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The idea for Mozambikes came about on a roadtrip across Mozambique by the sight of “person after person walking along the side of the road with massive containers of water or bundles of firewood on their heads,” writes co-founder Lauren Thomas. By branding bicycles with advertisers’ logos, the social venture can provides quality bikes at less than half the usual price. With transportation scare in rural regions of the country, bicycles are efficient, affordable and easy to maintain. Mozambikes creates employment directly, in their warehouse where the bicycles are built, and then makes a developmental impact across the country through the bikes they sell. People use them to get to and from jobs, or creates transportation-related jobs, like delivery services. Health, safe and community are other areas positively impacted when people have access to a reliable form of transportation.

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Mozambikes is the first provider to build a bicycle industry and make bicycles a commodity in Mozambique. The unique advantage of Mozambikes lies in their model that provides bicycles of higher quality and lower prices to all provinces in Mozambique. They offer quality bicycles at a standard cost across all retail locations, regardless of proximity to an urban center, so that people can afford to buy a product that can improve their quality of life. “We employ over 15 workers,” says co-founder Lauren Thomas. “Our technicians in the warehouse generally lack formal education and would otherwise be minimum wage workers, but Mozambikes pays 2-5x minimum wage, gives bonuses (cell phones last year), and provides no-interest loans (we have helped 2 workers build a house)!”


Mozambikes has developed a model to overcome these obstacles. The Mozambikes model makes bicycles and accessories available at affordable prices for people living in impoverished areas by leveraging sales of advertising to corporate and institutional customers. Mozambikes is the first provider seeking to improve the quality of bicycles in the market, make them affordable, provide training and after-market service and build a complete bicycle industry in Mozambique.