Fruit and Second Chances Never Tasted So Good

Our products provide second chances in two ways. One would be employing and training women who need a second chance because they are homeless, formerly incarcerated, or otherwise disadvantaged. The second would be the fruit we pick was originally not the right size/shape to be sold commercially. The model address is the paradox that in this country we waste 40% of food while 1/6 americans are currently living in hunger.

Why entrepreneurs are suddenly finding the beauty in ugly produce

Two college-age entrepreneurs have settled on juice as a “pretty good vehicle for addressing food waste,” creating a purpose for the most misshapen specimens. Georgetown University students Philip Wong, 22, and Ann Yang, 21, launched Misfit Juicery at Mess Hall in the fall as a solution for perfectly good produce going to waste. No one has to know, after all, that the carrot was crooked before it was cold-pressed into liquid.