think of it like a (non-romantic) dating site.
  • Help companies succeed. Companies that we work with, as opposed to companies we almost worked with (that were qualified, and we would have worked with if not for space, timing, etc.) are 32% more likely to be in business when compared year-by-year. Read what our alumni have to say.
  • We do NOT, alas, directly provide funding. So do not submit a funding request to us. Some of our partners do (see “Who Should Apply (Preferences)” below) but we are not part of that decision process.
  • A detailed operational overview of our process is available here.

Who Should Apply (Requirements)

Entrepreneurs who are (1) Building for-profit companies that has social and/or environmental values built into how the business makes money, (2), open to feedback on their business model, and (3) who can commit to the following actions:

  • Four phone/video calls – 2 with MCN team, 2 with prospective mentors.
  • Submit a business plan or detailed pitch deck in English, Spanish, or French. (Because not all prospective mentors can make video calls.)
  • Review the feedback we provide on your documents.
  • Follow up with all of your reviewers — either with a simple thank you for their time, or to begin a mentoring relationship with those you found particularly helpful.

Who Should Apply (Preferences)

The Mentor Capital Network engages with a variety of partners who provide additional support (mostly funding) to our entrepreneurs in situations where the companies involved meet the criteria of both the MCN and our partners. To that end, while the items listed above are the only requirements, preference will be shown for applicants who fit into one or more of the categories listed below. No candidate will fit all categories, and it is possible to have a successful application even if you don’t fit into any of these categories.

  • For applicants based outside of the USA, we show a preference for companies working in  LDC countries. (With a particular focus on the southern Sahara region in Africa or the Indian state of Goa.)
  • For applicants based in the USA, we will be working with the CDVCAs’ Unlock Capital program in 2024.  You should let us know of your interest, but you should also apply directly to the CDVCA here.  (The CDVCA is focused on companies based in CDFI Investment Areas.) The CDVCA is focused on supporting companies that are currently raising investment funds. 
  • A preference (both within and outside of the USA) will also be shown for companies addressing the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Preference will also be shown for companies that could become multi-country franchises.

Business Plan / Pitch Deck Details

  • How: Email your plan to as an attached file.
  • Length: Most plans we see are 16-24 pages long. We do not have a formal length limit, but text-heavy plans longer than 30 pages will probably annoy your reviewers.  You may link to additional online resources in your business plan.
  • Cover Page: please include the following logistical information on either the cover page of your plan: Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Email, Country (-ies) of Operation, Website/Social Media (if applicable), a list of who you consider your competitors, a description of what you consider to be your biggest business challenge (other than raising funds).
  • Language: At least one member of the team must speak English. Documents can be in English, Spanish, or French.
  • Do NOT include any intellectual property in the documents. We will not sign NDAs.
  • Format: We do NOT have a specific format to suggest, because the most important thing is that you submit a document that you have written written to and for your leadership team, not for the MCN or someone else. That said, you should cover the items listed below.
    1) What does your company produce or provide?
    2) Who pays for it, are their enough of these people to make your business work, and how will you find them?
    3) What are your financial assumptions?
    4) Who are your competitors and what are the major risks involved?
    5) What advantages do you and your team have that your competitors do not?


MCN alumni including companies that are addressing some of the most important challenges in the world. A list of alumni companies still active under their own names can be found here. Some examples include: