An Overview of the MCN Program for Mentors

Step 1: Apply
(Application Form currently being updated.)

Step 2: Indicating your preference — Optional
We can assign you companies from our current cohort based on your background, or, you can let us know which companies you prefer. Unless you indicate otherwise, you will be sent two plans. 

Step 3: Reviewing the plans — Expected
We will send you business plans and review forms on or before September 21st. Filling out these review forms are the only thing you have specifically committed toIf you have signed up for this, and your situation changes, please let us know. Please return the review forms to us by October 12th.

Step 4: Clarification Calls / Meetings — Optional
During the review people, we host “Clarification Calls” for all of the companies via our ZOOM video chat account where you will be able to ask any questions you might have for the entrepreneurs. These calls typically last 45-60 minutes. 

Step 5: Mentor Matching — Optional
The last question on the review form gives you these options:

  1. I would be willing to mentor this business.
  2. I would be happy to engage in a follow-up conversation.
  3. I am willing to answer questions about my feedback via email.
  4. Please leave me anonymous.

You indicate which option works for you. Then, the entrepreneur reaches out to the reviewers who (a) checked one of the first three boxes, and (b) delivered their commentary in a manner than the entrepreneur found constructive to their situation. This is why we do the business plan review first — it gives the entrepreneur the chance to identify the people who provide information to them in a way that works for them. 

Step 6: Mentoring — Optional
If you and the entrepreneur have chosen each other for a mentoring relationship, we will work with you directly at that point to set that up. We will offer guidance, although  each mentoring relationship is different.

Step 7: Peer-To-Peer Calls — Optional
Peer-to-peer calls feature individuals working on the same challenges but not competing for the same customers. All current and former entrepreneurs and reviewers and mentors are invited to join if the topic is of interest. The topics are chosen by entrepreneurs from the most recent cohort.