SanergyThe Mentor Capital Network is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit that supports entrepreneurs who are launching or growing for-profit companies that aim to make our world a better place to live.

Launched in 2002, we have engaged more than 1,000 volunteer mentors who have donated more than $6 million worth of their time, which we refer to as ” mentor capital.” The result: 600 for-profit enterprises have launched, creating tens of thousands of jobs and impacting millions of people.

Our work is provide maximum support for social entrepreneurs without taking you away from running your company. We design our programs for both companies that are seeking professional investment, as well as for those who seek to grow their business and their impact on their own. We provide detailed feedback on your business plans from specifically curated individuals who know what it is to build and scale a social enterprise, mentoring relationships where you and the mentor choose each other, and a network of founders and non-competitive peers solving similar problems.

These are the benefits we provide to our entrepreneurs:

  • An average of 25 pages of constructive feedback on your business plan. We customize a team of mentors to read your business plan and provide you their expertise and perspectives.
  • Mentoring relationships where you and the mentor choose each other. You decide which reviewers you want to engage with, based on the quality of their feedback to you.
  • A network of founders and peers solving similar problems. The MCN is a platform for you to engage with non-competitive peers, founder-to-founder, to learn from and strengthen each other’s efforts.
  • Investor connections. Participation in our programs also gives you an opportunity to be part of our Investor Fishbowl and Green Grab events where we put companies in front of accredited investors to pitch for professional debt or equity investment.
  • Support that doesn’t take you away from running your company. From the ground up, we are built to keep you running your company.
  • Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our entrepreneurs have to say about our program.

Learn more about and apply for our program here.