Interview: Intoxicating Designs

This interview was conducted in 2009 with Angie Allen, Founder of Intoxicating Designs.

Are you currently running / working with a mission-driven business? What is it called?
Yes. Intoxicating Designs, Inc.

Is it for the business plan you entered the William James Foundation Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition with? Yes.

Who are your customers? What is the benefit you are offering them? How many people are you employing? Middle and Upperclass homeowners. Eco-friendly interior building products. I am the only employee.

Where are you based? How long have you been in business?
Wichita, Kansas. 14 months

Are you looking for debt or equity investors? I have considered it and I am open to the idea.

Was the feedback and/or prizes  you received from the William James Foundation helpful? How?
The feedback was helpful. I realize that my business plan needed reworking with more details, research, numbers, etc.