Interview: Drive Alternatives

This interview was conducted in 2009 with Kavi Turnbull of

Are you currently running / working with a mission-driven business? What is it called?

Is it for the business plan you entered the William James Foundation Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition with?
Yes, we are a former entrant.

Who are your customers? What is the benefit you are offering them? How many people are you employing?
2 full-time employees, 3 part-time contractors. We allow alternative fuel vehicle drivers an easy way to find alternatives fuel stations including: E85, Biodiesel, CNG, Electric Vehicle Charging, LPG, Hydrogen as well as CarShare Locations.’s founders recognized the need for an easy to use alternative fuel station website that had accurate data. allows alternative fuel users and station owners to create an account and update the alternative fuel station data.

Where are you based? How long have you been in business?
Minneapolis, MN. Co-founders Kavi Turnbull and Ben Talberg started the company while Turnbull was in Madison earning his MBA. Upon graduation the pair raised $250,000 of investment to kick-start

Are you looking for debt or equity investors?
We’ll be raising another round of equity financing in 2010 after releasing two more products and acquiring beta users.

Was the feedback and/or prizes you received from the William James Foundation helpful? How?
Our judging feedback was useful because it became very apparent what areas were misunderstood when an investor was reading our plan. The feedback led to us rewriting parts of the plan before presenting it to actual investors.