Interview: Bennu

“We believe strategic business sustainability is THE competitive advantage for the 21st century.” — Ashok Kamal, Co-Founder, Bennu LLC

This interview was published in 2012. 

Bennu – founded by three business school classmates – entered the 2010 and 2011 William James Foundation Competition. Bennu’s social media marketing solutions increase enterprise value by aligning clients’ business objectives with consumer demand and environmental resources.  Bennu’s unique Marketing Methodology is based on 3 pillars: Purpose, Fun and Engagement. Their toolbox includes 100% recycled custom merchandise and high-tech apps that reward eco-friendly actions. We recently checked in with Bennu’s Ashok Kamal to see how things are going at Bennu HQ in NYC.

How many people do you employ? 
3 employees – myself (Ashok Kamal) plus co-founders Sayaka Eto and Kevin Ng

Where are you located?
New York City

What are your current revenues? (Multiple choice)
$100,000- $1 million

What problem are you trying to solve?  
Our goal is to make sustainability fun, rewarding and profitable for businesses.    

How did you become interested in this problem?
By learning about the tremendous amount of waste our society generates.    

What is your solution to the problem?
We believe strategic business sustainability is THE competitive advantage for the 21st century. 

Who are your customers?
FORTUNE 500 corporations and green technology companies that want to use social media and sustainability to create business value.    

Has the William James Foundation competition and mentoring program helped you on your way?
The WJF network has introduced us to mentors who not only gave us advice, but also led to suppliers and partners.    

What other resources have you found that are particularly useful for social entrepreneurs in DC?
Meetup groups and conferences such as Net Impact and Sustainable Brands.    

For readers who want to know more about what you’re up to, where can we send them?

Anything else you’d like the William James Foundation community to know?
We appreciate you!