MCN Update: 28 May 2015

We are making a real difference, but we need your help

The Mentor Capital Network (formerly known as the William James Foundation) has the honor of supporting companies that are solving the toughest problems in the world. Two of their stories are below. But in order to provide that support, we need your help. The MCN helps to bring these companies from idea to execution. 

The best way to see the difference we are making is to meet our entrepreneurs in person:

June 15 : Bethesda Green Investor Fishbowl, Bethesda MD (1 to 5 PM)
Three Washington, DC-area companies will present to a panel of professional investors. This event is free and open to the public.  

July 9th & 10th: MCN Annual Gathering, United Nations HQ, New York City, NYScores of entrepreneurs and experts from around the world will present their best ideas for integrating social and environmental value into their business.

The Mentor Capital Network is a 501(c)3 public charity. We rely in your tax-deductible support to help companies like Gham Power and Day One Response go from idea to operation. Please help us support this year’s companies in the same way. 

MCN Companies Making a Difference in Nepal (1): Gham Power
I had the honor to meet Sandeep Giri at last year’s Annual Gathering, where his company, Gham Power, finished second in our Sustainable Business Plan Competition. Since his company is in Nepal, we asked him how he and his team were doing after the after the April 25th earthquake, This is what we learned. 

Besides basic needs like medical attention, food, water, and shelter, electricity is a major issue in the wake of a disaster. Giri, who was born and raised in Nepal, says “First, you don’t want to be in the dark, as it’s scary, you don’t feel safe, and it is also very cumbersome to get or administer relief without light. Second, in this day and age, your first instinct is to reach out for your loved ones to check if they are okay and let them know you are OK. And when you reach for your mobile phone, it’s dead and there is no place to charge it.”

Gham Power has teamed up with other local solar companies and is working with the Global Nepali Professional Network to raise money for distribution of as many solar power systems as possible. Together, they’ve launched a new campaign called Rebuild With Sun.

MCN Companies Making a Difference in Nepal (2): Day One Response
Amy Cagle and Patricia Compas-Markman were just getting started when they won the venture-prize category of our sustainable business plan competition in 2012. This is what they had to say about working with us:
For social enterprises that are in that early stage prior taking on investment, I really think that all companies should be involved with the [Mentor Capital Network] competition because it provides immediate feedback on your plan, even if you only get through the first round. The feedback helped build our team focus. It should be in the entrepreneur handbook – you’ve got to do [Mentor Capital Network].” Now, three years later and operating in 14 countries and counting, they let us know about their work in Nepal: 

DayOne Response is committed to providing immediate clean drinking water solutions to our partners in Nepal and we are working with them as they respond to the devastating situation. Following the aftermath of the disaster there is often a loss of subsistence, a lack of potable water, the displacement of thousands of people, and a heightened risk for epidemics and waterborne diseases.

We currently have a shipment of DayOne Purification Waterbags on its way to the World Health Organization Nepal Country Office and are working in collaboration with UNICEF and the Nepal Department of Water Supply and Sewerage agency to deploy Waterbags to vulnerable populations. This shipment will provide clean water to 2,000 individuals. Together let’s support an additional 2,000 individuals.
Ian T. Fisk
Executive Director
Mentor Capital Network
(Formerly known as the William James Foundation)