Roads Paved With Pig Manure Could Mean A Cleaner Future

A new video created by the National Science Foundation explains new research into using waste from pigs to create a more environmentally friendly alternative to the petroleum-based asphalt that is currently used in roads today.

N.C. A&T farm to house high-tech hog waste/asphalt plant

Bio-Adhesive Alliance is currently reviewing bids for what will be a mobile facility that could operate both at N.C. A&T itself and be moved to other locations, said Elham Fini, the professor of civil engineering whose research spawned the startup. Bids on the project have ranged from $400,000 to $500,000, and Fini said she hopes to select a contractor by the end of this month and have the facility finished by next August.

Bio-Adhesive Alliance Inc-PiGrid

Bioadhesive Alliance Inc. is manufacturer of a green, low cost, and durable construction adhesive called PiGrid. PiGrid provides the pavement industry a lower production cost and an enhanced performance, and provides a solution for hog producers, governments, and trade associations looking for appropriate solutions for waste management from traditional swine waste decomposition lagoon designs. Main customers of PiGrid are asphalt terminals.