22 of the Most Fascinating Social Good Startups Changing the World

DayOne Response develops and supplies innovative solutions for disaster relief. One solution is the DayOne Waterbag, which is a lightweight reusable personal water treatment device that provides all the essential functions for water purification. According to co-founder Amy Cagle, DayOne Waterbags have been deployed in over 20 countries, and the company has provided over 7 million liters of clean water in less than a year.

Eqalix and Drexel University Announce Grant of U.S. Patent for OmegaSkin™ Plant Protein-Based Wound Dressing

Eqalix, Inc., a Northern Virginia regenerative medicine company, has achieved an important step in its development of technology for wound healing. A plant protein-based nanofiber scaffold technology invented at Drexel University and licensed to Eqalix recently received U.S. patent protection. The patent is U.S. Patent No. 8,790,921, entitled “Alimentary Protein-Based Scaffolds (APS) for Wound Healing, Regenerative Medicine and Drug Discovery.”