Yumbutter is nuts for change

Imagine it’s 10 years into the future. Food corporations are still concerned with making a profit, but it is no longer the only concern. Companies are blazing trails for better environmental standards, practicing ethical sourcing and engaging with the community in a positive way. Employees are valued and love showing up to work. Consumers enjoy trips to the supermarket because they know what they’re throwing into the cart isn’t causing harm. And best of all, food is more than just a product: It’s healthy, fun and meaningful.

Om Boys create peanut butter for the 21st century with Yumbutter

“One revolutionary thing that’s been our core since the beginning is our responsibility to make the most nutritious food for the customer,” Reif says. “It’s not a right to be a food manufacturer; it’s a privilege. We have to look out for other people, and we don’t want to give them unhealthy foods.” He’d like to help people “take back control of what they’re eating.”