Millennial Food Innovators: Kulisha Turns Flies into Sustainable Animal Feed

USA-based Kulisha is taking on the destructive fishing practices of commercial vessels. Practices like bottom trawling, blast fishing and cyanide fishing result in unintentional by-catch and the destruction of coral reefs. As the world’s population continues to increase, finding regenerative sources of protein is imperative. Kulisha is betting on the Black Soldier Fly as this alternative source of protein.

Their waste treatment process converts organic waste from food and beverage producers into a high-quality insect protein animal feed. The black soldier fly larvae feeds on organic waste, becoming a safe, high-protein alternative to fish meal in a matter of days. In terms of sustainability and food waste benefits, insect protein should not be ignored. We spoke with Eric Katz and Maya Faulstich-Hon, co-founders of Kulisha, about how they will contribute to global food security, what progress they have made since inception one year and a half ago, and a bit about crowdfunding.