Zenful Bites: Building a New Food System

The food system today is not the one previous generations were used to. Genetic engineering and the agrochemical complex have “changed the way our food is produced, distributed and marketed, and, in many cases, not for the better” according to Greenpeace.Yolanda-and-I-at-AU-287×300

For instance, the use of pesticides currently not only pollutes streams and wells and kills fish and birds, but also causes cancer, given that the toxic chemicals often remain as residues in many vegetables and fruit. Fortunately, innovative food activists like Josephine Chu are coming up with solutions to challenge and counter the direction in which the food system is heading. In May 2012, Josephine co-founded Zenful Bites with Yolanda Hawthorne, a social enterprise in Washington DC, which uses food as a medium to transform people’s lives, by creating a sustainable, healthy and just food system through education and eco-catering.