Keurig Dr Pepper to distribute Runa Clean Energy drink

Runa hopes to build itself into the country’s top natural energy drink — and this partnership could help expedite that goal. Runa immediately gains access to Keurig Dr Pepper’s extensive distribution network. For AMI, working with Keurig Dr Pepper is a familiar one: the soda, water, tea and coffee giant already is a distributor of its Vita Coco coconut water beverage.

How 2 Liberal Arts Students created a million-dollar rainforest saving company.

In 2010, Brown University student Tyler Gage took a course about the languages and religions of the Amazon that blew his mind. Gage, who had grown up in the comfortable Bay Area suburbs, became enthralled by the rich, complex world of Amazonian tribespeople. Soon, it wasn’t enough for him to just read about these cultures; he wanted to see it all for himself. So, with some guidance from his professor, he packed his bags and moved to the Ecuadorian rainforest for two years.

Runa Steers Towards Natural Energy, Away from Tea

Nothing drives impact like dollars. It’s a simple idea, but, for Runa, it represents the seed of an entirely new business-focused outlook.The Brooklyn-based company, founded in 2009 by college roommates Tyler Gage and Dan MacCombie, produces ready-to-drink iced teas and energy drinks made with guayusa, a plant traditionally used as a natural source of caffeine by indigenous groups in South America. Through its vertically aligned supply chain— in which it sources organic crops from Fair Trade Certified partner farms in Ecuador— Runa has made ethical business practices and sustainable farming a key part of its identity.

An Amazonian super-leaf drink loved by Channing Tatum, Richard Branson and Leonardo DiCaprio is giving indigenous farmers a lift.

Every morning before dawn, the Amazon-dwelling Kichwa tribe partake in a 2,000-year-old tea-drinking ritual. Guayusa (pronounced gwhy-yoo-sa) is their brew of choice, served in a hollowed-out gourd. Rather like many of us before our first caffeine hit, the Kichwa say they are not ‘Runa’, which translates as ‘fully alive human being’, before their first bowl.

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in, Joins Advisory Board of Ecuadorian Beverage Company Runa

DiCaprio participated in an investment round, which includes Marlon Wayans, Adam Rodriguez (“CSI Miami”) and professional tennis players John Isner and Steve Johnson. Channing Tatum was an early investor. Runa products are made from guayusa caffeinated tea leaf from the Ecuadorian Amazon, which is sustainably produced in the rainforest by 3,000 indigenous farming families.


Interview: Runa (2014)

The MCN’s Rachel Andersen caught up with Tyler on October 21, 2014 to hear about Runa’s growth since being a part of the 2011 cohort.  “We built a supply chain …