Affordable water disinfecting nano-silver paper filters

Folia Water has also just received a $400k contract from Unilever Global Innovation to prove the consumer sales recipe in partnership with the Unilever Bangladesh PureIt team.

Inclusive business models for safe water

Folia Water’s value proposition involves the distribution of silver-infused filter papers that cost as low as Tk 30 and thus provide the opportunity to the low-income community to have filtered water within an affordable range.

‘Drinkable book’ filters filthy water and makes it safer to drink, researchers say

Imagine a book that has pages you can tear out and use to turn raw sewage into drinking water. Each page is implanted with silver or copper nanoparticles that kill bacteria when water passes through them. And each page is printed with a message in your local language: “The water in your village may contain deadly diseases. But each page of this book is a paper water filter that will make it safe to drink.”