Interview: Anovo Consulting

Interview with Jen Boulden, who entered as “Anavo Consulting” in 2004.   Her current firm is called “Ideal Bite.” Interview conducted in 2009.   Are you currently running / working with a mission-driven business? What is it called? Yes, Ideal Bite – providing daily tips for light green living. Sold to Disney in 2008, still work for the company.  

Is it for the business plan you entered the William James Foundation Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition with? (If no, is it similar to the plan you submitted?) No, but the precursor to it was my green business consulting company called Anavo Consulting.  Anavo did win an award at the competition, and go off to be profitable in the first year, even with employing three people and various freelancers.  The idea for Ideal Bite came while consulting with other green businesses, and realized that there was no one great place for them to advertise and attract the Light Green Consumer™.  

Who are your customers? What is the benefit you are offering them? How many people are you employing? Our 500K subscribers to our free daily email are driving their SUV to WholeFoods.  You know, you and me – we care but can’t be expected to sell our homes and live in a yurt.  We employ 25 fulltime staff, and at least 10 freelancers at any given time.  

Where are you based? How long have you been in business? We are based all over the country – but primarily San Francisco.  We’ve been in business since early 2005.  

Are you looking for debt or equity investors? No, been there, done that!!

  Was the feedback and/or prizes you received from the William James Foundation helpful? How? The feedback was very helpful, although since it’s been over 5 years now since winning, I can’t remember the exact feedback, but I can remember that it gave me the confidence to go out there and JUST DO IT!