MCN Update: 9 May 2015

We want your brains 

I believe that you’ve got the brains, skill, and perspective to help social entrepreneurs turn amazing ideas into a scalable businesses with measurable impact.

 And we want to put those brains to use. Not just by your lonesome — you would be part of a curated team with diverse perspectives, specifically matched to entrepreneurs you can most help. 

We have a time-tested process to harness that brainpower in a way that respects your time and interest, maximizes your ability to support the entrepreneurs, and gives you a chance to learn both from the entrepreneurs and your fellow mentors.  Right now, we need folks who can review 2 business plans between May 25th and June 15th.

We seek your support
The Mentor Capital Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Donations are tax-deductible. Most of our funding comes from investors and donors who are using us to identify and support best-in-class social entrepreneurs in specific geographies and industries around the world. That allows us to support companies locally in the greater DC area, and clean energy entrepreneurs around the world. 

However, this funding doesn’t cover all of the day-to-day costs of our network.  
Most of our operating support comes from you, our community of business plan reviewers and mentors. Last year, 140 individuals provided more than $40,000 of general operating support. Please help us make that goal in 2015.

We would love to see you in person
Please attend our annual gathering and finalists presentations this summer at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. A donation of $250 or more gets you a free ticket for this July 9th and 10th event! If you can’t make the event, your donation will help an entrepreneur attend.

Together, we’ve done amazing work. Keep it going.
We’ve helped to launch over 500 companies. Companies that have created thousands of jobs, raised millions in follow-on capital, and impacted millions of people by providing access to energy, clean water, fair trade, better health systems, sustainable agriculture, and other social and environmental benefits.

 And they have provided these benefits as profitable companies, reducing the strain on non-profit and government efforts in those areas.
Companies like Runa, Atayne, and First Access who understand our mantra — “No Margin, No Mission.”   
Join us as a mentor.
Join us as a donor
.Join us at the United Nations in July.

Thank you.
Ian T. Fisk
Executive Director
Mentor Capital Network
(Formerly known as the William James Foundation)