MCN Update: September 2015

I participate in many conferences on social enterprise. It is where I find many of the  entrepreneurs and mentors and investors in our community. Also, they usually let me lead sessions on “Improv for Entrepreneurs” which are a lot of fun.

My favorite two conferences that I don’t manage are coming up.

SOCAP is where I go to meet people. This is the best place to see what is happening on a broad scale in the field of for-profit (and some not-for-profit) social enterprise. The conference brings together innovators in impact investing, social enterprise, business and more to help build a more sustainable future. Join us in San Francisco at Fort Mason Center, October 6-9, 2015. 
The “Friend of MCN” discount code is “NW500_MCN” — which drops the price $500! And that code EXPIRES TODAY, September 15th. So sign up now!

The Social Venture Network (SVN) Gathering is where I go to get to know people. This is, hands down, the best in-depth networking event in the field of for-profit social enterprise in the English-speaking world. This fall’s conference will be in Baltimore on November 5-8. Also, the SVN is the single largest source of MCN Mentors and Investors. So it is a great way to meet the MCN community as well. 

Please join me at both conferences. If you can only pick one – go to SOCAP if you’re new to the field, and SVN if you’re committed to your journey.

The Mentor Capital Network’s very own 2016 program will accept applications between October 1st and November 13th, 2015. You can indicate your intent to apply at this link, and we will make sure you get all the necessary information when it is available. Our 2016 program will focus on housing, central america, political transparency, women-led companies, and clean and renewable energy. However, as always, we will consider any for-profit social enterprise where your social or environmental mission drives your financial margin. 

Thanks to all of you for the work that you. And, as always, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit, and can only do the work that we do because of the generous donations of our sponsors. Please consider supporting our work. Thank you. 
Ian FiskExecutive DirectorMentor Capital Network