Interview: Day One Response (2013)

Interview by Madeline Parrish, Communications Intern

Day One Response distributes their patented DayOne Waterbag, a ten gallon water filtration backpack, to disaster affected areas with no access to clean water. Our friends shared with us the exciting projects they’ve been working on since taking first place in our Venture-Phase category in 2012.

Since their win they have been growing and seen changes in their market. These changes includes shifting from primarily working with non-profits and military organizations to adding a focus on individuals and small companies focused on personal disaster preparedness. So keep them in mind when you’re preparing your next first aid or disaster preparedness kit! With this new market emerging they are also entertaining the idea of a one for one model in which each private order is matched with an addition to an NGO’s order.

Along with learning about the changes taking place for Day One Response, Tricia and Amy also shared with us some reflections on their WJF experience. They praised the specific questions, critiques and praises they received from the knowledgeable judges who read their plans. Feedback like this is why we do what we do. It’s always nice to hear that the matches we spend so much time thinking about and making have been fruitful.