MCN Update: 19 March 2015

Greetings and Salutations. We’re excited to be underway with the 2015 Sustainable Business Plan Competition — check out the amazing companies we are working with.  

I am pleased to announce that The Foundation for a Sustainable Future will once again be sponsoring the Richard Heinberg Prize for Environmental Sustainability in our competition.  But as helpful as it is to have foundation support, the majority of our donations have always come from our community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors who recognize the value of our work.

If you’ve been part of our programs and believe that are building stronger companies for a better world, please make a donation to keep that work going.  
Thank you all, 
Ian T. Fisk
Executive Director
The Mentor Capital Network
Mentor Dinners

Every year, we bring together our mentors in cities around the globe for dinner* on us. If you are interested in organizing a gathering of MCN mentors, entrepreneurs, and donors in your city, contact us to see how many members of our community live near you. (* brunch, drinks, whatever works for you.)

I will personally be attending (and thus helping to organize) four of these dinners. If you will be in any of the cities below at the dates listed, please contact me via if you would like to join us.

April 9th – New York City
April 14th – Denver / Boulder
April 15th – San Francisco / Oakland
April (TBD) – Washington, DC


Please join me at:
April 16-19 The Social Venture Network in San Diego
May 19-20 Social Venture Institute in Rhineback, NY
June 10-12 Business Alliance for Local Living Economies in Phoenix, AZ
July 9-10 The Mentor Capital Network Gathering at the UN in New York City

Meet the Mentor Capital Network:
Drew Tulchin of UpSpring

Drew TulchinDrew Tulchin, founder and director of Uprising, has been a long-time part of the Mentor Capital Network Community.

Recently, he took his consultancy, one of the oldest and most respected in the social enterprise space, and re-positioned it as UpSpring: Your social enterprise associates – and built a new website at

We are proud to work with Drew and his team, and encourage you to read our interview with this industry pioneer here.

Meet the Mentor Capital Network
Ravi Machani of IndiVillage Tech Solutions
Ravi Machani, the Founder and Director of IndiVillage Tech Solutions, was inspired to help change rural India after talking with a former President of India, Abdul Kalam.
Hearing Kalam’s regret and unfinished business to do more for India, if each entrepreneur went and adopted a village or created some sort of initiative, they could make a big difference for rural India. Taking this to heart, Ravi started IndiVillage. Read our interview with him here.