Eqalix and Drexel University Announce Grant of U.S. Patent for OmegaSkin™ Plant Protein-Based Wound Dressing

Eqalix, Inc., a Northern Virginia regenerative medicine company, has achieved an important step in its development of technology for wound healing. A plant protein-based nanofiber scaffold technology invented at Drexel University and licensed to Eqalix recently received U.S. patent protection. The patent is U.S. Patent No. 8,790,921, entitled “Alimentary Protein-Based Scaffolds (APS) for Wound Healing, Regenerative Medicine and Drug Discovery.”

“This patent covering Eqalix’s OmegaSkin™ wound dressing is an important milestone in our effort to commercialize this technology and recognition of the highly innovative approach to replace human and animal sources for advanced wound dressings with an easier to harvest and process and less costly plant source,” remarked Thomas Seoh, Eqalix President and Chief Executive Officer. OmegaSkin™ is made from natural soy proteins in contrast to current wound dressing options made from human sources such as neonatal foreskin or cadaver skin, or animal sources such as cows, horses or pigs.