Noble Profit Moment with Taryn Sullivan, Efficiency Exchange, Chinese factories and energy

The world is getting a little smaller with CEO and mover shaker Taryn Sullivan of Efficiency Exchange (EEx) building applications on site, in China, to help companies analyze and create better supply chains.

In her interview, Taryn discusses the reasons and ways EEx tools are designed for the people who actually use them by actually go into the factories to work side by side with workers responsible for entering the data. This way, Taryn believes, they can meet the needs of the customer more accurately and efficiently to achieve their goals.

Creating efficiency can often be inefficient. If the workers have to fill out cumbersome surveys and complicated applications throughout the day, it can really drag production into the red. Rather than weigh them down with obsolete information and requests, EEx goes in and streamlines the process based upon the actual results being achieved while taking into account the cultural differences of countries overseas, as well as the reality of what factory life consists of. What are the true barriers? And how can we overcome them?

Energy has been the lowest on the totem pole in terms of efficiency because it has been so inexpensive in the past. Now we are seeing the costs of energy rise and become more inconsistent, it is critical for companies to address any leaks in their system. Taryn sees this as the first move for her company and has been designing software to help global supplier meet the needs of transparency for global brands, while optimizing their systems. Her success rate is off the chart.

“At EEx, we’ve learned what most of the world takes for granted — it takes a lot of work to coordinate the constantly changing world of buyers and suppliers that makes the world’s economy go. That’s why we’re building simple, powerful tools for everyone in the supply chain, from manufacturers in China, to retailers in the U.S and Europe.”

Want to meet Taryn Sullivan in person and get better look at her product? Come to SB13 in San Diego June 3-6, where EEx is a semi-finalist in the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open. Taryn will be presenting, as well as have a booth at the expo which is open to the public.