The next round of beer innovations

A pilot program partnership with Boom Algae takes carbon dioxide and other waste byproducts of fermentation and feeds them to the algae. The algae is harvested and sold to Living Ink Technologies, which uses it to make a 100-percent biodegradable green ink. “It sounded wacky at first,” says Upslope’s founder Matt Cutter. “But we’re hoping this is successful and leads Boom Algae to the next step, where eventually it becomes something that can handle more or all of the CO2 from our brewery.”

Upslope Brewing Announces Sustainability Project with Boom Algae and Living Ink Technologies

Upslope Brewing Company and two local startups, Boom Algae and Living Ink Technologies, begin a collaborative project to turn brewery waste into a 100% biodegradable, non-petroleum-based, algae-ink. The system is a unique bioreactor designed to function as a zero-waste system.

Interview: Boom Algae

Mentor Capital Network spoke with Philip Calabrese, Co-founder of Boom Algae (formerly SuperiorEcotech) to catch up on how the business has been since participating in the Mentor Capital Network’s 2014 Sustainable …