Saving Mothers Announces Innovative Partnership With Maternova, Inc. to Advance Maternal Health

With over 300,000 women dying needlessly each year in childbirth, maternal death has long been a global health crisis. In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, observed by the United Nations on Feb. 11, Maternova and Saving Mothers announce their partnership. Saving Mothers was founded by a group of healthcare professionals as a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to addressing this challenge. Led by Dr. Taraneh Shirazian, head of Global Women’s Medicine at NYU Langone, the organization’s mission is to eradicate preventable maternal death through education, intervention, and the application of practical, low cost, high-impact solutions. Maternova Inc. is a women’s health solutions company, co-founded by Meg Wirth and Allyson Cote to accelerate marketing and commercialization of life-saving innovations.

One of Saving Mothers’ first and core solutions is the Safe Birth Kit. The Safe Birth Kit is a small portable bag containing everyday items that can save a birth mother’s life, such as a drape to provide a clean surface for delivery, gloves, a razor blade to safely cut the umbilical cord, two cord clamps for the cord and soap to cleanse the mother’s perineum: ordinary items that are essential to preventing the spread of infection during delivery. The Saving Mothers birth kit is unique because of the range of key components included and the tested, evidence-based pictorial instructions which act as a decision-making guide.

Saving Mothers has entered into a partnership with the firm Maternova in order to manufacture and distribute these safe birth kits on a larger scale and at an accessible price. Saving Mothers estimates that in the first year alone, distribution of its kits will increase by more than 50 percent.

“The partnership with Maternova will enable Saving Mothers to reach a far broader number of pregnant women in need within underserved communities around the world,” stated Dr. Shirazian, “Providing this access will ensure that Saving Mothers can continue its efforts to reduce maternal morbidity rates, bringing us closer to our goal of eradicating preventable death during childbirth within the next decade.”

Meg Wirth, CEO of Maternova states, “We focus on scaling high-quality women’s health solutions. Preventing sepsis and enabling an infection-free birth is a basic but fundamental starting point for maternal and newborn health. We are pleased to officially partner with Saving Mothers to accelerate global access to their Safe Birth Kit”.